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As a consequence, we know very little about hookup experiences of non-college students: The more stories — and the more diverse stories — the better!

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As long as they are real sex stories. To share your story, click here.

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Stories will be posted online as they come in. The Casual Sex Project is the brainchild of Dr.

7 Epic Hookup Stories (#3 is Legendary)

Among other things, she studies, writes, and teaches about casual sex, and this is one way to learn more about it. For more info about Dr. You can also watch her live video broadcasts on sex ed, sexual health and sex science on Periscope: Zhana also worked with sex hacker, Kenneth Play , to redesign The Casual Sex Project website into the educational tool that it is today.

Today, I want to talk about hookups: Hookups have a bad rep with adults sometimes, but let's be real, we're choosing hookups over serious dating for a reason. What could that reason be?

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To start, relationships can be difficult to manage at our age I'm When the film industry, romance novels, and magazines project unrealistic, perfect relationships that are rooted in a foundation of showy, expensive dates, it can be a LOT of pressure for the normal young person. Whether you're a student, or you're in the work force, we have a lot going on Sometimes we just want to have good, safe fun without the pressure and responsibility of a serious long-term relationship..

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This girl dismounted so fast, and I started stammering thinking of how we were going to get out of these. I took her beer, set it on the ground next to mine, and kissed her square on the mouth. Gotta get that beauty sleep am I right?!? So we're at this bar a few hours later and behold, two of those mermaid girls walks in. I was also annoyed that I had traveled for a week with those two and was totally oblivious to the fact that they were fucking the entire trip. We kept in touch when we returned to the States and even dated a little. Like I said, hookups can have a bad reputation - but they can be done in a healthy way that's fun for everyone.

Like I said, hookups can have a bad reputation - but they can be done in a healthy way that's fun for everyone. Hookups shouldn't be stressful.

As long as you are being Safe, Open and Honest, you should feel free and comfortable enough with your choice to initiate a hookup without any regret. There should be no shame or judgment associated with making the educated decision.

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That being said, one of the best orgasms I ever had was from hooking up with a woman who I'd just met at a party and whose name I don't. Some of the wildest, weirdest, and funniest Tinder hookup stories the internet has to offer.

As an adult over the age of 18, as long as you think it through, consent is given and you are being healthy and safe, go for it!