Dating barista There he was met by a police officer who told him he was now banned from that Starbucks. The customer claims that the officer told him the note had been "creepy.

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He complained that this is a clear case of age discrimination. He even encouraged people on Facebook to appeal on his behalf to Starbucks.

Perhaps some companies might, in a knee-jerk response, side with the customer. Starbucks isn't one of those companies. I suspect there's some information that hasn't come out yet. Still, the customer didn't garner much support on Facebook either. First, you could advise her that you're moving and you won't be at this coffee shop any longer. If she says "Awww, that's too bad!

I'd try and keep it light and normal since you already have a good friendship. If the conversation stalls, you could throw something out there that's more of a direct invitation.

I think the key positive sign that she stops work to chat with you. I think the key move is to put the ball in her court so she doesn't feel pressured. Next time she comes over for a chat, when the conversation is wrapping up you could drop your line, "By the way I'm moving so I won't be coming around here anymore, but here's my number, I'd love to hang out some time if you're interested.

What's the worst result?

A new divorcee wonders if the coffee shop guy could be The One

She says no, and then maybe slight bit of embarassment and you have to excuse yourself from an awkward situation. Which you won't have to repeat because you won't be frequenting this coffee shop anymore. Sounds like you already have a handle on how to go about this the best way give her your number, don't ask for hers, etc , so go for it!

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What is it about baristas that make them so damn attractive? Maybe it's the way they're always cheerful and smiling. Or maybe it's their. There's nothing like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. That's why we asked our friends at Costa to share 15 reasons why you should date a barista.

Your plan sounds like a good one and perfectly reasonable. You should probably, in fact, have something to do in mind, just in case she's like, well what are you doing this weekend? As indicated above, low-key is your friend. Tell her you are moving and that you're gonna miss chatting with her. Suggest you meet up for something other than coffee some time. If she says ok, ask for her number.

I'm sorry, I thought you were asking "How" to ask her out, not "Whether or not" you should ask her out. Based on what you've described, yes, you should ask her out.

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I think the other barista question was someone who hadn't really interacted with the girl of their affections and most responders said, "Hmm, maybe that's too forward. If she's walking over to your table and sitting down to talk to you, that's more than friendly barista-to-customer chatting. You could go about it by mentioning that you'll probably start frequenting another Starbucks soon, and you'll miss your chats--would she like to get together sometime to catch up?

The next time you talk to her, bring up that you're moving to a different part of town and ask her if she wants to hang out or whatever thing. That's a simple answer but this is a simple situation. If she's that friendly with you then I like your chances. Sure, I have a whole cast of characters for you: The only tweaks I'd make would me, if she does approach you all the time then give her your number when she approaches you on that visit; also whenever you do this, do it as you're leaving and make that visit your last visit.

I think, if you're no longer going to be a regular customer, and you have a friendly relationship already, then it's fine to say something. However, I'd like to suggest something.

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This--"Hey I really like you, we should hang out sometime"--is not forward. Can I take you out on a date? She may be different, but if I'd been friendly with someone for over a year and he said he really liked me and suggested we "hang out," I wouldn't know it was a date. I'd think he really liked being my friend and wanted keep in touch after he moved.

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