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This was true of our ancestral clans on the Pleistocene African savanna. And it is true today -- but our cultures militate against free love. The authors ignore the scholarship amassed regarding the Bonobo, aka the "pygmy chimp. The promiscuous sexual model of the Bonobo is powerfully suggestive regarding human amatory nature. It seems obvious that the social organization of the Bonobo compared to that of the Common Chimp should cause at least some of our more thoughtful thinkers to reflect on the possibility that our original social life was one of promiscuous frolicking!

It's as simple as this -- as evolving proto-humans, we had 2 paths to choose between -- a] the promiscuous make-love-not-war choice of the Bonobo, or But to get there, one has to admit the possibility that -- in our Pleistocene savanna clans -- that Group Selection played a crucial role. The authors failed the famous "Marshmallow Test" in that they made up their minds way too soon. I mean -- they took the easy way out of accepting the Myth-of-Monogamy. To wit -- Where did we get our infinitely fine-tuned appreciation of beauty? And our infinite capacity for empathy?

And our innate sense of fairness? And our nearly universal need to contribute to our community? There seem to me to be 3 possible answers -- 1] god gave them to us I think we got them in 2]. A lot can happen in 3 million years! It really gets you thinking about the way people behave. The book is very informative and gives great examples and is based on science. The book makes you question some of your preconceived ideas - at least it did for me.

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The book covers a whole range of subjects and is a really interesting read. Very interesting point of view, which gives explanation for many things humans do or don't do or do different way. Answers many questions too. The best thing- it is written by two professors, but is not pages.

Short, simple and pleasure to read. Seems to be true too. An outstanding work of scholarship that greatly moves forward our understand of human behavior. Great way to expand. Totally different perspective on society. Great way to expand thinking. The book is written in an easy-to-read style.

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That, and the fact that the topics are both interesting and controversial, makes the book a quick and enjoyable read. I like the evolutionary psychology approach in general, since it proposes actual mechanisms behind why people think and behave how they do. I liked that the book pointed out some facets of human sexual behavior that still aren't well-understood, and should be targeted for future research. For instance, why most people in advanced nations choose to have way fewer children than they can financially support, even though reproductive behavior is supposed to be unconsciously guided by a desire to have as many children and grand-children as possible.

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A lot of this book's reviewers criticize it for being sexist, racist, ageist, etc. I appreciate that the author explores topics often considered taboo and offers explanations that go beyond "white people brainwash everybody" or "men are jerks.


The book is a bit over-confident with its application of evolutionary psychology. On a lot of topics, the author examines a strange feature of human behavior, explains how it might make sense given the insights of evolutionary psychology, cites a few pieces of data in support of its position and against the cultural position, and then moves on. So the book doesn't definitively "prove" very much, either by thoroughly supporting its position with a lot of evidence or by thoroughly debunking its opponents with a lot of evidence. Which is fine, because the book addresses a lot of topics in a small amount of space, and thus can't explore every topic super in-depth.

But the author probably should have adapted his "evolutionary psychology can explain pretty much everything" rhetoric accordingly. None of these things are required with online dating. People are rejected or accepted based on limited understanding.

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Apr 3, haha i love spying on people's grocery carts. i get really judgmental if they're buying gross processed food, and really embarrassed when my. Jul 15, Billed as a way singles can meet their match while filling their cart, participating customers select shopping carts adorned with red bows.

Looking at superficial data such as selfies, height, weight or a short paragraph about dreams and desires have little to do with what makes a person tick or what they value. This can create a lot of frustration on both ends. Things that matter most in a relationship, such as values, are rarely discussed.

Texting and messaging are superficial ways to communicate compared to in-person communication.

Why Online Dating Is A Lot Like Online Shopping

Texting and messaging take people out of context, making it more difficult to be understood or create compassion. Said Wyatt, "The singles night runs for two hours in the evening, from 6 to 8 p. Our managers there told us that its been hugely successful and has actually boosted store traffic and sales in a lot of markets in Germany.

In some stores we're getting to people taking part every week. Wal-Mart Research feels so good about the idea that the retailer trademarked the "Singles Shopping" slogan in Germany and is also testing it in its stores in Puerto Rico, South Korea and Britain. Someday, it could even pop up in a few of its U. Wyatt said she's been working on her counterparts responsible for Wal-Mart's U. The singles campaign was the brainchild of a few of Wal-Mart's German associates who came up with the concept one day when they overhead a female customer talking about how difficult it was for her to meet interesting single men on a Friday night.

Wyatt said some of the German stores also feature singles bulletin boards with pictures of single men and women who frequently shop at Wal-Mart.

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Sep 17 Comedian releases novel inspired by his Irish roots. Read reviews that mention evolutionary psychology human behavior beautiful people suicide bombers years ago human nature people have more daughters blue eyes politically incorrect standard social science model introduction to evolutionary easy to understand sexist racist politically incorrect social scientists pretty much easy read political correctness satoshi kanazawa. Debra's has so much wisdom and practical advice. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

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