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7 Tips on Dating an Equestrian Horses are seriously hard work and you'll probably end up being a comfort blanket for your partner when things get tough. If you are dating a rider, be prepared to jump aboard the emotional roller coaster of the world of horses.

10 Reasons to Date an Equestrian

HTML code is not allowed. I have been on both sides of this equation lol I found it was best to join in with the fun, now I write about the equestrian adventures we share. If you want to read the most recent, https: And be prepared for your car to be full of hay, straw, muddy boots, smelly blankets, bits of tack You will only have tea after the horses have been fed.

Weekends will be taken up by horse shows You'll probably go to shows at the start of your relationship, however you'll soon learn that this is not your idea of a quiet, relaxing, weekend. Be prepared for one hell of an emotional roller coaster Horses are seriously hard work and you'll probably end up being a comfort blanket for your partner when things get tough. Tagged under Equestrian, horse. The Voice of Equestrianism dies.

More in this category: Become a better rider by riding without stirrups. The Windsor Grey did add an extra element to the procession, however As the horse pranced slightly off-kilter, there was a lot….


If you think that your tea will be served before the horses - then you are out…. A second British rider is at the centre of a social media storm over whip abuse. They reason that because horses don't pat each other, it's unnatural to them so, we shouldn't either.

Post navigation The Official Website and largest equestrian community where singles find dates and friends to ride horses with. Message board, Chat. Dating a girl who is an equestrian and have no idea what its like? We got you covered.

Unlike many athletes, competing in a specific sport, us equestrians come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Once we do mention them, be prepared to for us to pull out our phone and show you three dozen photos of said horse in various poses. And those are just the pictures we took today.

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We practice full disclosure right from the beginning. The potential for housing additional horses is a powerful aphrodisiac. And if your truck has a hitch—well, land, truck, and hitch is pretty much the Horse Girl equivalent of hitting the trifecta. All we need is for you to be trainable in the basics. Yes, we are going out to eat looking and smelling like this. Horse Girls prefer cozy, casual dates to formal social outings. Speaking of leaving, if there is an emergency at the barn any time of day or night, we are going.

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Communication skills are important in any relationship, and Horse Girls have their own language. Because of this we will take you to the barn now and then to teach you some basic terminology. When you put it on our finger and tears well up in our eyes, it is not out of love. It is because we are agonizing over what a great saddle we could have bought for that much money. If you need to make a grand romantic gesture, get us a two-horse slant-load.

5 Things To Expect When You're Dating An Equestrian

If you want to buy us something special to wear, wrap up a shadbelly. And surprising us with a weekend getaway is only advised if we can bring our horse with us. Our horse-mom paranoia will reach manic proportions. You will be sorry. The vet will be sorry.

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Our horse who we will probably end up wrapping in bubble wrap will be sorry. If you must get us a book about horses, we recommend Black Beauty.

You never have to worry about a Horse Girl turning into a different person once you marry her. After the wedding, very little is going to change—for us. As for you—you will get used to horse hair in the dryer and blankets stretched out on your workbench in the garage to dry. There will be hard realities to face. We will do things for horses that we would not dream of doing for a human being. If you wake at night with a stomachache, you can get up and walk your own self around.

We do not want to be alerted when you poop. There are benefits to living with a Horse Girl, though. You can count on us to do whatever it takes in a pinch. And give us duct tape and Bondo and we can fix about anything. Do you really want us to get the thermometer?

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