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Robin has RICH history and. So do Scrubs over the forced pairing of Sam. I never want to see Robin, again.. She has moved on so should her fans.. Kim knew she did not want to return because she herself wanted to be killed off.. I do not even notice there is no Robin, she is not needed.. Kim will never return to GH , she has a new demanding career.. Robin is not needed and I do not miss her lol..

Sorry, she deserves the eighth to return as do others like her. She is part of GH history. If they gave her a better storyline I bet more people would be accepting of her coming and going. If anything she progresses a storyline. They are here complaining to get heard. Kimberly a GH Vet should Be allowed. She is excellent at acting which is why that makes her a good director.

JT even stated many times. Kimberly is a very talented lady. If they brought Robin back and worked with Kimbeely like they do others GH might get the viewers they seem to be losing each week back. Samtrick are as forced and a plot point just the same as Patrick and Sabrina. Patrick did the same thing with phone calls Robin made before she returned the last time.

He ignored the phone calls. RC doenst know Patrick nor do the other writers since they killed the character. Would have been a better idea to write Scrubs and Emma as a HEA and if the actor Jason Thompson wanted he could come back as a new character. Instead they purposely choose to ruin Robin a legacy for Patrick and Patrick looks so dumb and stupid. Again Patrick is a hypocrite. JT always wanting to work with his friends doesnt say much for his acting skills or goals. All this guy talks about his working with people with whom he has long term friendships. I think this guy should stop doing interviews; every time he does, I have less and less respect for him as an actor.

Their off-screen friendship clearly translates to the screen with an easy-going, playful chemistry. As someone who practically gagged every time Patrick was in one of those forced scenes with Sappy, I welcome and relish this current coupling. JT more than served his time with that nauseating nurse character glued to his hip…. I love Patrick and Sam…plenty of chemistry, they look great together and I find their playful, flirty banter totally realistic.

She forgave that and is a better woman than I for doing that. She forced him and Sam to leave.

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In a way, my parents were at that last day of graduation. I will never forget it. But what is the cause of her sudden blindness? Robin is able to explain basically what has gone on to Patrick in the last however long. It felt like a longtime coming to be quite honest, because of the thought process going into it. General Hospital January 16, What I am going to look back on is what you said:

After two years of Ronin neing kidnapped he should question something. Maybe then he would understand all she has been through. As for Samtrick, they are the most ridiculous pairing. Patrick will always belong with Robin. Their love story was epic not a plot point like his last two pairing. Sad what this show did to Robin and Scrubs all for their pets.

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I always said what JT said in the interview. I would love for patrick to be by himself to work through his feelings over the last few years before he jumps into anything again. Patrick has been put through the ringer and they need to explore that along with emma. I think that would be a great storyline for him. Robin and Patrick were and are epic with a beautiful LOVE story unlike now with Sam and Sabrina which falls into failure, forced, plot point. I loved the friendship and chemistry of patrick and sam. Once they slept together everything changed.

It was so uncomfortable to watch. I ca barely watch them together or separately anymore. Sam was great with jason and acting like the thought Independant Pi woman she is all the time. With patrick she turns into this sleezy mumbly teenage girl. Patrick is no better with his ridiculous come ons I always said patrick needed to talk to someone and get his life in order before heading into another relationship.

I think Robin is only one that can keep him in line. I believe they will find their way back to one another. Jason and sam and patrick and Robin. Both couples are a real life couple in a soap world. I will always have a special place in my heart for Scrubs… Like Jason said lots more story to be told… Let Sam n Patrick be friends! Sam is way more sexy than Robin so their flirty banter works for me.

Putting sam and patrick in bed was a big mistake. The chemistry was so much better when they were just friends. Now it feels forced and uncomfortable. They act like childish not like adults. Patrick is being a huge selfish hypocrite and keeping an important secret from sam. Patrick needs to open his eyes and figure out what Robin was trying to tell him.

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He also need to stop making it all abor him never once asked Robin about her ordeal jumped right into having a baby. Sam and jason and Robin and patrick will all end up together again. Both couples are real life couples in a soap opera world. I also at one time… wanted to see if story between Patrick and Sam was possible… because of MIA spouses, single parenthood…. She is ALL over the screen these days…. Sam just went along…. Jason Thompson and Billy Miller … side by side????

Emma needed a wRm, nurturing mother figure and Oatrick needed a calm, sweet, caring woman who, unlike Britt at the time was easy to be with, understanding and down to earth. Sabrina was good for Patrick and Emma…just iso sad Sabrina got so destroyed in the end. It really bothers me that Patrick has no sense of anxiousness or fear about Robin and her safety.

Patrick should have to fight for Robin. I want Robin to walk away with independence and strength she has always had and to get a new love interest and drive Patrick nuts. Jason, Liz and Jason, sam are redundant and boring. I agree with you except for sam! I live that sam. Robin and jason are more like a brother sister relationship now. Their lives are too different now.

Sam and jason and patrick and Robin after some hard ball by Robin. JT has chemistry with everyone but he has something special with KMC. I wish they could return to the friendship they used to have. His friendship with Sam is interesting, but his friendship with Elizabeth is dynamite. I would like to Patrick and Sabrina find their way back together. I think Patrick has been through a rough few years and I think Sabrina has the strength and kindness to see him through that.

They are wonderful partners and have great chemistry. Helena may be holding Robin against her will now, but Robin had many, many choices along the way and she chose other things over her relationships with Patrick and Emma. She chose to lie to Patrick and to Emma. She chose to hurt them. How can sabrina go back to patrick after they way he treated her?? She was 2nd or 3rd in his heart. Robin was always first then emma. If he was he would have chosen her.

It was always about Robin. She sabrina was more in love with him then he was with her. He loved the idea of her being so into him and she can care for emma. Even when she was carrying GAbriel he was there but not really. Felix and Carlos showed more emotion and excitement than he did. They are more like acquaintances now. There is no going back for them. She deserves to be loved first and foremost. That so has sailed. JT never even mentioned the Disney Princess. She was way to young and fairytale princess for him. Oh, and lets not forget Robin put Emma in a tree and left her alone and unattended in her stroller, so crazed Lisa could kidnap her.

But Patrick and Robin were boring to me. I like Patrick and Sam together. Jason and Kelly Monaco have undeniable chemistry on screen. I really noticed it when they did the storyline at Crichton-Clark. That was when it dawned on me the potential they could have as a couple.

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When you think about it story-wise, Patrick deserves some happiness. He watched his wife die, or so he thought, he grieved for her, then she came back and left town again, then he lost his son with Sabrina. Who can blame him for wanting to hop in the sack with the nearest available piece of ass? Is Sam his forever soul mate? What secret is Patrick keeping from Sam? He thinks Jason is dead. Sam knows that now. They will be back in time! I think more of a revenge relationship. He hated jason because of his friendship with Robin but also because of his association with the mob.

The only ship that sailed is Patrick and his last two pairings, Sabrina and Sam. Scrubs have a love story and history and are the supercouple never forced or propped like with Sabrina or Sam. I agree and have always thougjt exactly what JT said. I would love to see a storyline just centered around patrick and emma sometimes about working through his feelings. JT is amazing by himself I find. The scenes after Robin dies and then his drug dependency were crazy good. They need to show that again and explore him getting his life back on track.

I would probably like him again seeing that than jumping sam. Heres the thing, Patrick and Sam, cannot invest in this because Patrick will run back to Robin and Emma wants them to be together as a family. So, it doesnt matter what roller coaster you want to ride on. In the end the results will be what was always intended and Steve and Kim will return and make two couples happily ever after.

As for Billy Miller, great actor. Michelle Stafford, great actress. Your wasting your time at GH! MS had to grow on me and she is! I let it go. I really am not a fan of Steves. Which by the way is great, I just dont like how they are writing his story with Helena. Sam will play it safe? Jake alone… or with family…. Jake and Daniel Edward: Kimberly as Robin…either she is with GH or not.

The Robin character is always on hold until K has the time or urge to come back. My vote is if you really want a Robin, recast. This could have made for an interesting, exciting story. ABC and writers are letting Kimberly get away with it. Fairly ambivalent as to who their true soul mates end up being…until the next catastrophe. Patrick…No we never saw Patrick do the mental work to get through the Robin stuff, at least at times.

Especially since he is a doctor and should know the signs of needing help. And we never saw him really try to find and save her either. He could have confided in, and asked the help of Anna who has been in the business for most of her life. She was supposed to be back already.

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GH pushed her back so they accommodate fluke. Not her fault she was already!

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Jason Craig Thompson (born November 20, ) is a Canadian actor. He joined the cast of Thompson's most popular role to date is that of Dr. Patrick Drake on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. Since playboy Patrick Drake's first. DATE OF BIRTH: November 20, News Archives News Archive: Jason Thompson to end ten-year run on General Hospital [Oct 30, ]. News Archive: .

She has earned the right to come and go and much as she wants. People in her position do it all the time.

I like Jason Thompson as an actor. I think he is pretty talented. I have never liked the character Patrick, other than a few brief moments with Emma. I did enjoy them as friends, though. Right now he just looks like a huge Dbag to me.

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Patrick and Sam have no chemistry. They were better as friends. I prefer Patrick with Robin, Sabrina or bring on someone new. It feels very natural. Let him renounce the whole mob enforcer life style. I mean the actress who portrays her has to be pushing no offense -she looks great. This show has soooo many characters and writers who dont know how to write properly. When Liz leaves to meet with Willow, about Aiden, Franco and Aiden bake some cookies, where Franco is impressed and surprised to find out how excellent Aiden is in the kitchen and baking assorted kinds of cookies.

The teacher informs Liz that Aiden still prefers to avoid the other students and may not feel safe around them for a very long time. Liz questions and ponders why Aiden has a target target on his back. Willow explains how kids can be cruel in an understatement, she adds that Aiden needs to find his true identity. Franco tells Liz they just need to let Aiden be Aiden.

What happens when you are a teenager who should be living life and having fun with years to look forward to? That is the other storyline, GH has been taking at look at. Kim tells Terry that Oscar has questions now that the medical trial has failed, and he needs the truth, no matter how difficult it may be to hear. On is way to meet with Terry and his mom, Oscar runs into Alexis and tells her he needs to finish his will.

Alexis is heartbroken to hear this news. Once with Terry and Kim, Oscar asks a few questions about the what to expect as his condition worsens before his death, how to prepare for it, and how long he has to live. Terry explains n some cases headaches get worse, and that he may have difficulty with his balance. Kim hands him a bucket list to-do book and calendar to go to set up all the things he wants to do before he dies.

He heads to meet Josslyn in the hospital chapel, where they pen in things in the book to do together. Monica and Kim share a moment about losing their children, before they pass away. Kim does not know what to do next. Finn tells Anna the virus that caused the blindness has never been seen in North America. Anna wonders if it was given to her while abroad?

Could this be something Cassandra did to her, or something, or someone else? So, if GH does this story right about Aiden being bullied for his differences, it could definitely send a powerful message to many in the viewing audience and bring attention to young LGBTQ youth who are trying to be their authentic selves, if this is the story. Share your thoughts on these storylines via the comment section below.

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He wants them out of the the way so Ava can take Avery and leave Port Charles with him and never look back. Meanwhile, Carly is definitely a threat to figuring out that Kevin is Ryan, given her unrelenting quest and her days at Ferncliff. Will anyone figure out the real Kevin is locked up in a straight-jacket at Ferncliff? And, what have you thought of the performances of Jon Lindstrom in this storyline? It is a terrifying moment for Anna and throughout the first part of this new arc, played beautifully by Finola Hughes.

But what is the cause of her sudden blindness? Later, Griffin reveals to Finn and Anna that the tests show that she has experienced a vitreous hemorrhage. How does that come about? He tells Franco he can no longer be his doctor and he will refer him to someone else. Franco does not want to end his therapy with Dr. When Franco makes his exit, Ryan tells Ava that they should leave Port Charles together and never look back. Will Franco figure out what is going down? So, what do you think is happening to Anna and why?

Share your thoughts via the comment section below. January 28, 9: January 28, 1: January 29, January 28, 2: January 29, 6: January 28, 6: January 29, 9: January 29, 3: February 2, I believe that Robin and Patrick should get back together. They are a great couple. August 5, 9: I think I stopped counting. Interestingly enough, Jonas was a finalist in a Chadwick Models in Sydney-organized contest. She also landed the cover of Nine to Five magazine in April I love lingerie and so does my business partner. Paloma, this is my family.

A photo posted by Jason Thompson myjasonthompson on Jul 17, at 1: Despite venturing outside of her home country, Jonas is still a bit biased when it comes to playing favoritew with a location. I get the best of both worlds. Updated Feb 15, at 3: Published Jan 13, at 6: With Jason Thompson debuting as the new Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless, many fans are wondering who the woman is in his real life.