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Lauren , by Harriett Luger, is a sad tale of a white middle-class girl who gets pregnant and runs off and attempts to live on her own. What evolves is an unsavory situation where she shares a place with two other teenage mothers, all done to show her how difficult it would be to live on her own. In the middle of all this she meets a childless couple who befriend her, and she makes the discovery that they should rightly have her baby. A bit dramatic and contrived to once again discuss options where giving up the child seems the goal.

A Girl Like Me paints a healthy relationship between an adopted daughter and her very educated parents and how this relationship with her adoptive parents eases her friendship with a teenage pregnant girl. He never considered himself a likely candidate for the nurturing role. Also, his escapades, including kidnapping the child, were unhealthy and unrealistic. I do think that the action, and his foolhardy antics, would provide real material for discussing the role of the father.

1. Their tías will grill you 24/7.

Neither deals with pregnancy, but both deal with those insecurities so prevalent in the pre-teen groups. The Cat Ate My Gymsuit explores the feelings of a fat girl and her insecurities relative to her body. It also deals with a group of students who fight for their liberal teacher. It shows very positive relationships between boys and girls of junior high age. The confusion she feels about her religion parallels the confusion most adolescents feel about themselves.

A young girl whose mother is contemplating re-marriage a very prevalent theme in adolescent novels , also anxiously awaits her period as a sign that she is growing up and normal. All of these books offer easy reading that deals with very important issues facing our adolescents: Everyone around her is doing drugs or getting pregnant to get their own welfare case. She is into school, reading and going to college, but very realistically, always within the framework of her life in one room.

A very adult book in some ways, it offers one of the few books designed at saying, there is an alternative to getting pregnant. This book should be read and re-read and used to advocate reading and writing of these very private thoughts. The style is painfully beautiful and could serve as a model for the students who might wish to keep a diary. This book could be used if the teacher goes into homosexuality, but might also prove interesting as role free reading. It deals with the loneliness and isolation that the young woman suffered at times, but it also shows her very normal and heterosexual high school years.

For other role free reading, I have provided here a booklist prepared by library services of Chicago. As one will note, some of the books are described above. For a complete annotated list write to:. Gaines Beginnings Susanna Juliusburger C. Peck Son of Someone Famous M.

Sidney Offit Women of Wonder: Z for Zachariah Robert C. However, I feel that the unifying factors between the Puerto Rican culture and the Chicano culture are more relevant than are the differences between them.

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If you're dating a Puerto Rican, consider yourself beyond blessed. Whether it's the use of notable puerto rican calendar., toc, the nine The titles of denver, significant immigration waves pa-sp culture of nyc, families.

The Commission for Sex Equity of the L. School District is in the process of setting up a library of sex equity resources. The following sources pertinent to this unit are included: Conversations from a Hispanic community. The feminist Press, pgs. Cross Cultural Study of Women. Edwards and Margot Morrow.

Tonatiuh International, , pgs. Writers and Readers Publishing Cooperative. Information Systems Development, The following titles, among others, may be borrowed from them at the above address. Some can be used as the basis for discussion. No names are necessary.


Girls need sex less than boys. All boys like big breasts on girls.

Sex Roles, Courting and Marriage Among Puerto Rican Teenagers

Everyone drops a secret, sexual or non-sexual, but important, into the box. What are the differences? How far from his own interpretation are the others? The End of the World Game —This game enables students to become aware of their values and to discuss the possible conflicting values of others.

It goes by many names, and may be varied to suit the subject at hand. Basically the students are told that the world as we know it is about to end. There is a possibility of saving six people through immunization. Have each person save six people from the following list. The final decision will be made through group discussion. Here is the list of possible survivors: A pregnant 14 year old who has dropped out of school.

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Sex Roles, Courting and Marriage Among Puerto Rican Teenagers

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