Booty shake dating app

Booty shake dating app

Like the pic likes! Simple, brilliant update which gives the chance to open up communication in a different way than 'Hi'! Significantly better in concept than most other dating apps, but you have to time it right or be prepared to pop back once an hour to see who's on.

BootyShake - chat, flirt and date for free

Send Snaps to Strangers! Not as weird as it sounds, but with the other users permission you can send snaps, pics, vids and voicenotes to someone you've just met online. I used to wish for this on Tinder and I used to wish for not having to wait for a match and then a convenient time to chat. This app has simply conquered this by letting you shake and chat to whoever else is online. Obviously if you want to take it further than a chat, that's up to you!

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No one needs to ask my snapchat! This is a total tinder and snapchat crusher, man! Instant matches and snaps. No, it's for the dancefloor!

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It is great for chat though! Good app with pic swaps and snap and no waiting to be matched. Unique concept but needs a lot of improvement.

booty shake dating app

Looks like the app is still in beta testing. Lacking basic features like ability to display distance in miles instead of km. Facebook required to login. The few profiles I was able to view appear to be fake or test accounts. I'm in the United States.

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THE NUMBER 1 DATING APP ON DATESITECOMPARISON. It's dating and chat app that doesn't make you wait for a match.

Users in other parts of the world MAY be using a different version of the app with better results. Why are we waiting to be matched with uniterested pro-swipers when you can get to the point immediatley on BootyShake? Dismissing the ones you don't want to meet and keeping the best. Elimination is the better option and BootyShake has solved it with panache. Needs more members but it's pretty fun. Better than tinder currently. Get this data via API or Spreadsheet. Zap Zap Chat Messenger.

Shake A Date - How To Find Love

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Blixster Business Group Ltd. Fotochat - Dating app to chat, flirt, share photos. YoCutie - Dating App. Wishdates - chat and dating. Add To My Keyword Notepad.

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Upgrade your SearchMan Solutions. Wispi SG Atlantic Limited 2, Wishdates - chat and dating Lamex Partners Ltd This application does not collect or transmit any user's personal information other than that granted and is solely used for the purpose of this application.


You have not warranted that you are 13 years of age or older. SpeedDC Speed Booty shake dating app events. Bitte deaktivieren Sie Ihren Adblocker. No username, no password, no email required. February 5th, Acquired Date:

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If you want to refresh your Results just shake your phone again! It's all about that shake. You gotta shake it to make it baby!