Who is kesha nichols dating

Hot ass MESS a. Pretty cool keep it real Meeka: Married and the other couldn't take it Suzie: Yeah gone on n leave the 1 man that really loves you but u just have to grow up then ull c that your man come first then fam n I.

Kesha Nichols Bio

Mother ; teacher ; lawyer " president. Wife would never ever be in there. So if you were ridden hard and put away wet by a basketball player, you are still considered a "basketball wife"? Tami is abt 2 meet her match yea jump out there wit dat 1 who stabbed het hubby and she gon put dat work to u Come on VH1 the show is called Basketball Wives! Change the title of the show to Basketball Jump Offs. I guess people have to get it how they live.. I am not easily impressed, the writers and women of these shows could use their influence in a more positive way.

They glamorize bad behavior and that aint right, I resent that. If we don't take responsibility for whats being filtered to our generation then who else will. What happened to being our brothers keepers. Is this what civil rights has brought us! You know, we are so quick to forget, it wasn't long ago when the best we had was each other, communities raising children. I just turn the channel. It hurts my heart to see us, women, acting in such an animalistic fashion.

Call me peculiar, my favorite show is "Parenthood" on Tuesday nights. Joy Bryant is an actress on the show.

Who is kesha nichols dating

Kesha Nichols is an unmarried woman till now. She does not have a long list of boyfriends. In the mids, she began dating American. Kesha Nichols American Model. Kesha Nichols has been engaged to Richard Jefferson ( - ). Born Kesha Ni'Cole Nichols on 25th July, in Drexel, North Carolina, United States, she is famous for Basketball Wives.

It's the only show I watch religiously.. I hope these ladies make their Momma's proud.. Life is so beautiful. It also features certified sin'gl'es and verified bea'utiful women. GO and have a try….. I am so over y'all bishes acting like y'all are above watching these shows. Y'all ain't fooling nobody. If y'all was so high brow, y'all wouldn't be on a gossip site.

Kesha’s Career And Net Worth

When is someone going to whoop on Shaunie's head? He promised her a 6-figure concession check, but reneged. Should she not be on the show because she's not a wife? I'm embarrassed that he and our church were made to look like they condone violence and bullying. In the mids, she began dating American basketball player Richard Jefferson. If ya'll want to be angry with anybody be angry with VH1 Corporate and Viacom!! Why is everyone so angry and hateful?

I almost sure that Basketball Wives is one of the most watched shows in black households. How many of y'all watch Chelsea Settles? Not enough finger snapping and ghetto fabulousness for you huh? Maybe it's the makeup. Kesha is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside I've known her since Junior High and she has a heart of gold.

The reason it's called BBWives though none of them are actually wives and never were, is because they act just as stupid as the wives on the other "wife" shows out right now. She's a wife, but who gives a rip about that when she acts so dumb, childish, loud, obnoxious, and is a trouble maker? Gabrielle Union has been dating one long enough to be on the show. Should she not be on the show because she's not a wife?

However, she has an attractive body structure with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes which outcasts her looks. With a successful career as a reality star and actress, Kesha has amassed a huge sum of money from her career.

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She is quite successful to maintain a lavish lifestyle along with her family. However, her salary is yet to be revealed. Kesha began her career after signing up for the top dance agency, Bloc NY since then she was featured in various television and films.

Two New "Basketball Wives" REVEALED! Meet Kenya Bell & Kesha Nichols...

She also opened her own entertainment company called Spice and Sugar Productions. A post shared by Kesha Nichols keshanichols on Apr 10, at Similarly, Kesha Nichols is active on some of the popular social sites like Instagram, Twitter. As she has Unlike her successful career, Kesha seems to be unlucky when the matter comes towards her love life. She was in a relationship with Richard Jefferson. After being friends for 5 years finally, they gave their relationship a new name. But unfortunately, the pair decided to separate their ways just before Kesha could call her boyfriend as her husband.

View the discussion thread. Login to post comments. She's not looking for positivity. She's loving the drama. Shaunie probably scared what Evenlyn and Tammie would do to her if they got the boot.

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Everything you saying in the article is so true. I clearly will not be watching this show next season, the people who are getting fired i enjoyed. To the three that was booted from the show you clearly can do better than basketball wives. The show needs to be canceled. Everytime I see women with weave I know their head is probably sweatin' up a storm!

There is enough weave in that picture to cover 8 horses! I agree with most people that: Royce is boring, Kesha is too soft-spoken and Jen should want to leave I hope more sponsors pull their money and support.

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Who wants to watch this shit now? Ghetto non muthafucking factors is what she kept!!!! It is an interesting place to date for Large men and chubby sexy women. Join us, you will all the opportunity in the world to find your perfect match. Jen and Kesha were the least trashy elements of that show. I'll no longer be interested. I actually liked Jen; I hate the way the show ended for her.

I wish she could've ended it on an elevated note. Last slice of pizza nobody wants, indeed. Hell, Jen should've kept walking away.

Leave the show with some dignity! Trust me; I know bullies. Never give them that chance to "hash out" things with you, because all they really want to do is verbally abuse you. If it's been established that the two of you are not friends and have nothing more to discuss, keep it moving; don't grant them an audience. Everyone has an opinion, I don't normally do this but, witout the drama thr would b no show. Keisha no ones interested. Royce sorry but not interested either, jenn basically fired herself she was barely involved.

It is what it is. Stop blamming shaunie, I'm sure at the end of the day she has no say so on the matter. However, y should people b on the show that's not really involved? Thr just tryna b thr for other interest, bottom line. The rest of the cast do y'all and good luck! Shaunie more and more everyday you make Hoopz flava flav reject look like an upgrade for Shaq. At the end of the day its clear that Shaunie is just here for the money and all that bullshit she was talkin about moving in the right direction meant moving with the flow of the money.

The show is trash and the truly respectable Basketball Wives don't even associate with these biotches. The castle is crumbling and she along with Evelyn and Tami will forever have this show as to how people view them the rest of their lives and its clearly not good.

Kesha Nichols Explains Why Her Wedding Was Called Off

We finally launched out first episodes. This has to be the worst bunch of shoes these ladies have been photographed in! Shaunie, you are indeed a mess A rather HOT one. This show is an absolute joke!