Red pill online dating I once did a male profile using some obscure but very hawt looking movie-star's photo in my profile.

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And lied by dropping hints at how much money I had. I got unsolicited emails from some of the ugliest, oldest and skankiest she-beasts imaginable. It was as if those ugly she-whales had no idea of their sexual market value. Not sure if they were delusional, or hawt men actually throw them a bone on occasion. I have ben using POF of almost 1 year Have been on "dates" with close to 10 girls from the site and had countless leads , actually bedding 4 of them. They range in age from Outside of the ones i have seen or are currently seeing, i have dates lined up with a 30 year-old German girl and a year old hippie stoner this week alone Bumble is the most depressing of all of them.

A bunch of attractive, in shape women with college degrees who chose careers over children and are in their early to mid 30's looking to find someone. I don't want to try and knock up at 35 year old. I wouldn't mind my future wife having her last kid at 35 but I'm not about to try having my first kid with one. It's the most depressing to me cause these are middle class women who did what they were told when they should have been told 'you have a biological clock'. This is so ubiquitous that it's ripe for skewering by a red-pill comedian. I'm imagining Bill Burr doing a monologue on "What if women told the truth on their dating profiles?

When I see that or "my kids will always come first" I think "thanks for the warning! The funny part is that the women have a list a mile long of what they want and what they absolutely will not have and it is the most disgusting looking whores you can imagine. Every profile states "I love to laugh" Ok I love to breath so what?

So you want me to be your circus monkey? These women just about all of them are so delusional it is hard to believe they live in the same universe. Other than missing references to "tats" and "full-figured" euphemism for "battleship-sized landwhale" , this is a perfect generic description of the under American woman AW of the 21st Century. They are going with the same strategy that low-value men use for online dating, and for the same reason: It can't be that bad guys. This is easily within mid career pay range for someone with a college education. MC Jerry Seinfeld did a bit about women who say they have to respect what a man does for a living enough though they themselves work at a slaughterhouse.

Sunday, July 17, Alpha Mail: A fifty-something gentleman gives Plenty of Fish a try. A friend told me for a good laugh to check out Plenty of Fish. I put in an age range and zip code for search purposes and voila! You have the land whales showing way too much flesh and often hideous tattoos. Why it is land whale wear big rimmed glasses. The females who have to make a "funny" face on the picture. A favorite seems to be a squeezing of the lips from both sides pursing to create a jutting, more vertical mouth.

That one I don't get. The psychopaths with the disturbing gaze into the camera. Their eyes are saying "Helter Skelter! I am convinced a few are actually men claiming to be women. In general bad pictures. If I were on a dating site, I would be in my most appealing clothes, have a new haircut, some make up on. If I were overweight, I would probably try and work out for a month or two to tone up. The profile titles as "I am tired of games," "No games, no drama," "This site sucks" etc.

The anger is right out there for all to see. Here and there, you do see a female who appears normal. They are outliers due to their scarcity. If the profiles are truthful, they are generally nurses or some sort of management. The scarcity of normalcy makes them stick out.

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It is not a surprise that most take no pride in their appearance and make no effort to make a good impression. The nature of our slovenly society. I am of the view if someone does not take pride in their appearance, they don't take pride in anything else in their life either. I did a search on age out of morbid curiosity. I am 52, will be 53 in October. I was shocked at how aged from in their mid and late 40s looked. Probably a combination of cigarettes and too much sun exposure.

Ridden hard and out wet. Posted by VD at 7: Practice , Rules of Attraction. I have used armodafinil for 3 years. At this point I've slowed down, but the days I don't take it I feel lethargic all day. Is armodafinil the one you can get without subscription? I'm thinking to ask my doctor for provigil brand name for Modafinil for college focus and the times I'll be working overtime. You're recommending people on TRP to 'upgrade to modafinil' when you yourself have never even used it?

You're basing your opinions off two blogger nobodies? Find better role models. I'd also recommend doing some research on nootropics as well, because modafinil isn't even related to a single nootropic he mentioned. There is nothing to 'upgrade' from. You can get anything online without a prescription if you look hard enough. Armodafinil isn't scheduled in my country and I have it shipped legally for cheap. Highly doubt your doctor would give you modafinil 'just cuz'.

You'd likely need to be narcoleptic. But I don't know anything about your doctor. You really think they're somebodies? A washed up lawyer and wannabe face of MRA who sounds like a chick, fakes a megalomaniac character, juice head and click bait author? I was once like you too. Thinking these men were authorities, hopping on the latest trends in supplements, coming to TRP for all my decision making. You must realize this forum is all people just like you who are giving advice on things they haven't even tried themselves. Yes I agree but can you end up putting too much into it and end up seeming like an arrogant over confident douche or is that the point?

It's waaay too macho and trying too hard for any real guy looking for a decent chick that isn't a complete psycho or cum dumpster. However, you're absolutely on the right track but a bit over the top in the Michael Bay kinda way, sure guys will say fuck ya that's awesome but women will say this so stupid, keep watching but won't ever think about you again.

Holy fuck I read your post again OP and sure it's entertaining but god damn son you don't have a fucking clue. These sites are made for finding cum dumpsters.

Cutting the crap early on, in online dating.

Can confirm it works. I take them every day, and then when I really want to fly like the guy in limitless, I add phenibut. Be careful with Phenibut - not more than 2x a week. Increased focus and determination are the magic effects. When adding Phenibut, you add the "totally don't give a shit" attitude so many people crave. Not enough to make me a fiend, but I notice the difference - sort of like going cold turkey on caffeine. Stop pushing Phenibut on here, its becoming a trend. I cringe whenever I see it from what I've been through.

College kids are easily influenced and Phenibut is dangerous. Ive seen you personally advocate taking Phenibut when "going out" and that is the most dangerous time. Do not mix with alcohol. If you can't manage your risks, then it's your own fault and you deserve to be weeded out of the gene pool. Yes we should openly promote the use of harmful drugs and social crutches on here, then tell those warning others of their harmful behavior that they deserve to die. I was reading a thread on phenibut on asktrp where someone was asking how something that's not a drug can be so effective.

This is a place to share wisdom. Hey Remy, recent TRPer looking to go monk mode for the summer. Is it worth investing in these supplements?

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Where would I start? They seem to be worth taking but I'm not sure what to even take or where to begin with something like this. Any info or insight would be much appreciated.

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Chad was not impressed with online dating. Women get flooded with messages from average losers, and he didn't want to be lumped into the sea of morass, the . Online dating has been all the rage—it's the “common” way to meet people. thats why you hope men swallow the red pill.. unfortunately, sperm as cheap.

If you are a brokecollegekidd, skip the Phosphatidyl-Serine it's the most expensive. Get the rest from Beyond A Century google it , buy them in powder form and then buy a pill capper to make your own pills. This is the most economical way. I haven't experienced any noticeable side effects; but, I have a relatively strong tolerance for negative effects from my continual experiments.

I might just be overlooking them. Phenibut is the only one I really worry about. My first wife did PhD-level research on the rest, and though she's an ex, I trust her scientific opinion. IMO, it's not winners or losers. It's untamed or tamed. Girls get turned off by tamed dudes. I was at an event tonight, hitting on a girl who is dating a "safe" guy. He was standing right there while I gamed her.

You could see the difference in reactions when I was speaking to her, versus her date speaking to her. Go to the local fabric store and get a bunch of "tieback cord" or " twist cord " - not only will you have it tonight, every girl in the store that is, everyone there will be wondering what you'll be doing with it.

Smile knowingly - or get their numbers. Be sure you get paraffin candles rather than beeswax, so the hot wax will sting rather than really burn. Casually point out the difference if she seems nervous about it - she'll wonder how you know, even if you're faking it. Stop using the same lines. Learn to think for yourself. Are you always hyper aggressive? You seem to instantly check people. I get the IDGAF vibe as beneficial, but at the same time you seem to make character assumptions from very little engagement. Do you think you have everyone figured out within a post or two?

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Full disclosure, I'm new to TRP and there are a variety of personalities here. I'm still in an angry phase, but I'm not sure if I want to be a confrontational know it all constantly, even if it works best. If I've got it wrong tell me. They don't even acknowledge you said something stupid, they will just fire you on the spot. Consider that when you have six to ten plates, you don't have time to deal with One Special Snowflake's shit tests.

You just cut her out and move on without so much as a grunt in her direction. I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm not sure that is who I aspire to be. I don't think I'd enjoy being that person. It seems somewhat pervasive here. I'm not saying I'm looking to be a moral fag, a white knight, or a pussy. But I'm less abrasive. Perhaps its our differences in social roles. I'm usually alone at work doing chemistry. I don't talk to people for days sometimes.

So when I do, I guess I try to reserve judgement some. But if this is a symptom of being a super busy type A, so be it. Don't take it as an insult. I'm curious why you treat people the way you do game aside - I get why you spit game like you do. I'm trying to learn some of that.

I've had women wrong forever. This was by someone who didn't know when to stop talking, because they were so inside their head they just wanted to talk and talk, and could not take social cues. And, I was on a tight schedule since I was leading the training, during one of the short minute breaks in our 45 hours of training. He simply couldn't just deal with the reality that I can't spend the entire break listening to his pedantic story. I looked him straight in the eye, and said "Good. Now you know what everyone is thinking when you talk AT them.

I'm just the first one to walk away. I work with - people every week as a trainer in large groups. I am kind and patient, and I still don't allow them to feed their own story. I call them out on the spot simply because if I don't, I will spend hours dealing with their story instead of dealing with reality. They've seen it done on TV cop shows so clearly they're an expert, and yet despite your protests they still demand it with a ridiculous turn-around time.

Would you say "You're right, I'll have it back to you in a few hours", or would you simply say "You're not a scientist, so you have no idea what you're talking about. I need to read more of this. I used to online dating for 2 years, I deleted all my profiles once I found out about redpill - couse fuck it, Im not going to be the guy who is messeging girls all over the place and give them that feeling of being desired without giving anything in return. How do you naturally become alpha in talk and actions?

I keep going back to my beta thinking every now and then, gets me frustrated. Anything else is a waste of time, and if they don't want to come out and play I swift-sword them out of my life. Is that only in case of Girls or overall tho? I feel if I think only about myself Ill become the last person anyone wants to hang out with. I dont want to be anti social. You can be a kind person and still be Chad. I dislike this sort of behavior, sure you will get a couple of sluts, but its much better to at least try to not trigger ALD, but still be Chad.

My aim on Tinder is to put in the least amount of effort possible and still get laid. Right now its "the baddest man alive. Took me about 2 seconds to think up and type. Look through my post history as well as karma if you want to see intellectual muscles you pompous dork. Only in TRP do I see people argue with each other, and then go back to loving each other like brothers.

I don't have a cell phone. Any way to use these on a Mac? I hate Tinder's swiping BS, takes too much time But here are the apps you can try. I use Android, it's ridiculous for me since my pickup line is, hey you got viber or skype, gimme the number, I get the number on first reply. The concept of alpha vs beta is that the alphas and the winners are always the guys who are extremely masculine, to a fault.

Now I don't think it means that or even should be that way. But what type of diseased braindead desperate whores does this net? I mean have you ever had these type of woman takes YOU out to eat, or is it always you being a simp paying for them? Have you ever been able to use this to net a female who can say anything intelligent at all? Desperation makes for some extreme serial killer stalkers. I don't get it, is this a made up story?

TRP isn't really the place for you to practice your erotic fiction writing. Bro, there is a lot of fan fiction going on on TRP lately, and I am not afraid to call bullshit. But this, this is legit. You can eat tacos, just need to do it right after you press some plates like a maniac. My body doesn't allow for that anymore. Did at one time. In high school I maintained an 8-pack and ate like shit. Now I eat clean almost every day and it's starting to look really nice down there.

I miss the old days of not having to worry, but the way I look at it, keeping track of my diet is just one more way to keep my self-discipline strong. Post-workout insulin spikes with high-GI junk food is the absolute best way to ramp up your metabolism for the next day, and promote healthy growth hormone release which will make you younger every day.

One thing I have not considered until now is mixing one TWO? I suddenly feel like my life is about to change. This sounds like some straight up bro-science here. How young are you? Junk is junk, post-workout or not. There is always a good percentage of butthurt on here by guys not getting laid. Good on you man and keep up the writing. By accident applies to this as well. You are born with the vast majority of your personality. Very little is learned. Genetics are extremely important in shaping personality and behavior.

All of those downvotes on your comment make me wonder how "redpilled" this place really is. Has no one heard of twin studies? Yeah, I've been wondering about the downvotes when nothing I wrote should have been particularly controversial. The fact that you're born with personality traits is easy to see among young children who can have very different personalities even when growing up in the same environment. If you want to have sex with the horseshit quality that hangs out on POF, it's doubtful you value yourself very highly. Doubtful the shirtless mirror pics get many girls wet, except maybe the totally vapid, STD-ridden, tatted up nightmares.

Let's all wait for the one to dedicate ourselves to. Banging POF whores and waiting for "the one" are not exactly the only 2 choices here. OP didn't say he was looking for unicorns. If you are doubting that sending a pic of your body will excite a female, you need to work on your body more. Guess you haven't explored the various dating sites. But this varies by region, in my region POF is utter crap.

You NEED pics to show off your body if you're in shape , but the mirror with iphone shirtless is overdone and pretty cheesy. Oddly enough, the first OKC date I ever went on was after I said "fuck it" and threw up one picture of my abs, to see what would happen. Didn't get that lay, was in way over my head disbelief that it was happening. Online dating forever changed.

Asian girls are the easiest online if you're white, so that's not saying it was the abs. Tall chicks don't get hit on as much IRL so they are more likely to do online dating. You've seen studies on this? Have you looked at mens profiles? Most guys have pics like this, are most guys successful online? Of course anything overdone doesn't work. Actually that's a good analogy. Junk mail gets the attention of about.

Yes you can throw up just about any picture and get that kind of attention on a dating site. I suggest you check out mens' profiles, you will see that most are putting up the iphone in mirror pics No chance, most are floundering, the key to online dating is originality. Thanks, POF must be more regional than I thought, or nobody here is very discerning when it comes to women, as long as they are willing to have sex with them. POF in my down is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. Here's a Glossary of Shaming Tactics , try to be creative and avoid these. We know you won't, that's why you're easy to spot. Read the following threads and the Theory Reading below.

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These women just about all of them are so delusional it is hard to believe they live in the same universe. The profile titles as "I am tired of games," "No games, no drama," "This site sucks" etc. Given the words in her profile, I am not surprised. Her answer would be dude, how the hell should I know? The Chad method is really the only way to piece together a profile, but, you are more or less positioned like a spider waiting for flies. It led to this:

Women, the most responsible teenager in the house. Comprehensive Guide to Shit Tests. Goals - A beginners guide on how to attain them. How To Tease Bitches. How To Manage Your Bitches. Home Blogs - Forums. Chad Thundercock succeeds at online dating. Chad was not impressed with online dating. Looking through the profiles on Plenty of Sluts Fish, he saw the typical bullshit women spew out of their cake holes: Don't be a jerk.

No shirtless mirror selfies. Don't message me about sex! Do me a favor, and don't write back unless you're ready to call me daddy. Are you tied up tonight? The next morning, 10 women had responded. Most wrote back the typical bullshit: That's no way to write to a woman. I'm not interested only in sex She hesitated writing back for a few minutes. Then she wrote "We'll see We will definitely see, Cathy. That being said, my anger phase has begun. We are the cocks of fate. Wanted reference Permalink Reply. So I typed "how about a lap dance ; " for him, and she never responded. Is there still an appeal.

I'm assuming you're talking about Tinder Permalink Reply. I don't walk the middle of the road. They either love me or hate me right away. Her answer would be dude, how the hell should I know? He really loves us. Please, don't leave your walk through unwritten. Is it similar to mine? Stop playing video games. Only get drunk with men you trust to have your back in a brawl. Nothing is as valuable or rare as a loyal friend is.

As for scripture, it wasn't specified but branch out from the Bible. Many have good data. Saved for later use, if you don't mind. But I'm catching onto it and it's awesome when I do and fix it Permalink Reply. I started getting a new message every day and a phenomenal response rate Permalink Reply. Apt analogy about Amazon.

Thanks for the share, Cyralea. Girls are full of shit, let me tell you. Nobody gets six pack abs to date just one girl. I ended up holding a hoe and my cat is scared of me now. In online dating, you gotta stir up upsetting some emotions to snag them first. Newbies, take note of this. Tingles come in many forms. Just begin a conversation like you never said fuck you? Even at 31 it's still a considerable advantage anyway.

Every slight edge counts. Thanks for the share. It says no sexual language Permalink Reply. What you lack in height, make up in personality in looks. Never forget that shit. Thanks for the share, RichieFinn. They enjoy all of them. I know millionaires in Manhattan penthouse condos that don't.

Be the type of man that attracts women in spite of your circumstances. I was just asking if its better to go to her instead of her go to me Permalink Reply. Go wild with that "spoon". Tell her you're turned on by fucking in nature. Roof of a building. Pressure flip Frame frame frame frame frame. Most guys underestimate how witty they are. I took one online and I got but I know damn well it isn't even close to that Permalink Reply. A would put you in the top 0. I say plowing sand and looked her in the eyes she immediately start starring at me ignoring her buddy and next day we were fucking behind a Jamba juice Permalink Reply.

This is pretty much the shortest 'Online Dating ' you can find. Have you considered writing more? Now you've gone and wrote guidelines more or less for everybody. If it is of this zriting's quality I will pay for it Plus Extremely readable and short to the point. They almost all like it, though. I used to hear this and think this was bullshit. When you give a girl permission to be a slut, they can really let loose. Still ended up sleeping with her.

The tying up pickup line is glorious, though. That said, it seems to trigger something in a lot of women, so I use it mercilessly. We can watch porn on my flat screen mirror" Permalink Reply. I guess every 30 YO guy is just weak. Juice has come a long way: Zyzz was on gear, clen, DNP, and all sorts of recreational drugs. Health effects are highly diet and lifestyle dependent.

A woman who has her own money might earn it as a business out of her home. That would allow her possibly to afford a servant or two. Proverbs 31 and all that. Would not interested in a career woman who works for a man.

Red Pill Theory

Gamer works outside the home, but always for a woman. Not much contact with men. This is the only worrisome part. I have pride in myself and in my home. I keep my shit clean and put away. Once a week my wife and I divvy up chores and get the house sparkling in about an hour, and we have a maintenance list to knock off every day. This is not a negative, but a huge positive. I would most likely not respond to her profile because of that line. Of course, this also takes into account the fact that there is a decent age gap between us, so I scrutinize her a bit harder than I would a younger woman.

Which brings us to another issue that is always going to crop up in middle aged singles: She says she has wisdom with her age. She also has her own unique set of neuroses that must be met and dealt with. With age comes experience and the potential for negative baggage. This is the reality on the ground. What separates baggage from experience is that baggage keeps us wallowing in the past and experience gives us lessons for the future. She seems to be on the right path. I would be intrigued enough to send a message and pitch a meet up. I guess its living in this culture that makes it sounds a little cheesy to hear a woman dating list off everything she has to offer… but it makes sense, and I love that it worked so well for her even after 1 day..

Make your own profile sexy and attractive, cocky or witty, and send only a short message like PM says. This data is merely anecdotal evidence. It would be interesting to experiment using the same womans photos and a bland profile what the response rate would be. There are quite a few profiles where all you have to go on is the photo as most sections are wither blank or contain nothing about the person. Now, if there are little nit-picking things in a sentence or two that bug you, try just asking about those.

Someone with this kind of flexibility is likely to accommodate. Would be a fun lady to meet for sure. Some girls are really down to earth. When I was a young lad I studied yacht design and boat building. Francis Herreshoff from the depression era. He also describes how to pick a suitable first mate and described that the pretty and gasketed-up show-boat of a woman in high heels would be hard to please and hard to live with.

My eldest son is, coincidentally, a ship architect. I take interest in what interests the people I love so if we ever find ourselves on a date, that yacht design could make for the kind of unexpected conversation that makes a good date a great memory. Thanks for sharing that ibit in your comment. Gave me a nice feeling. I just wanted to ask someone about leagues, and how you know what your league is, as a woman. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Dating In Your 30's Worse Than 20's?

There are posts that I wish more women would read. This is one of those posts.