Interracial dating in southern california

7 Things I’ve Learned As A Black Girl Living In L.A.

I genuinely see a lot of same race couples, buuuut when I was living in houston I saw a lot more interracial relationships which was surprising to me since I thought Cali would be more "diverse" in that area. Jan 22, 9. Jan 22, Unless you're in the Oakland area, the density of black people is like null in Northern California. And the gentrification has been crazy, so even blacks are being pushed out of there. If you're just visiting, I wouldn't trip about getting attention from black men. And depending on where you are, people can be very friendly. Well I plan on taking a trip to long beach, what's it like over there?

And where's a good place to eat. Depends where, I am a black woman and I happen to live in socal.

I've never had an issue with finding black men. Don't get me wrong though interracial dating is huge out here compared to other areas and its mostly BM and non black women. I'm from Oakland and I still see black men with black women.

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Yes there is interracial dating on both sides but people act as if it doesn't exist everywhere else. SF, I agree that it's mostly white and asian compared to the East Bay. Los Angeles born and raised ok and I would take what you heard with a grain of salt. Usually the guys who date these chicks do so because these types of women give them money and basically take care of their asses.

Sometimes real love is found but overall its a beneficial relationship for these negros.

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Dating a non black is like something to try out. All of my male relatives and male friends have told me because I asked that it just wasn't for them. Long Beach is small with a large gay community I have three guy friends who are black and have been with their latina gf's for years. A white friend of mine only dates black men and has been that way since highschool, but with her shape it's expected lol.

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My best friend and I have both been with our Latino bf's since we were As long as you dress and present yourself well, smile and are pleasant I'm sure you'll be fine. Not that I live in Cali. My statement still stands.

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I just feel like that needs to be reiterated Also, everything on the Internet isn't real. I haven't been here long enough for my opinion to really count, but I've visited a lot over the last few years and I hardly ever see black men and black women together. I don't think it's just something that LSA made up because I've witnessed it with my own eyes. Being a black woman in California isn't a big deal. I mainly get approached by black men, and I really haven't seen a whole lot of interracial black-white pairings. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet.

Your name or email address: Now my friends from LA I have about 6 in real life and 4 on the internet tell me that even though interracial dating is very common in Los Angeles, an Indian guy - Latina couple is nonexistent. Most of them have told me that usually people will keep their distance from me because they will think I am getting an arranged marriage. An issue is that I didn't grow up around Indians or anything, I am basically an American trapped in the body of an Indian guy.

I can speak Hindi but that is all, other than that I don't even get near Indian people that much. So in Southern California, do Indian guys have a tough time dating interracial?

Here's a look at some Interracial Dating Meetups happening near Los Angeles.

One of my co-workers is Indian and he dated a Latina girl for over a yr. But both of them tend to socialize with whites rather than their own ethnic cliques. I see, culturally selective, what if you aren't culturally your race? I am not culturally Indian at all.

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I posted this on another forum where I was told that in NYC interracial dating is really big with East Indians. A user messaged me saying that I. Find Meetups in Los Angeles, California about Interracial Dating and meet people in your Black Women Asian Men Cultural Exchange (AMBW, BWAM) SoCal.

Northridge, Los Angeles, CA. Well, you posted this in city-vs-city too. To be honest, amongst my friends I'm in my early 20s , inter-ethnic dating is more of the rule nowadays, not the exception.

My brother is dating an Armenian, a sister is dating a Mexican and the other one is dating an Indian. You should honestly think of people as people. It doesn't matter what their background is, but rather if you two can click on a personal level. If there is a self-evident spark of interest there from both sides, you should pursue it.

what kind of interracial couples do you see a lot of in your area?

Unless, of course, your ethnic identity is that important to you. The reason why there isn't many South Asian interracial dating here is because there aren't very many South Asians to begin with in comparison to the rest of the population there are around k South Asians in a metro area of 17 million vs.

It's just statistical odds really. Okay, never thought about it that way now that you say it. I thought LA had quite a few South Asians lol. Originally Posted by jgamibi. I've seen it all, really. How you carry yourself makes a big difference, though. If you're very in to your ethnic culture rather than take part in the American melting pot culture, you'll have a much tougher time, but that goes for pretty much every non-American culture.

If you have the looks, personality and the attitude she is looking for then do not worry about the what race you are any more than what race she is