Dating a deployed military man

How to Date a Deployed Soldier

We have been communicating via WhatsApp and the conversation has been really easy. He has told me that he has to get permission is this true? I have not had any dealings with the services at all and finding it hard to understand. I want to believe what he is saying. Any advice would be appreciated.

He applied for and received a special line to call his mother. I am a soldier currently deployed in Afghanistan and i communicate with anyone on video chat which is a very common way of communicating in the Military today, if you are receiving an excuse, there is a scammer behind the picture you are communicating with thank you.

A Suggested Conversation with a Deployed Loved One

Hi Kerrie, this advice may be a little late and you have likely realized this…but it sounds like a love scam. Soldiers are allowed to talk to and video with their loved ones. I have been single for a while and have encountered several of these scamsters with similar stories. They may be lonely men looking for attention, or they may hit you up for money once they feel you trust them.

All the best, Lynn. Hi I have been approached by a man claiming to be an American soldier deployed in Afghanistan. I believe this not to be true. But I have picture of him in hospital and x-ray of his injuries. I know the army would not leave him in limbo. My heart wants to believe but my head says no. Julie, Trust your instincts on this one. This is a classic scam to get money from you. You need to block these individuals from messaging you. It saddens us that there are people out there preying on goodhearted people, like you, that wants to believe. Its just the false informations the military scammers arists do to involve to any person in a love far away situation.

Thaa happends to me. Ok i see all what you say before about you love me so much and you misme so much…ifts falce. Go and have great day with your ex ok, because i know you has another person with you..


Thats all the letters they send and they stop FOR them own the comunications. Best way of contact with them. Him ask me how much i love to that soldier. This deployes soldiers who i has 2 weeks in contact with say to me: And we still in a perfect love comunication, i think thats the best and real soldier. Who not ask for any money. Now let me tell you how to spot the fake Military men.

I have to keep busy with work and hobbies. I never forget him, but contact is up to him, not me.

Try to keep your mind occupied with daily things that YOU need to do and good luck for your future. Currently going through this same situation. Today is his last day of commutation for the next three months. Coming on this website has really helped me cope through this situation.. I come from a military family. Matter of fact i was born in the military myself. They are savings us. So really i see no different. Most of my family is over sea on a sect misson. I would pray for them all….

My boyfriend of one year today, left for basic about 3 weeks ago. We talked a lot about our relationship before he left and we really want to stay together.

Send Care Packages

I felt slightly better from the night before and thought I might be able to hold it together. Will that help at all? I am very sad, because I hate that we are separated, and I worry about his safety. Did he ever write that in a letter? Julie, Trust your instincts on this one. I would say this if you were 22 or

How can I keep from feeling so sad? Your email address will not be published. Comments Hi, my boyfriend of over a year will be leaving for basic in about 6 months. At first I was thrilled. As the nights ticked by, my celebratory mood turned sour. The left corner is mocking me.

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This miracle of the bed sheet isn't due to divine intervention. No, it's because that side of the bed has been empty for the past two weeks and will continue to stay empty for the next six months. My boyfriend is gone and won't be back for quite some time. Instead, he's sleeping in a shitty twin bed in a desert land far away from here -- and I fucking hate it.

He's been overseas twice, before I entered the picture. When we started dating, he had only been back a few months from his second deployment. I heard the trials and tribulations of being away in a foreign land. It sounded interesting, exotic and terrifying. Those stories were all past tense, and I didn't anticipate him leaving any time soon again.

I never grew up around military, so this is a whole new world to me.

Your Relationship Can Survive Military Deployment

When it was confirmed he would be leaving, my blood ran cold and my face got hot. How could this happen again? Do you have to go?

Where are you going? When are you going? Selfishly, I held out hope the deployment would fall through. Maybe it was an elaborate prank and we'd all have a laugh about it. Of course, that's not what happened. What happened was time went way too fast over the holidays, never enough hours in the day. Then I was watching him pack his gear on the kitchen table, setting the bags by the door before we left. The night before he left we had dinner at his parents' house where I ate too much and drank too much and sobbed with my entire body.

Your Relationship Can Survive Military Deployment

I laid there a complete mess while he silently hugged me and let me go. I tried to apologize through my tears but I only got as far as "I'm" before my voice was murdered in my throat. I felt foolish and selfish because why was I so upset? I'm not the one leaving.

I'll still enjoy my life here. He's the one who has to go to the middle of the world without his family and creature comforts. Yet, the tears still came and he told me it was okay to feel sad, which made it even worse. The next day was surreal, the atmosphere feeling like the day of a funeral.

The house was quiet yet felt like there was an electrical charge, like if I touched something 2, volts would surge through my body.