Who does ct hook up with on rivals 2

graphql.muchmore.be/la-luna-en-el-espejo.php As you can see in ETonline's exclusive sneak peek above, C. In fact, he hooks up with another girl in the first episode!

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Like, if you're going to use your sexuality to get ahead in this game and fall for his [lies], you're an idiot. Have they never seen this show before? That's how he plays.

I told him several times, as long as I was his number one vote, I really didn't care what -- or who -- he did. It was actually fun for me because if I wanted attention from her, I'd go talk to another girl.

Emily Schromm on tonight’s “Rivals II” finale and behind-the-scenes hook-ups

And after she shot that girl death looks, she'd look at me and I'd know she still likes me. It's like a backhanded compliment when she chases the other girls away.

Reality required. Manners optional.

Cooke said she didn't so much as kiss CT in the "Rivals II: After Show." Take our poll, and tell us if you believe her. Challenge Dirty Who everyone's hooked up with We will not be ranking them, but these are the top 9. . CT had sex with Anastasia in the jungles of Thailand on Rivals 2, had Mandi clinging on him early on Rivals 1.

Make it interesting and not to where we kind of already have an idea of whose going to win. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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C.T. & Diem Talk 'Rivals 2' Romance

Notify me of new comments via email. Anastasia and CT hooking up in a closet.

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Jessica wanted to try to pursue the relationship after Free Agents, but by the time she was sent home Dustin has moved on to another girl. Your relationship with Zach is so crazy. Also, I had a lot of things going on at home and that were a little more important to me than the things happening in the house. Thomas and Trey Real World St. In the mid-season trailer, you can see that I get into it with Jordan. If they are broken up… and also, I just really want to see Emily vs.

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