Plumbing hook up for kitchen sink

How to Connect Plumbing for Kitchen Sinks

click here If the countertop is still attached to the cabinetry, place a piece of two-by-four across the sink hole and clamp the sink to the countertop with a bar clamp.

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Pass one of the clamps through the drain hole in the bottom of the sink and hook the other end to the two-by-four. Mix two-part epoxy glue with hardener and spread it on one side of the bolt posts that came with the sink.

How To Install A Kitchen Sink

Position these posts evenly around the lip of the sink and glue them to the underside of the countertop. Let the epoxy harden for several hours.

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Attach the sink to the bolt posts with the fasteners that came with the sink. Tighten them with a screwdriver or wrench, depending on the type of fasteners they are. Turn the countertop over or remove the clamps. Give the glue another day to harden before you hook up any plumbing.

Plumber working on pipes under kitchen sink that you will need to lower the drain outlet in the wall as part of the drain hookup on a new sink. Both kitchen and bath sinks operate very similarly; the main difference is that kitchen sinks are designed to be hooked up to more fixtures than a faucet, such as.

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Include a dishwasher drain attachment if needed. Guide to Wine Country Green State: Connect the sink and disposal pipes to the tee with the slip nuts on the tee; slide the pipes into the tee and tighten the slip nuts by hand. Apply rubber gasket, cardboard ring and metal fastener to the underside of sink drain and tighten. Cut the PVC with a hack saw and smooth the cuts with a file or sandpaper.

Skip to main content. Tip The fasteners for the sink may already be installed on the underside of your countertop. If so, you only need to connect them to the sink and tighten them. Warning If you are attaching the sink to a granite countertop, be sure the surface to which you are gluing the bolt posts is dust-free.

Even a small amount of dust can interfere with adhesion of the glue.

How to Hook up a Double Kitchen Sink Drain Part 1

See How a Garbage Disposal Works. For more information, see Bathroom Sink Plumbing.

Underneath the sink, a rubber gasket, metal washer, and large locknut or retainer tightens the body to the sink. A straight tailpiece mounts to the strainer body with a threaded coupling. Slip-joint couplings connect the tailpiece, the main parts of a drain trap, and a short threaded nipple at a tee in the drainpipe.

At the wall or the back of the cabinet, a trim piece called an escutcheon hides the connector and the nipple. Waste water exits through the trap and down the vented drainpipe to the main stack.

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A sink trap is a J-shaped pipe beneath a sink, designed to trap noxious sewer gases before they enter the house. When water runs down a sink drain, it moves through the trap and exits out the drainpipe. This water provides a seal, blocking sewer gases from rising up through the sink drain.

Every time you use the sink, the water in the trap is replaced.