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From a business perspective, one may question what is the point in supporting TF2, as you would be supporting a game with a small and nearly dead scene.

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This meant that lpkane would step down around the timeline of either season 20 or 21 of ESEA s existence. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

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ESEA Matchmaking Released. Type: Changelog. Posted Sep 20 @ am . Eric "lpkane" Thunberg. I have to be honest here, I've been doing this for over. Play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2 in a cheat free environment and compete to win cash and prizes.

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Are ESEA 10-mans the best way to improve?

In a blasphemous decision to a foreigner, there was a mention from an ESEA TF2 Admin where they mentioned that they supported the style and gameplay of TF2, and supported TF2 because of their dedication to the game and their support of TF2 growing as a whole.

Let s move along to the main point of this article, though.

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  • Are ESEA 10-mans the best way to improve?;

This would feature other TF2 greats, albeit with the fact that it was on 4v4, due to HL and 6v6 being incompatible to run at that time. This move by Valve seemed to be an attempt to compete and gain multiple fans lost to Blizzard s Overwatch, a game which features classes, gameplay, and gamemodes similar to that of TF2.

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With all this resurgence in popularity and hype in terms of competitive matchmaking, this bought the game much needed interest and popularity from new and old TF2 fans alike, and positive feedback from the majority of the competitive community. With 7 years of casual support and updates which were created as a money grab from Valve developers e.

GO copycat skins and cases which look horrendous in my opinion. I d like to assume the devil s advocate role, in creating the assumption that this approach was done against the developer s will, but more at the behest of the parent company of the game, being Valve. Likewise, though, money can do wonders to change multiple minds on how they see a game like TF2 however. Take into comparison how much additional support Valve could put into their game in relation to Blizzard for Overwatch.

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While even pick-up games pugs are miles ahead of standard Valve matchmaking, ESEA mans are probably the best way to practice. Since these players are most likely committed to the game, they will know their smokes and flashes, along with any callouts and boosts necessary to play. Being in this type of environment can help one develop their own set of skills and perhaps even learn something new.


In a normal pug, you might get people who are fresh out of MM and hardly know their way around high rank gameplay. This not only affects the way these people play, but affects the entire team as a whole. Not to mention, there is the possibility of coming across rage players who, instead of giving productive criticism, will just yell profanities at their team in the vain hope it will make them play better.