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Cracking The Strategy Of Dating Apps- The Growth Hacks That Worked

What's more, they are targeted to the demographic to which you belong. With most dating apps linked to your social media accounts, companies can now identify the group they want to sell to and make sure they are popping up in those feeds every day.

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This post already exists in the Passle you have selected. But have you thought about dating apps? More posts by Jenna Peaty. Karenbentegreen hinge is at it again.

What are People Searching For?

Met my fantastic guy on hinge as well. With 8, likes, comments, and cross-promotion from highfiveexpert , the post prompted many followers familiar with Hinge to engage.

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A dating app's value is in its users. You must always keep in mind the audience that your app targets. While Tinder has taken over the mass market, many dating . Dating apps created the perfect atmosphere for their users to find the perfect And that suitable landscape is created by marketing tools.

Heckoffsupreme Love hinge girlwith3jobs Ok I need to join!!! Hinge is a dating app, think a non-trashy Tinder.

How to Gain a Critical Mass of Users for Your Dating App

In their Hinge post, highfiveexpert features two dogs nestled together on the couch, sharing a bag of chips. Staying consistent with the aloof attitude many meme accounts exhibit, there were no specific CTAs calls to action within the Hinge promotions. However, if looking to build brand awareness, Hinge was smart not to push too hard or make arrant requests.

Increased statistics favoring this segment and the surge of newer dating apps each day make them a part of a community that flaunts growth. The experience of using dating apps ranges from exciting to gory. Most app marketers thus aim at improving user experience, which in a way has also become the starting point as well as a key differentiator for them.

However, the competition in this space is extremely stiff, which pushes these apps to growth hack their way in achieving success and garner favorable installs. Amongst the plethora of growth strategies adopted by these apps, a few have stood out.

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It clearly feels that these growth hacks can be implemented by other app categories as well. Picking someone from the numerous options may be overwhelming at the same time. With swipes on Tinder, the act of navigating through content is merged with inputting an action on that content.

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Swipe strategy encourages users to take quick actions thereby fueling sustained interactions on the app. According to sources, Tinder records million swipes per day.

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Chris Calmeyn of Caliber- a professional social networking firm looks at the right swipe as a great way to process information quickly. Even with biased viewpoints on the feature, it has been lapped up by app developers in full force. Given the knee-jerking competition in this space, app marketers need to constantly reinvent and innovate the way in which users engage with their dating app.

The Dating Industry By Numbers

I came from a background of more traditional marketing before I started work for a large affiliate marketing site a couple of years ago. That number will be close to about million by Apparently companies are now using dating apps as a target for their marketing campaigns - genius! The above mentioned growth hacks have ensured sound growth for apps in the dating category, however word-of-mouth remains a hack that can be easily customized for all app categories. The experience of using dating apps ranges from exciting to gory. Start social media and marketing campaigns in advance As soon as you know who your users are and what kind of app you are going to deliver to them, you can start attracting your initial user base. A key takeaway for app marketers here is to constantly aim at improving user experience for their users by elevating their product features.

The growth hack leveraged by the Bumble app dealt with an integral element of dating psychology, which addressed the who approached whom syndrome. For most dating apps this decision is open to both parties. Given that dating in virtual space may mean different things to different people, Bumble used this as a base to reinvent a product, however with a different approach and niche. Even though Bumble offers a similar interface as that of Tinder right-left swipe , its innovation can be seen in its approach of handling the core problem of its female users.

Case Study: How Dating App Hinge Works With Instagram Influencers

This aspect of an app business is true for app marketers irrespective of the category. Dating app market is over-crowded and complex. In a space like this, In-app features play a key role, since they improve the stickiness of the app. Most app developers address In-app features in two unique ways namely: This dating app delivers a bagel match each day to its users at noon, and the users can either like it or pass it.