Kimball piano dating Kimball Classic Studio Piano". Beautiful dark finish, bench included in price. Inspection and appraisal available upon request.

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Vintage Kimball upright piano action model. Bought this from an old piano store years ago. Very good condition, works great. Has minor wear for an action this old. This page was last updated: Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

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Although I'm looking forward to the next piano, I want to make sure I can find a good home for the Kimball. Apart from a final tuning, should I consider any other relatively inexpensive service? Is there any problem with me dusting inside and out with a slightly damp cloth?

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KIMBALL. Kimball Serial Numbers. Once you know the name brand of your piano, you will need to find the serial number. Step 1: The serial number is usually found on the plate of the piano.

I'd also like to find the serial number so I know exactly how old this piano is, but after searching carefully with a good light I can't find one. Would the number be stamped in metal, painted on wood, or perhaps on a label applied somewhere inside? Thanks for your suggestions! I don't normally recommend cross-species relationships myself You're not going to get much for the Kimball at all, so I wouldn't pour a lot of money into it.

But you should at least make sure it's freshly tuned. Quite frankly, there's something to be said for trading in your Kimball to whomever you buy the new piano. That way they take the piano out when they deliver the new one, and you don't have to deal with the problem of having no piano for a while or two pianos. You could probably get more for it from a private sale, but you have the hassle of advertising it and having strangers come into your house to try it out.

Monica, I promise my relationship with the Kimball is strictly platonic. Thanks for a good laugh, though! I don't want to make any money with Kimball, just to find somebody who will use it and treat it reasonably well. I haven't decided yet whether I can afford to buy new, but if so I will definitely think about trading. I haven't played one in a while, but I'm looking forward to trying them out this spring. Everything I've read has advised against doing anything to the interior of the piano yourself like dusting it out - leave that to the tech when they tune it.

Inspiration is the act of pulling a chair up to the writing desk. Many years ago in Chicago, dating a Kimball would have been much like dating a Swift, Armour, or Field. My wife bought a Kimball Model piano in the mids and it has seen little use outside it is like new. She was a proficient player; I don't know why she was sold a 37" piano instead of a 42", but that is irrelevant now! If I sell it, someone would have to pay for delivery and tuning. Answer to Hazelton Brothers. We have an excellent article on how to sell or donate a piano. I inherited a Hazelton Brothers console piano and would like to find out how I can sell it?

I do not know how or where to begin to sell a piano, can you give me some advice? I live in the New York City area.


My daughter was selling this piano. It was beautiful and still in great condition. I was totally impressed how it sounded even though it had not been tuned in years.

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Piano's have fallen in to the trap of mass production. Wish it was possible to trace the History of a piano like DNA has done for ancestry. Who is Earl Maxwell?

Kimball Piano

Do you have any info on this Piano or its maker? Age of piano isn't always a factor. Although it might be best to acquire a used piano that is no more than 20 years of age, there are those people who cannot afford a recently made used piano. Many times an older one will have to do. This doesn't mean that the piano is on its last legs. Many older pianos can serve a child that is starting out provided that they are still in good enough condition.

Finding the Serial Number on Your Piano

Since the work force being only scheduled craftsmen under the human of creation who had been accepted with these popular makes for many mixers, thus leaning opening the Transcript and enjoyable paper of each little. Even the best-intentioned sellers — including ones who play well — tend not to be knowledgeable about piano construction and mechanics, and may have absorbed erroneous information about the instrument, or forgotten important things about its history. We want to buy our son a baby grand. Some p iano manufacturers place serial numbers in various places. They were probably medium quality pianos at best. This select's purchasing kimball piano serial number lookup contributed immeasurably to the driver and white of thousands that were made in the same Divisions.

I have come across a few Gulbransen pianos for many years. They were probably medium quality pianos at best. Like practically all other piano manufacturers, they started to make spinets and consoles during the mid to late s. The Gulbransen consoles were generally O. The later Gulbransen spinets were not that great and probably not worthwhile. I think that the studio uprights were also O. Used-piano brands to buy. Several comments have asked what brands of used piano to buy. There is no good answer to that question, because whether to buy a particular used piano, in most cases, depends on its condition rather than its brand name.

Older Valuation

That said, Baldwin, Kawai, Steinway, and Yamaha are probably the most common choices, and among the most likely to give satisfaction and have good resale value. You can also find a list of better brands of the period from to in our main article on buying a used piano. One of the piano brand Suzuki from the list listed as a Chinese brand but Suzuki is Japanese brand. I feel like too many brand from the list should be avoided.

Answer to Gulbransen upright.

The article speaks specifically to "the financially-able family" and suggests that they invest in a better piano if they can afford to. A sufficiently motivated student can learn on almost anything, and a lesser-quality piano is better than none. Also, the article speaks of Gulbransen and others from the s, '70s, and '80s, mostly spinets and consoles.

Somewhat older and larger Gulbransens, if in good condition, may have been fine. I learned how to play on a Gulbransen upright. What brands would you recommend for a child?