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The most amazing bars in Berlin A group of school friends turned this venue from a party hideout into one of the largest employers in its municipality. Parties are on roughly every second weekend.

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Once the music starts on Friday night it won't stop before Monday morning. The Berlin Bar on the roof Klunkerkranich We love to go there because you can have a beautiful view on Berlin thanks to the big patio. The Klunkerkranich offers a different kind of activities: The Techno temple Tresor Tresor is one of Berlin's most famous techno clubs. Many internationally famous DJs have played or even started their career here.

In Tresor had to change its location and moved to a former power plant on the border of Kreuzberg and Mitte districts. A relaxed wine bar Perlin This wine bar is just so nice and comfortable. The furniture and the restrooms are unique and vintage. The staff mostly students is friendly and the music is very nice. Sitting available inside in the cosy corners or outside in a small garden — so it's good for winter and summer both. Best breakfast in town Fuchsbau Fuchsbau works at any time of the day. Be it for the gorgeous breakfast generously sized, everything organic and hand picked, and simply fantastic , be it for an afternoon coffee on the patio or a night for drinks and chat.

Perfect chill out Michelberger Hotel Located directly at the famous metro station Warschauer Strasse, this Michelberger Hotel's lounge offers comfortable sofas, armchairs and soft music background for a perfect chill out. Usually not very crowded, so you are sure to find a place with friends. The decoration is very original and perfectly goes with this place's ambiance. From the architecture to the music, this place is unique in every square meter.

Here is where the locals bring their visitors to show them the real Berlin night life. Located close to Schlesisches Tor and Warschauer Strasse, it is a perfect spot for pre- and afterparty. Dance without worries Alte Kantine in der Kulturbrauerei If you want to have a relaxed evening out dancing head to this venue in the beautiful Kulturbrauerei building complex in Prenzlauer Berg. Zosch is one of the last unspoilt bars in the otherwise quite touristy Mitte district. Electronic beats with a view Watergate Watergate may be the club with the most beautiful location in Berlin.

Inside you can admire the wall-to-wall LED light installation and dance to electronic beats. Entrance is restricted to 21 years and over. Discover Berlin Walking Tour. Huge Beer garden Pratergarten 9. Beer, Sausages and French Fries. What else do you want? If you are satisfied by those simple things, go there.

It's a huge i repeat: If you can't dance swing yet, you'll learn it here - or just go with the flow. On weekend nights the place packs quite a crowd, and always renders a solid party on two dance floors. A relaxing place on top of a shopping center. Spend a calm evening up there with a view over Berlin and enjoy the dusk.

They serve great drinks and it's very comfy and atmospheric.

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Go with friends but sometimes it's very full. Vodka, street art, hello 70s Soylent 7. Apart from the fact that stuff named after dystopian Sci-Fi movies is usually something the Berliner likes, this is literally one of the preserved gems in the Friedrichshain bar scene. This is one of the most comfy bars located close to the German government districts and certainly they also let the good guys in to have a coffee, a beer or a small meal.

The Original Berlin Pub Crawl. Visiting, new to the city, or just looking for something to do? The Original Berlin Pub Crawl is your one-way ticket to a great time! Join us as we stop by some of the best bars and clubs in town. Lovely and vibrant promenade Maybachufer 6. Here you find the real mix — locals, newcomers, immigrants, tourists, families, couples, groups of friends, wallflowers; the poor and the rich. It's an authentic walk along old buildings, recognizing all the bright variety of people living in the city. Cult bar where you least expect it Kumpelnest 6.

The place where everyones alter-ego lives. A mythical queer bar that suddenly turns into a frenetic party. The crowd is not weird but misunderstood. You could end up laughing, crying, robbed or married. It is cheap, raw and very very sexy. The smoky side of Kreuzberg Bohnengold 6. Bohnengold embodies all things Kreuzberg — from outside it looks like a tiny place with no sign anywhere, but then you get to discover one room after another.

Food and fiesta Santa Maria 6. Santa Maria is a Mexican diner place with a pub feel. It is making a successful approach of staying a step ahead of always-the-same-tasting TexMex restaurants. To do so, they prepare traditional mexican recipes with handmade flour tortilla. Run by an organisation dedicated to support lesser-known live artists and DJs in the capital of professional clubbing and also hosting an art gallery upstairs, in this place pretty much everything can happen.

Smoky, classy, artsy Fire Bar 6. In the days shortly after the wall came down and East Berlin was offering space to everyone who wanted to do something with it, bars like this one were more than common all over. This is one of the last remnants of this time - with the difference that this one has never been and will never be a techno club. Feel the balkan vibe Kaffee Burger 6. The underground scene has moved elsewhere since but Kaffee Burger is still a place to pass an enjoyable evening.

The owners of Dr. Pong once discovered that table tennis can be a nice way to get to know each other. So they put in a table in an unrenovated room along with some old furniture and not much more and let the rest do the music and the people that have a good time here.

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photo: Herr Lindemann. Just in time for Valentine's Day, we came across Zitronenstraße – a project that highlights Berlin's most romantic spots. Böhmische Str. 43, Berlin, Berlin. Bar · Böhmisch-Rixdorf · 21 tips and reviews. i. am. a.: Big bar with a nice space for performances. Saw a really.

Prices are absolutely budget. Find someone talking bad about this place! The bar-bistro named after Rimbauds famous poem "Drunken Ship" is equally popular with locals and fearless tourists. The staff may seem a bit rude sometimes, especially with no-locals and laptop-users.

But as this helps to keep the place unspoiled, it fits perfectly into local lifestyle - along with the breakfast hours that last until 4 pm. Super nice, comfortable and stylish bar. It has a cool vibe. Cool mix of locals and travellers Maybe it's that retro vintage vibe, that grandma chic atmosphere, as well as the cavernous yet monastic underground restrooms.

Probably the best place for a cool night with friends in that area of Prenzlauer Berg. This is a total gem!

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It has the trademark worn-down livingroom style that you find in many popular bars round here. Play that funky music Das Hotel 5. Here we go dancing. In a tiny, sweaty basement where funk from vinyl makes our feet and body move all night, along with a mojito. Sometimes we need to go up for air, and oh how convenient, there is also an upstairs bar just as tiny and sweaty.

Take a breath of punk rock history SO36 4. SO 36 is one of the first epicentres of German punk rock culture. SO 36 was once the post code of the surrounding area. Attending a punk rock show in this almost historic place has quite something to it.

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Why take two or three different tours when you can hear the whole story in one? See the best of what Berlin has to offer in six hours and learn how the city has evolved to become the vibrant metropolis that it is today! Collective drinking Tante Horst 4.

The owners of "Auntie Horst" call themselves "liquor collective". And in fact, they take on decisions and management of everything collectively. Late risers love the availability of breakfast dishes from 9 — 23 h. They are named after fairy tales and the price and the taste is unbeatable.

The eatery is an art gallery, a library and a music bar at the same time. It looks like a living room from a good old friend. Speakeasy vibe and relaxed place to get a conversation going while taking in refined drinks! Absolutely unpretentious cocktail bar that loves to get creative with flavor combinations and presentation. Discover this spot with a friend and let you blown away by their inventiveness.

No pretence, old school rock, notoriously notorious goth nights monday! No Fire No Glory 3. Excellent coffee, comfortable seating outside and inside, great pastry.

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They also have a large selection of other drinks, including the best ice tea I've had in Berlin. The bagels are also excellent. In addition to all this, they're happy with you working on a laptop for a long time. It has a fireplace and a cozy atmosphere but only tables - no comfy chairs. The Connect Group meets there only Thursdays. As it's only 30m from my apartment, I'm there often!

Sieben and Kirk have a Kamin. Good bars to date Posted 17 Aug I am a young looking 50 year old with some experience and knowledge of dating scene but would appreciate a co-pilot! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Nice cafes and bars to take a date Started by miles , 28 Sep Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The Schwarze Pumpe on Choriner Strasse has a nice atmosphere. Thanks, I will check this place out. Guys, a few more recommendations? Why not try the Cafe Karma on Sonntagstrasse, Friedrichshain? Hi everyone, I'm really hoping one of the TTers can help me out. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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