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I have no idea why I am so much more lucky than the average user but online dating works for me. I'm a big fan of BN and ive been using it for as long as ive been using the internet to get me laid! The only other site I trust is hookuphangout. Almost all fake members I would say all but mine wasn't.

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No contacts made and no hookups had. Waste of time and money. Signed up for 3-day membership. After "contacts" from multiple fake profiles I cancelled after 2 days but the company charged me for a one-month membership. Numerous calls to customer service resulted in company saying tough luck. Total scam, they advertised a three day trial for a few pounds but was asked to input my card details at the start of the process instead of the end which made me suspicious, when I clicked on next I was asked to choose from a variety of different payments so I changedc my mind and repeatedly hit the back button but could not get out of the page so I shut it down.

I did not hit the pay button or complete the payment process but because I had entered my card details and even though I did not complete the process or agree to payment they took payment anyway. This site used to work really well for me but im finding it a bit slow now. Maybe ive been through all the hot lassies in my area rofl! What do peeps think of hookuphangout. Heard sum good things likes, thinking of giving it a bash and seeing if there are any fresh sex pots waiting for a banging!

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This site isn't perfect by any means but with a some patience you can find some cute girls! Yes there are scammers and bad people on this site but you have to use your common sense. Just don't think with your d! Also check out some alternatives. Casualsexonly is pretty awesome and straight forward and when I travel I use Tinder. The only thing this site just does is promote and spams you about their other sister sites. The people on the site just does mass flirts and do NOT respond to anything you say or message back. All the people on the site to be bots that show online.

If you do, remove your account right of way. I do ok sumtimes but prefer hookuphangout. Straight out programed from A-Z to scam you out of your money. I have 21min and 18 seconds of video to prove the unauthorized changes, and will be reporting this activity to the proper government authorities. It's the most disgusting scam I've ever seen, and be very careful, they have lot of websites which are the SAME, all clones with different names and color but same fake women: The conversations you'll have will make you feel like you're taking with a crazy person, answering totally unrelated things, or answering with other questions, or saying strange things, then contacting you again another day acting like you'd never talked before, and more.

All is a mix of bots and employees, plus a huge, absolutely overwhelming amount of scammers trying to get your email and then asking you money. Plus, at the exact moment of creating an account, with no pic and no info, you receive a ton of messages from super top models living just in your area.

Plus, if you subscribe and cancel the subscription, in the very exact second that the subscription ends you suddenly receive a ton of messages and you can't read them anymore of course.

Benaughty Scam Exposed – You’d Be Nutty to Join!

Do not, I repeat do not waste time and money there. And if you do, after reading this warning, you deserve the consequences. I haven't even noticed one real woman here. No major complaints here. Been using it for a while and I've scored with a few of the birds on this site but prob still prefer hookuphangout if u compare them pound for pound.

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Do you want to skip the traditional hi's and hello's of dating sites and get right to it ? BeNaughty claims to provide its members with a fun dating experience by. Have you heard what customers have said about BeNaughty? extra charge for another 35 dollars to a “dating and escort service” according to my bank.

If you got a bit of cash in ur pocket tho, might as well do both, innit! Firstly BeNaughty is very good run site! Nicley designed, good search options, list goes on. The site boasts a variety of methods to interact with others and has a three-tiered safety level system allowing you to limit the members you see and interact with to only those verified, all except those marked as suspicious, or everyone. There are a handful of ways to discover and interact with others based on your particular preferences. The search tool may be the most effective way to find compatible matches as it allows you to search based on specific criteria relating to physical traits, such as eye color and height, as well as by lifestyle aspects such as income and religion.

Communication options are standard, and require little effort. To show interest, you may send a wink or a message, begin a one-on-one chat session, add the user as a friend, or like the profile. If mass communication is your preference, you can use the Flirtcast feature every 12 hours to send identical generic messages to a large group of members with a simple click.

Your activity on the site is conveniently recorded for your reference in the Activity section, which showcases your inbox messages, profile viewers, winks received, match feed, which shows nearby matches, and friend requests. BeNaughty is used by individuals in over 70 countries, with the largest concentration steaming from the United States. The site has attracted an average of 3.

Be Naughty Review

In the Google Play store, the app holds a 3. Perhaps one of the best aspects of the hookup site is the focus on mobile use. In addition to desktop use, you can access the complete site via Android or iOS app, through Amazon, or simply through your mobile phone browser, making it easier to ensure you can arrange sexual encounters and stay in the loop of all site activity.

Take your interest in sexual exploration to a hookup site where just about anything goes. Discover others who have similar or complementary sexual interests on XMatch. The site has a handy kink profile section and search along with a large active member base filled with users who are anything but shy. The site caters to sexual intentions of every type and supplements your hookup experience with X-rated photos, pictures, videos, and more. Delivering a massive user base, AdultFriendFinder allows you to easily find and interact with others to quickly setup in person sexual encounters or jump right into cyber sex.

If you need a site to do more than just provide a user base, Elite Singles will meet your needs by providing a dating platform that does the work for you. Whether you have three minutes or three hours a day to spend discovering others to have fun with, Elite Singles provides a solution. The dating site has extensive privacy and filter capabilities to save you time along with a unique questionnaire that analyzes 29 character traits to ensure you find data-back, suitable matches to fulfill sexual fantasies.

Is a scam or safe place?

If you feel like you have been misled, scammed and ripped off by Benaughty. Then I strongly recommend submitting a complaint to your local consumer protection organization. In Australia you can report a complaint to your local Consumer Protection Agency: It simply does not exist! Alternatively you could try POF. Although there are people on there looking for relationships there are also many looking for casual affairs and you can also filter these out in the search options.

However, there are quite a few scammers on the site so watch out for any messages that sound too good to be true. If you would like to avoid being ripped off by other dubious dating sites, I highly recommend reading my guide to online dating scams. I first discovered online dating over 15 years ago now.

Dirty Trick No. 1 – Fake Profiles on Their Homepage

How come I get hundreds of first time chat lines from girls many are generic and copied , but when I reply, they don't reply and I can't get a chat started? After "contacts" from multiple fake profiles I cancelled after 2 days but the company charged me for a one-month membership. You can play the cute or not game in the Like Gallery. I do ok sumtimes but prefer hookuphangout. You can even play the hot or not game judging on profile photos. You speak to a profile a month later the same profile comes back and doesn't know you. I think I will call my bank and not allow anymore charges from this site.

Since then every relationship that I've had only 5! My brother and many friends have also met their own wives and girlfriends online. A few years back I decided to share everything that I've learned about online dating here on datenurse. I got sucked in to joining Flirt. Same story as the rest of those posted. Fake pictures and profiles. Even had ones showing 6inches of snow on the ground in Perth Australia. Some guys in a basement somewhere in the USA replying to my msgs at 4 am my time.

They pick out a dozen suburbs to use so that a town with 1K population has 20 hot beautiful horny naked women and the the major town next door with 50K population has zero women. These bastards should be shut down and put away. What l would like to know is: A mate of mine says he is just a non paying member but he receives nude and very explicit naked photos of tons of women.

Said he had to say in his profile how much nudity he was comfortable with. Well l could not find that box anywhere believe me l looked when setting up my profile so l think maybe he IS paying and cant get off site so he is embarrassed. Does anyone other non paying men get to see this side of the site?

Signed-up for 3 day trial then to see if it was worth monthly membership. Some company located in China attempting to put several charges on my account. Began to use service. Or so I thought. Friend request here, wink there, sexy comments galore.

How do you like this? Can I do that? Where do you like to put it? Thought I died and entered the afterlife.. Hey this is great, I thought. Lined up about 6 prospects. So to cut to the chase, all had same standard responses. Only level 1 conversations.

The Review

Never could answer a direct question. So guys, some free advice from an old fart. Nobody rides for Free! Yep, the whole thing is a scam. Realized after the first 24 hours. I have been getting message from someone on Email that mentioned places in a town by where I live…making it appear more legit, however the moment I asked any question that deviates from the script the response is like….

The best way to try sites like these, is to use a pre-paid debit card.. I actually met two women through be naughty and had great sex with both of them on a number of occasions, so not all of the profiles on there are scammers. Started out with this site and it was bad, they like to use the bait and hook scam to get you to sign up for one of their other sites.

Well ok I thought, then they pushed other sites on you, hard push, emails, sending your personal name out to their kissin cousin sites. Imagine my horror, when I saw my name in a subject line. Then it disappeared, only way to get it back was to pay extra, a lot extra. The emails letting you know someone wants to chat with you or wrote you a msg had stopped. You still get their other sites emails even though you optioned out. It said I had 3 chats, when I really had zero.

Dirty Trick No. 2 – Spam Infested Messages, Winks and Chat Requests

I replied to them and stated they needed to get someone there who can read and understand English. Last but not least, they are using photos of women that are on Milfoholic and Lonelywifehookup, not just one or two. Simple test Got over responses in 24 hrs consisting of replies winks and being added as a friend Pics showed gorgeous hot girls who obviously cant be that dedparate as to reply with such speed and enthusiasm to the following add. Besides all they same profiles on all the other sites. Reviews () | Pricing & Ratings

The first clue was tons of profiles from an obscure town 50 miles from me. The other clue is they never want to meet or even talk about meeting. They will pretend to be interested up until the point where you ask about meeting. Thank you to everyone for posting their views on benaughty.