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Desert Isle Keeper Her cringe-worthy stories are normally accompanied with hilarious infographics and photos that help get her point across.

Created by the ever-popular Cheezburger. You could spend hours scrolling through the side-splitting photos, videos and news posts. Thoughtful lessons through hilarious mishaps. Soon to Be Cat Lady takes what every single woman fears and somehow makes it better. The site focuses on online dating situations that are both funny and desperate. Most women remember hearing the tales of a princess being saved by Prince Charming on a white horse and living happily ever after. Well, Catherinette is here to uncover those lies and get to the truth when it comes to dating. A tribute to online dating excellence and failure.

Sex lies and dating in the city blog, she met...

Have you ever wanted to share your latest dating mishap? This site will shock you, amuse you and fill you with nostalgia all at the same time — guaranteed. Readers can relate to her struggles, like going back and forth with the same date, and her short and to-the-point posts consistently keep you updated with her progress, failures and successes. Remember, life and dating is an adventure!

Created by a happily married couple just looking to share the awkward dating stories that might have never been told, Dating Fails consists of user-submitted content that will put a smile on your face and make you feel better about your dating life. The stories are raunchy and ridiculous, which makes them all the better! I'm all for love at first site, but this didn't flow well.

The female protagonist has a weak character and doesn't have much self confidence.

The man is an idiot, risking his career at that stage of their relationship. I wish I could say he did it because he was already in love with her, but really it just shows a man with a lack of forethought. All in all, turned out to be a terrible book.

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The only reason it got two stars was because the beginning plot was so intriguing- he was setting her up to be convicted of murder and she was just going about her life- this novel started with so much potential. Too bad so little of it was realized. Sex, Lies, and Online Dating was a fun read for me.

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Lucy Rothschild is a fictional crime writer, who pals around with her other female author friends. Lucy is doing research for her latest book, by going on online dates and using the 'losers' that she meets up with as her victims in her book. During this process, she meets 'hardluvnman' aka Detective Quinn who is working undercover trying to solve a serial killer mystery in Boise, Idaho.

Being from Idaho, I can honestly say that the author, Rachel Gibson, has taken some creative license here. Boise is not really a hot bed of murder, let alone a place you would typically find a serial killer. I had to laugh when Detective Quinn asked Lucy if she had recently vacationed in Pocatello. Not exactly a vacation destination. But again, I give the author credit for taking some creative license and knowing that the book is fiction, I was able to put my realistic ideals behind me and I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

I found it entertaining, and I read the book from front to back in one sitting. I would not hesitate to recommend this book to others. This was a good read. It was easy to stay in the moment, flowed well and realistically plausible.

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The characters were a bit dated, the clothing descriptions and things like the house interiors But as it is an older book, I guess that's to be expected. Still, it had a entertaining plot, and a few good laughs. Not too bad at all. Lucy is a writer working on her new novel; she is doing online dating strictly to for research purposes.

She has meet all kinds of men, none of which she really wants to get to know better.

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Until she meets Quinn on a coffee date, she thinks he might me worth seeing again. Quinn is wants to see Lucy again too, only problem, he is doing online dating because someone is killing men. The same men that Lucy has been going on dates with, so he is the cop who goes undercover to find out who is killing them and Lucy is a suspect.

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When Lucy goes to Quinns' house for another date a man is killed while she is there, now Quinn knows Lucy is the killer but she is pissed for getting played. Lucy is a writer; she has a strong core of friends who are writers as well. She is level headed, but is lacking in the romance department.

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Quinn is a big tough hot cop; he also has a sense of right and wrong. He loves his dog and while he has feelings for Lucy he holds himself back. I liked this book, Lucy was an interesting heroine and Quinn was the right match for her. I found it extremely hilarious that he used his dogs name as part of his cover. This was a funny book, with a little bit of suspense and a lot of romance. Another of Rachel Gibson's Boise friends humorous romances. Lucy Rothschild is a serial dater on a mission.

To research her latest murder mystery she's dating men she's met online, and trying to survive the succession of bad experiences. Quinn McIntyre is also serial dating online with an ulterior purpose. He's a Boise police detective who's gone undercover to track a serial killer who's apparently meeting her victims online.

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Her blog might be called the first Web 3. What kind of relationship based on lies could the two have anyway? One I've actually been married to since What is it that you love about NYC so much -- and what is your opinion of the dating scene here? Sounds like a fun story. He didn't expect to be this attracted to one of the suspects though.

Naturally Quinn and Lucy eventually meet for a date. Both of them are lying through their teeth about who they are and what they're doing, and this being a romance they're both attracted to each other. It doesn't help that a some point Quinn gets a look at part of Lucy's manuscript, which describes a female serial killer killing men she meets on line -- in the same way the actual serial killer, dubbed "Breathless" is doing it.

In spite of thinking Lucy might be the killer Quinn is still attracted to her.

Sex lies and dating in the city blog

Things get even more complicated when the truth comes out about their identities -- and the real killer shows up. Lots of fun, if not laugh-out-loud funny. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. Lucy Rothschild is a famous mystery novelist.

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As research for a book she is writing about a killer who chooses her victims from on-line dating services, Lucy jumps into the dating pool, pretending to be a nurse. Little does she realize that there is a real serial killer wreaking havoc and mayhem in Boise. Her latest date is with a sexy plumber named Quinn McIntyre. Actually Quinn is really a homicide detective and he thinks Lucy fits the profile of serial killer perfectly. When they initially meet, sparks fly, and when one of Lucy's other on-line paramours starts choking, she realizes Quinn will realize she's not a nurse, since she panics and he has to come to the rescue.

So it surprises her when she receives a sappy email from him inviting her out.