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click Alligator said with a big ol shout, Mr Ranger I'm gonna work you out.

Marching Cadences

Early in the morning on the roof, Ranger was sippin on some 90 proof. Alligator looked with a big ol grin, Hey Mr Ranger I'm gonna do you in. Late that night the ranger's drinkin Gin, Drank so much until he fell in. Ranger hit the water, went outta sight, Alligator on him like a flash o light!

Running Cadence

We all know that the Ranger didn't lose, Ranger broke the water wearing alligator shoes! You might think that this story ain't true, Cause I am the soldier with the alligator shoes! I slip and slither through the grass, Then come up and kick your ass! Locked and cocked I'm gonna attack! C rolling down the strip Airborne daddy gonna take a little trip Stand up, Hook up, Schuffle to the door Jump on out and count to four If my main don't open for me I got anther one by my knee If that one don't open too look out ground I'm coming thru Hit the ground with my legs apart feel my Spinxter hit my heart.

C rollin down the track 55 soldiers in the back mission top secret, destination unknown don't know if they're comin home stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door pull that cord when you count to four if my main don't open wide I've got a reserve right by my side And if that one should fail be too Look out below i'm comin through if i should die on the ol' drop zone patch me up and send me home Pin my medals on my chest tell my momma i did my best.

C rollin down the strip, Airborne Ranger gonna take a lil trip. If my main dont open wide, I got a nother one by my side. If that one dont open neither, Ill say hey to ole Saint Peter.

If I die on the ol drop zone, Box me up and send me home. Gonna be Gonna be! Six miles Six miles! Seven miles Seven miles!


Eight miles Eight miles! Fired up Fired up! Nine miles Nine miles!

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Feeling good Feeling good! Ten miles Ten miles! Looking good Looking good! Gonna jump Gonna jump!

Cause it's gonna be a rumble! Up in the morning, before day I don't like it, no way Eat my breakfast too darn soon Hungry as a bear by noon Went to the mess sergeant on my knees Said "mess SGT. Navy is the best. Same two ladies were lying in bed One rolled over to the other and said "I wanna be a scuba diver Dive right into murky water" Scuba diver, murky water Guts and danger, Airborne Ranger. One-oh-one Patch on my shoulder Pick up your weapons and follow me I am the Infantry. Got a letter in the mail Go to war or go to jail Got a letter in the mail In the early morning rain.

From the moon From the moon! I can run I can run! All night All night! Mean to be Mean to be! Fit to fight Fit to fight! Driving on Driving on! Sound of Sound of! Hey mom Hey mom!

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Look at me Look at me! Your son Your son!

Stand up, buckle up,Shuffle to the door. Jump right out and count to four. And if my chute don't open wide. Stand Up Hook Up Shuffle To The. The one that goes Im gunna jump right out on the count of 4, And if my main aint gunna open wide, I got my reserve by my left side, And if that.

Number one Number one! Hey pa Hey pa! Your boy Your boy! On the top On the top! All the way All the way!

Topic: Running Cadence

Lead the way Lead the way! Every day Every day! Wanna jump Wanna jump! I'm gonna be I'm gonna be! I gotta be I gotta be! I wanna be I wanna be! Silver wings Silver wings! On my chest On my chest!