Libra man dating a leo woman

Libra Man and Leo Woman

I know more about myself just by researching and its all true with a few minor exceptions. Yet I'm in a situation that I can't control or at least I don't know enough yet. My mind is set on this Lovely Lady. I was very attracted to her by all means and took her out on a couple dates. We work together so there is a bit of controversy.

Libra Man And Leo Woman Compatibility

To get to know a Libra man well, and to build a strong connection with him, you first need to understand his unique sensibilities. Aquarius and Libra Compatibility. They feed off of your positive energy and try to maintain a sense of balance in all areas of their life. Then drove all the way back, just to hang out in my friend's car for an hour! I'm a Leo girl and just recently met a Libra man.

Recently she was kind of bragging about her being a Leo and born in the year of the tiger which is this year as well. So I decided to research the astrological and chinese zodiacs. Turns out since I was born in 82, I'm a Dog which has Libra as its equivalent. Interestingly enough the Dog and the Tiger are also ideal in zodiac compatibilities. Mainly from what I read, we are practice ally a perfect match!

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Yet at times she seems distant and mysterious which intrigues me, then again at other times she seems flaunty and throws herself at me, mainly when she is intoxicated, though we work together as bartenders. I'm confused and a bit frustrated. I know she is the ONE for me, yet I'm afraid to push her away or not hook her at the right time. I definitely know in my heart she is the yin to my yang! I just don't know how to officially make her mine and vise versa. Any bit of advice would help. My mind is set on her and won't reset until she says so and she knows this.

She hasn't said so yet thank Gawd! I still don't know what path to take. I don't want to lose her in any form. He is 7 years my junior. I wouldn't change our relationship for anyone or anything in this world or the next. Love comes gently grab it with both arms and love whole heartedly. Wow this is great Im a Leo and I just met a Libra and of coarse he is all over me but im 25 and he is 36 and im a Christian and he is Muslim Yea I know, but for now its fun and he is getting serious Ill report back on how this all ended or is still going.

I broke up with my Libra man a few months ago Have to say, he charmed me with a lot of dreams and aspirations of his, I fell pretty hard for him, which is not usually like me. He was good-looking, very affectionate, bright, AND seemed to adore me Please pray for him to overcome his sickness, I still do, Leo girl. I can't seem to get him figured out he said to me one day "I feel like I should be with you" he IM'ed me and said that then before I could reply he logged of. I've never dealt with Libras before ive always bin with sags and Aries: I am a Libra man and I dated a Leo woman.

I can not agree to the fact of me wanting her to do all the work. I took it and pleasured her on a daily basis. There are a lot of things between the two that are dynamite. The communication will be an issue. It is like apples and oranges literally. I give this relationship a 5 out of I can honestly say, I do not think I will date another Leo female again. Hi am a Leo woman born 20th aug an he's sept the 27th we love an adore each other very much, that if where mad at each other it doesn't last long where back in each others arms like it never happened, the only thing he gets jealous to much, an I have to remind him I love him, an I only have eyes 4 him, but on d whole Libra men are so amazing an loving an the sex yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Well, I have joined the club.

A Leo girl who was approached by a Libran man on line.

Libra Man - Leo Woman Love Compatibility

He drives me nuts. I have been the focal point of his attention since we met, with surprise gifts of the bondage kind, a big deal made over valentines day, hours on line chatting, talking on the phone. He keeps me on a string, sometimes not contacting me for days, other times spending hours with me. He makes a date and then decides not to turn up 5 minutes before he is supposed to meet me, leaving me with nice dress on, hair and make up done and severely deflated. Then offers no explanation but apologizes profusely.

Leo & Libra Compatibility

I recently went overseas on my own. We exchanged passionate messages. Everything was right again, or so I thought. The messages were ardent. When was I returning, What time, how soon would we be able to get together, Would it be early in the week, the end or later? Then when I returned and suggested possible days for a reunion, all I got was "I will see what suits".

I haven't heard back since and it's been 4 days. I asked him whether it was all too difficult and to say so, so I do not waste my time, but he appears not to want to end it. What's with this man? I agree - rose with the thorns. I am a Leo woman and I met a Libra man on Monday and I am very attracted to him and he seems to be as well.

He touched my lower back while we were walking and I've never felt such a sensation as that. We have been texting a lot and we never run out of things. I think this is ping somewhere. And in addition to his good looks he's got class Libra man bartender wanting to secure fellow bartender, Leo woman Leo's are steady, reliable lovers and although they need to be teased, they also need reassurance.

Do not push and pull her. This combination is prone to it. Leo women thrive on romance and passion. You will no doubt please her in the bedroom , so if you can get her in those regards, you're halfway there. I guess if you're getting off on it, do it. Don't ever let it take you over though. Regardless of his master status, Libra man are massive control freaks. I guess Leo woman are so shocked when they find someone who controls them so easily, it is usually we who do the controlling!

How do they do it? I'm a Leo and I dated a Libra man while I was in college.

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I pursued him and made plans and we had talked and spent a whole day together before I inquired about the two of us meeting somewhere more.. I was attracted to the fact that he was witty and charming and had an outlook on life that things should be fair, which I really admired about him. We dated and I would always ask him places and figure out things that we could do together. It felt pretty one-sided for the longest time, but he tried to break up with me once and then, after spring break, we got back together and it was as if nothing had changed.

Anyways I really like Libras because of their sense of balance, however, he was very stoic and didn't really seem emotionally opinionated. Whenever we talked about things, I would tell him how I felt about them or express my passion for things but he would respond to things through monotone logic and it was almost like he wasn't human. I really enjoyed hi s chivalry and kindness but we ended up getting in an argument and he told me that there were a list of complaints he had been keeping quiet about against me. In the end, he was too idealist and I was too head-strong.

For Leo women to date Libra men, the Leo woman has to be a bit more subtle with her emotions and the Libra has to really look at the Leo woman's pride and passion in an admiring disposition as opposed to criticizing it. My experience with a Libra man has been that he is very moody, not steady with his emotions, But yes, he is very caring, charming and classy. I just wish he were more consistent with his feelings and that he would follow through with his emotions.

He wants me, he wants me not. It seems like his feelings are always changing, and he does not really know what he wants. Where I am fixed in my ways, know what I want, and I am stable with my emotions. It is very difficult to be with someone like this. You never feel secure or stable. This is my experience. I am currently at a cross road if I should stay or just cut my loses and move on. I like stability, and he offers no stability on a emotional level. This is the first one for me. I have never been involved with a Libra.

I tend to like Fire better. They are steady, reliable and know what they want. I am the typical prideful Leo. He is typical "cant make up his mind" Libra. I found out about 3 months ago he cheated on me. Before our problems started things were amazing. It was Just unbelievable how we were always on the same wavelength, it was always a blast with him. After I found out about this other girl it was more like a 2 month relationship minus the sexual aspect I decided to forgive him in hopes of things going back to how they used to be.

Im not the type to take back a cheating boyfriend. We've been together for 4 months short of 3 yrs. I thought he was the one and he was contemplating engagement 1 month before this cheating thing happened. I just need to know if as a typical Leo can I ever fully forgive him? It still hurts and I still cry about it. I just want to forget it and go back to how we used to be. Ive been dealing with this for 3 months now and it has gotten a little better but it seems to be branded into my brain.

Hello I met my Libra man on march 6 and we are already planning a July wedding. He is a neat freak and im a pack rat but we have so much respect for each other so we don't hurt one another feelings when things need to be addressed. I am very happy to finally meet the man of my dreams. I am a Libra woman with a Leo man. There is no possible way that we could be more compatible with each other, or more in love! Despite my initial hesitations, I gave it a try..

Well I m blown away.. I found my match. Yes, Libra guys are moody! Yes almost bipolar but If I m around him, I can change his mood in a second.. Just approach with elegance and diplomacy and show him how wrong he is to be moody by explaining facts. My Libra calms down like a baby.. Leo ladies with Libra guys.. I never though you could have sex that way. I think after 2 months dating and spending a lot of time together I can control him but my problem is I know he hasn't surrendered yet and I cant get through to his soul.

He has never said that I m pretty nor that he loves me but actions speak otherwise.. He is oversees now and when calling he smoothed a kiss through the phone.. Still no pompous declarations of love. He suggested we spend a few days this summer with my family at the beach house. Now I m getting scared Two of them fell in love with me and I only love one Libra back. His name is Xavier and I really want to make this crazy azz relationship work but I got into it with his new attraction which is another bee.

Then the horoscope thing said he is more attracted to Aries and she is his long term friend. I have a best friend and she is an Aries, she took two pics with him and she said she kinda like him. I used to give uph fine dudes for hee becuz I'm a good and loyal friend. So I think she was textn me yesterday on his phone and she show been actrn funny lately, jus hvn been calling me on my cuz phone for me. Do yal think that bee been sneaky and wuz talkn to him in his car?

We met when we were fourteen, and after knowing each other for a few months in high school, during which time we were both a little crazy and didn't have ourselves let alone each other figured out but managed to be natural friends in spite of it, I moved away. We stayed friends though.

We talked off and on online; we'd talk for months, then we'd stop, then we'd start talking again like we never stopped And now we're living in the same city again. And we've been seeing each other as friends for a few weeks But we're friends who spend all day with each other doing date-like activities like walking through parks, going out to eat, snuggling in book stores, watching movies together, etc.

And we talk and talk and talk for hours. I talk more than he does, but it can switch at any time. I'm not afraid to tell him anything, in fact it's so easy to just be myself around him I'm having to get used to doing so. We also cuddle, and the past few nights I've fallen asleep at his apartment, the first time wearing nothing but panties, the second time wearing panties and his shirt. We didn't have sex though! We didn't even kiss! We just touched and cuddled for hours without saying anything.

It really felt quite amazing. But I don't understand why he hasn't kissed me. I've known him long enough to know that he's not the type to do things like this easily, and he's not the type to kiss easily either. But how should I take his not kissing me? Should I take it as he doesn't really want to date, he just enjoys the friends-with-benefits-ish relationship? Or is he just afraid of getting hurt and taking it slow? I don't want to push him or just do it myself because I need to know that he wants it enough to make the moves.

I am a Libra man and my ex girlfriend is a Leo. We were together for about a year and at one point were engaged. We both decided together that things weren't working out for us. We are still wonderful friends and are close, can discuss anything-- and I trust her fully. It was that the timing wasn't right for us, and never will be, since we both need different things in each other that neither seem to be able to provide. I think she was just too fiery for my Libra tendencies to avoid confrontation and create peace.

I think when we disagreements that she never felt I was active enough in the passion she needed to express. I am also a very creative individual, she was very practical- that was always an issue for us, since she needed order and I liked being free spirited. It didn't work out for us, but I wish everyone the best in their own relationships. Dear Leo lady who is wondering about her Libra guy not kissing her: All I can do is comment from my own feelings as a Libra. If he is anything like me, he is probably waiting for you to kiss him first or to at least ask him to kiss you.

As Libras we over think everything, to the point that we just feel it is more clear if others mak e the first move. What advice I can give is- kiss him, see if he responds. If you are scared that that may be not true to yourself and feel that may be too bold, then I would just very tactfully ask him about it, be open with your feelings to him.

Us Libras can also be a bit over shy and more than a little confused when it comes to romance, sometimes we aren't even someone has feeling for us, when it is painfully obvious to everyone around us. How many times I missed chances at relationships because I just was not sure. So yes, best plan of action is to just tell him that you have feelings for him, would like to keep pursuing it if he is also wanting the same. If he says yes, he wants that too, then ask him to kiss you. How many times I wished someone would have done the same for me, then I probably wouldn't be alone now.

You might have to take the lead on this. Libras are famously shy with regards to romance. Im a Leo girl and I've been dating my Libra man again for 6 months. We dating for a month in high school then he moved away and we lost contact now eight yrs later we happen to find each other on the internet we weren't looking for each it just happened we live in different states and are now in love and trying to makes plans for me to move where he is.

Mainly because he is very inconsistent. In person we connect and are in heavenly bliss but over the phone when we do talk its so dry!! What's this about Libra's being great communicators?! It's like pulling teeth to get him to flap his gums! In person there is the physical contact not just sexually but otherwise that helps me to see his emotional side. I mean when he looks at me it with great intent and delight which makes me feel like silk. I know this man loves me but I don't get enough out of him verbally So my dilemma is I'm suppose to pick up and move to a diff erent state to take a chance on love which might not even work out because I'm sure I'm exhausting him cause he is exhausting me His need for space baffles me we live 5 hours away!!

Him having not much to say when we might be on the phone only 30mins a day 20 of those minutes are me pulling for convo that he isn't reciprocating! I'm honestly going nuts ya'll help help help! I feel like I'm being punked: I want him though he makes me feel like his angel, half the time. He tells me to "be easy" and for a fiery Leo he might as well have told me to stop breathing LOL! I need to know his heart mind and soul he is not opening that up to me I think he's scared I'm going to eat his mind and soul LOL!

Oh but I love him so. He bought me a diamond watch for my birthday: D but then he doesn't call me back A lot of nights to say I love you or good night? I try to "be easy" like he requested he tells me to open my eyes I'd know he adores me Am I asking for blood here??!

Is it me is it WE are just not compatible enough to make it?? Im a Leo girl and I met a Libra man when I was on vacation and was with him for only a few days but the chemistry and bond was unbreakable. We are still in touch and plan to see each other again. I love Libra MEN! Me, August 20, him, October I don't know, he is definitely bi-polar, but its like I can easily forget about my anger with him. Last year he broke up with me, and then he changed his mind and wanted me to instantly get back with him. He gets so jealous and his mood changes like the wind.

However, I know he is all about me.

Libra man and Leo woman

He stays jealous and he makes so many plans for us to be together. I love the sex sooooo much. I just have to see how long his niceness is going to last. I am a Leo woman- 8. So right now I am also pregnant and I think that its best for me to just cool off from him because like many other women have mentioned about thier current and past Libra men, libras are just too indecisive and too moody. I feel like my emotions come from passion and conflict with his indecisiveness and then he doesn't know what to do, and it that makes me feel like he doesn't care enough to even get or understand what I am feeling.

I feel that Libras' sense of being a diplomat in arguments and discussions can just be pl ain stubborn and arrogant, like their way is the right way and my way is soooo utterly hampering to my Libra's mood, its like he goes off into some zoned out world and cannot function. I simply feel like he is way too easily overwhelmed and just "decides" to feel that way until I do what he wants, which is infuriating because it seems like what I have to say is just too much to comprehend. No one likes feeling misunderstood, especially a Leo woman.

We have so much passion, creativity, and pride in our selves that we want the man in our lives to acknowledge and appreciate this, afterall Libra's are attracted to a Leo woman's confidence, but why do I feel like some cannot handle it? Libra man does seem bi-polar, and when reading this page, it felt sooooo good to read that other women agreed, yet I guess its not that good when you realize the reality. Anyways not all is bad between me and my libra, he is very playful, and tries to give good advice sometimes, and I guess as a Leo woman I need a lot of attention, which I sometimes receive, but Libra needs soooooo much more.

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But I do love him and he and I do have a lot of creative elements in common and can have really interesting conversations. I also know he will be a great Dad, Libra's are extremely good with animals, and children from what I have seen. I love my Libra because I can feel sooo close to him and so comfortable but the communication can be disastrous.

The Libra man will happily give way to his lioness; and the Leo woman will be more than happy to have an intelligent husband though he may take time to make decisions.

However, the jealous nature of the Leo woman may cause some trouble between the two. Women tend to get attracted to the charming Libra man, which may give rise to the legendary temper of the Leo. On the contrary, the Libra man will never ever show jealousy even when his Leo woman is showered with attention from other men. This may, peculiarly, bother her. Marriage between these two can be wonderful. They both have great tastes Leo has rich tastes while Libra has greater aesthetic sense , they both love company of people, good food and wine, and always have a lot to talk to each other.

Finance is not always an issue as long as the Leo woman keeps her extravagant nature under check. More often than not, they can form a long-lasting relationship! Lastly, one should note that astrology provides only a guideline on relationship. But, the union of these two signs can truly be called an attractive and sizzling match. Aquarius Woman and Libra Man. Aquarius and Libra Compatibility. Compatibility between Capricorn and Libra.

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