Dating someone with student loans

Call Me Maybe When Your School Loan Is Paid In Full
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So I polled some friends to see how they were managing things. One person said they paid off student loans together, but kept the actual debt separate, while merging all other finances:. The break down is this: I paid off my student loan debt before we got married, and my partner has grad school loan debt.

Since we have joint finances, we pay the monthly payment together, no questions asked. However, when it came to paying down the loan faster, my deal with my partner is that he needed to pick up part-time work to do that. I felt like he needed the experience in working on paying off loans faster on his own. While we feel jointly responsible for the loan payments, he has a lot of pride in watching the number shrink.

What To Do If You Find Out The Person You’re Dating Is Deep In Debt

Also, I should note that because federal student loans attach to the student alone they are not marital property , I refused to refinance the loans in a way that would attach to me. My husband and I both have a big chunk of student loan debt and we pay our own loans separately. We still kind of operate as two individuals who split the joint expenses. Also our other financial goals are taking precedence over our student loans, like saving for retirement and for a house.

Student Debt Is Going to Be A Huge Problem for Millennial Marriages

I would like to see us prioritize paying them off or paying them down significantly in the near future. Today student loans are a non-issue in our marriage: My uber responsible loan-paying self had a meltdown in a public place when I found this all out, but to his immense credit, he quietly sorted it all out, hustled the money up from somewhere, AND still paid for his half of the vacation.

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Student debt can be a touchy topic to discuss with potential romantic partners. Here's how (and when) to talk about student debt with someone. The Dark Side Of Marrying Someone With Student Debt While dating someone with debt isn't a big deal, marrying them can open a.

Student loan debt was something that happened for us before we even realized the extent of its ramifications. Some of those couples have been together a very long time and know more about relationships than I could ever pretend to know, and I fully realize that.

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If one person brings a huge debt to a relationship, who is ultimately responsible for making good on the obligation? I think student loans are something that plague us in the long term, while credit card debt even a large running debt and car loans can be paid off within a fairly short period of time.

When I get married I would also want to at least be open to the possibility of starting a family, which is another argument for postponing marriage until after student loan debts have been paid. Bringing a baby into the world changes your financial life in every possible way, and saving for a child is more challenging when you still have to deal with bills from Sallie Mae.

I have a few friends and close family members who got married this year and still have student loan debt.

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I have no doubt that they will be able to approach the challenge of sharing payment, or figuring it out together, in a positive and healthy way. A few of these couples are starting to think about having children.

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Raising children while paying off your student loans is, of course, still very doable. In fact, my parents finished paying off their loans only a few years before my brother went to college. But these are the challenges that we face by having student loans that follow us through life.

At the end of the day, I really just think this should be an open conversation.