How to tell if a girl is dating someone

How To Tell If A Girl Has A Boyfriend Or Is Single: a 3-Step Guide
How To Ask A Girl If She's Single

go site If she likes you and wants to date you, then you should insist on her breaking up with her ex- boyfriend. However, there are certain cases when you should still pursue a woman even if she has a boyfriend. In cases where her boyfriend is abusive or when the relationship is at the brink of ending. No one likes obsessive people. Even if you think she may not be single, go and find out. There are many signs that she is single and you may have missed some. They psyche themselves out and then talk themselves out of approaching her at all.

Well, figuring out how to tell if a girl has a boyfriend is, in fact, the first and probably the easiest step of all. Because when you finally learn that a girl is single and ask her out, you need to make sure you know what to do on your date for it to end well. Never to see her again.

Prevent that by learning how to have amazing dates and get laid on the first date. What did you think of this article? Become a Friend on Facebook! How often should I text her? Should you text a girl everyday? Signs a girl likes you and that she wants you to make a move on her! Until you have strong evidence stop being paranoid. You have already replace a simple love paranoia- good luck. Ask New Question Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience.

How to know if she has a boyfriend or is single

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How did a lie save you or someone you know? How do I know if someone is lying online? How do I know if someone is manipulating or lying? How would someone know that a girl likes you? Yes No I need help 4 Ask if she has plans, and she'll tell you. When a girl is in a relationship, most of the time she'll have some sort of plans with her boyfriend. Simply asking her if she's doing anything over the weekend will usually get a quick answer that either involves her boyfriend or does not involve him. If she mentions plans with her boyfriend, it's obvious she's dating someone.

If not, then she'll be expecting you to ask her to do something with you. Many times you can tell a lot about someone just by how she acts. If she's sitting alone or isn't always in the company of others, it's usually a good indication that she's not dating anyone.

That doesn't mean she won't want to talk to you, but rather that she'll be more open to conversation than a girl who is always with people. Yes No I need help 1 See if she is alone or with friends. If she's alone, it will be much easier to approach her. However, if she is with friends, she might not be interested in talking, instead preferring to spend time with them. Also, if she's with friends, you might end up being interviewed by them, which can be uncomfortable. Yes No I need help 2 Pay attention to any guy she spends a lot of time with. You can also see if she spends a lot of time with one person, chatting, drinking, hugging and doing a lot of things together.

That is usually a good sign that this particular someone is the person she is dating. Yes No I need help 3 See if she is always on the phone. If she checks her phone often when she's alone, chatting, smiling, and not communicating with others, it might be a sign that she has a boyfriend.

She might also just be interested in another person so much that she won't notice you, making it hard to approach her. Yes No I need help 4 Look at how she dresses and acts. Often a single girl will dress and act differently. Sometimes she'll sit alone, or show up early at social events in the hopes of meeting someone.

If you see that she's not with anyone, or goes to the bathroom often to fix makeup and hair, she's likely not dating anyone and would be open to talking. Yes No I need help 5 Consider where you are. If it's lunchtime and she is in a cafe or restaurant, she might not have time to talk. Later in the day though, she might be open to conversations. If you're brave you can start a conversation with her. Look for conversation starters, like if she's holding an iPhone, or a book, in which case you can use that as a conversation starter.

Some people call this Facebook stalking, and technically it's not the best way to find out about someone, but it can spare you and her some embarrassment. Here are the things to look for:. Never harass someone or badger a girl if she's not interested or turns you away.

If she's dating someone, you'll often see that she has a relationship status listed, in which. Have you been wondering if that cute girl is already in a relationship? How would you know if she is dating someone else? Stop wondering and get some real.

As they say on one of the more popular dating sites: There are plenty of fish in the sea. When a woman is interested in being more than just friends, her body language speaks volumes. There are tons of signs you can read to find out if she's into you, which likely means she doesn't have a boyfriend. Some of the signs are more obvious, while others are a little trickier to spot.

The more signals she displays, the better your chances of getting her to open up, then you can find out if she has a boyfriend. Check out the list below to find out what they are. Yes No I need help 1 Crossing her legs toward you or leaning her body toward you. This is a common sign that she feels comfortable enough to be open with you. It's not a guarantee that she's romantically interested, however. Yes No I need help 2 Relaxing her arms. If she isn't crossing her arms or holding them tense toward her body, it's another that she is comfortable enough to relax around you.

Yes No I need help 3 Grooming behavior. Women often play with their hair, adjust their clothing, fidget with their jewelry or touch their face when they're romantically interested. Yes No I need help 4 Touching you. If you're engaged in conversation with a woman and she's interested in you, she might touch your shoulder or arm, or she'll try to fix you in some way, such as straightening your tie. Yes No I need help 5 Holding eye contact for more than 2 or 3 seconds. Most women won't hold eye contact for more than a few seconds if they're not interested.

Pay attention to her pupil size, as well. Dilated pupils indicate that she likes what she sees. If her eyes are open wide and her brow is raised, it's another good sign that she's interested in you. Yes No I need help 6 Tilting her head. If she tilts her head to the side while you're talking, she wants to hear more of what you have to say.

If she turns her head and lifts her shoulder to expose her neck, it's an even more obvious sign that she wants to get closer to you. Yes No I need help 7 Smiling and pouting. She's entertained and interested in you, and she's subconsciously trying to drawing your attention to her mouth. I really like this girl, but I am not sure if she has a boyfriend. I don't know what I should do to find out, or how can I approach her, so I want to look at her social accounts.

We discussed this in the main guide, particularly in the section on Facebook Stalking. While social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace are great places to share your interests, background, recent activities, and real-life communication with your loved ones, they also let people see what you are doing. This is because social networking sites will allow you to share or post your pictures, life events, favorite activities, interests, and views or ideas with people all over the world.

Many of us really love, enjoy, and sometimes even get addicted to social networking sites. Yes No I need help However, these social networks are not always all fun and games, as you can also do some serious investigation to learn details about someone you admire. You can do that through checking out her social network accounts to know if the girl you like is already taken by looking at her social pages.

Try these steps if you need more help than the suggestions in the main article above: Yes No I need help 1 Search and add her as your friend if she has an account. Then wait until she gives you permission to access it. Once she has accepted you, you will be able to see her relationship status. You should be able to tell if she wants to be with her friends, or in a relationship.

Yes No I need help 2 If a relationship status is not listed or shown on such pages, it is because she might choose to keep it private. Therefore, you will not be able to get the information from here. Don't worry because you still have an option. You can look at her page, looking through her profile pictures or photo albums to see if there is a guy or anyone who appears more often. Of course, if there are any kissing pictures with a guy, you'll know she's probably got a boyfriend.

Yes No I need help 3 You can also look at her recent activities, posts, and latest comments, and observe her through her comments.

See or notice if she flirts with anyone or not. If yes, then she is likely still single, but if not, it could be a sign that she has a boyfriend. Yes No I need help 4 Communicate with her, but before that, try to learn her interests. Then you can start a conversation through chat.

Often girls who are already taken do not entertain the company of other guys because they aren't interested anymore. She may be content with whatever she has right now. However, if she responds to your messages, then there is a possibility that she is single and ready to mingle. Yes No I need help 5 Add one of her friends and talk to her. Share your feelings for her friend, and then directly ask if the girl you like has a boyfriend. Most of the time a girl's friends will know the relationship status of their friends, so you will get an accurate answer.

Yes No I need help Of course, the biggest give away on Social Networks to find out if a girl has a boyfriend will be to look through her pictures. If you see a guy who she is always intimate with in her pictures, then this is probably a guy who is her boyfriend. When you see that, it's best to stop looking, as you'll only end up feeling bad.

Instead, why not ask her friend you talked to earlier if she'd like to go out? Yes No I need help See more questions like this: I've been chatting with my crush for a couple of months now.

Find the Signs a Girl Has a Boyfriend

How do I find out if she has a boyfriend? I can't understand why some girls are always talking about their boyfriends all the time. It's normal for both boys and girls to always talk about the person they love on social media. That's what it's for - to share amongst friends. If you're part of a circle of friends where someone is always talking about their boyfriend, and it bothers you, then it's usually pretty easy to block feeds from that person or remove them from your friend's lists.

Yes No I need help Usually, though, it's just people who are in new relationships. After a while, the shine of being in a new relationship wears off, and then those girls will go back to talking about other things. However, if they get married and have children, then you'll get to see all of their baby and wedding photos too. Of course, most of the time people want to see those things.

If she's your friend, try to share in her happiness, and support her. Who knows, you might get invited to the wedding and meet someone you'll want to always talk about on social media too. Yes No I need help How can I tell if she is cheating? I need to know if she's cheating and if she loves me. She has gotten a new job, and the people she works with are more important than me. When she gets home she tells me she loves me, but then when she is online and I am talking to her she ignores me.

She is nice to everybody but me. Strangers get a smile and a how are you doing, while I get ignored. Yes No I need help She's most likely just adjusting to the new job, and relying on you as a part of her support network.

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Did this article help you? This article has also been viewed , times. What are signs that someone respects you? If she turns her head and lifts her shoulder to expose her neck, it's an even more obvious sign that she wants to get closer to you. When she said she doesn't have any, I tried not to keep in touch with her. Many people wonder if it's better to ask directly or indirectly about the relationship status of someone they're interested in. Look at her Social Accounts What can be a more subtle way to know if a girl has a boyfriend than looking at her social accounts?

Obviously, the two of you share a life together, since you're living in the same place, so she counts on you for moral support. Right now she's having a difficult time smiling at work because she's secretly upset and sad that she's not making you happy. Yes No I need help In her eyes, she's got a new job, and your future together just got brighter.

While she's planning your future together, you could be pushing her into the arms of strangers by not trying to understand her and support her through this difficult time. Sure, she's excited about the job, but she's more excited about you. She just isn't showing it as much because she's worried about making good impressions at her new workplace. Yes No I need help Set some time away, where you take her out to celebrate the new job.

Share in her joy, and make sure you're still a part of her life by choosing to be there. Don't let something silly like a new job come between your love. Instead, leave your phones at home, and go out somewhere together, or take a weekend away. She'll love the support, and you'll love the bonds of your relationship that you'll be strengthening together.

Yes No I need help I like a lady but she has a boyfriend. I saw them together, and I tried to ask her out, but did not get through to her. What should I do? Should I stop bothering her, or continue trying to ask her out? This is one of those cases where you shouldn't bother her. She's in a relationship with someone, as you already know, and she'll not think well of you if you keep disturbing her.

After all, she might wonder what sort of a guy you are that you would ask her out when you know she has a boyfriend.