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Ex Dream Interpretation

When we talk about dreams there are obvious, literal interpretations and then there are symbolic meanings. Dreaming about an ex, either friend, partner or spouse can have several such connotations. Depending on what exactly are you dreaming about it can indicate your need for fulfilment of that very act.

Either the act is symbolic of the person or the person is symbolic of the act. You may also be missing a part of what your relationship was or an activity that you used to do together. It can be powerful indicator of you missing the activities that you used to do together. Simply said you are missing him or her. On the other hand, it can also mean an unfulfilled need. You wanted to do those acts together but never did or didn't do it often enough. It can be sexual, physical, supportive, emotional or nurturing act. These acts themselves can also be expressed directly or through symbolism.

It is the quality that you see or refuse to see lacking from your life similar to the ex-partner who's also not there in your life. A person may dream of adventurous journeys with ex.

Neither of his partners, ex or current have that quality, but what he's expressing through his dream is that he doesn't have that in his life like his ex-girlfriend. He is equating the act with the person making her symbolic of the act. You may also feel the opposite. If the past relationship has not been very fulfilling or even traumatic you may associate negative imagery with your ex.

A client of mine always dreamed of being enclosed in a very small room with her ex-husband. It was indicative of her feeling that her ex was inhibiting her professional growth. Thus, the dread of abusive relationships can also seep in to your dreams and literally make your ex your nightmare. Select a City Close. Mumbai Mumbai search close. All Bombay Times print stories are available on. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city OK.

The Times of India. Dear Aquarians, these 7 traits make you amazing lover and friends. Here are 7 smart tips. Part-time working mothers more likely to work longer without pay. Things that make your lover insecure, as per the zodiac sign. Sorry ladies, Indian companies still prefer male candidates over you. Hazel Keech reveals her battle with depression and bulimia in 10yearchallenge. Should you replace your chai with red tea? I have been interpreting these dreams as trying to deal with the cognitive dissonance: It seems not to matter in the dream world that it was he who ended it.

So strange that I feel dogged by that unfulfilled promise. I had dream that I had my own place and a I was hanging with a mutual friend of my ex bf. He found out through the friend that he was going to hang with me and that I have my own place and wanted to go. It was a surprise to see the both of them at my doorstep. I offered everyone glass of wine and food and we ended up watching Netflix and funny videos, lots of laughs. As I was getting another glass of wine for myself and my friend, my ex walks up to me and asks if he can talk to me.

As tit got towards the end of the night my ex and I stepped aside to my room to talk while I told our friend to pick another movie. He hugged me and told me he missed me. He was respectful and we had a nice talk. Went back out to the living room where our friend was to watch the movie. My ex had to use the rest room and ended up going into the wrong room and found a little boy who was 5 years old. He woke up from the light and started talking to my ex.

I walk into the room and get him out so my so called son can go back to sleep. I dreamt of my ex in his wedding. He invited me and some of our batch mates and friends. Also my mom and cousin. I still love my ex and it was still 2 mos since we split. I want him back and sad but I showed I was okay in front of many people in the wrdding. But he was poor, I think he ran away from home and when I found him I took care of him.

I offered to bring him water and food everyday. Even though he was dirty, I still kissed him. However, there was this girl who continued to protect and hover around him.

1. You have unresolved feelings toward your ex.

I keep having dreams where my ex girlfriends new boyfriend shoots me multiple times. I want to know the meaning of that dream. Could i get some answers on what this might mean please. May have a bad temper. This happened without giving me a reason who or any type of closure. Last night, I had a dream that he came over to my parents house and then went to dinner with them and my uncle who lives in Florida. I did not go with them and stayed behind wondering what they were discussing the whole time.

I woke up when they returned. Just woke up from a dream I had this afternoon. I reunited with my ex, but in the dream he was like 20 years older than he is he is In the beginning of the dream,I believed it was him. But after I started questioning him and asked him Two questions. Any info would help. There is a certain poetry in that dream! I think most similar dreams have the ex being younger.

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In this case it seems like he grew into something different. I posted a dream here today. Seems less magical when I wrote it out, but profound as I dreamed it, like an actual meeting, but she looked 21 years old, but is now 62…she is not on social media and is camera shy big undertatement! I had a dream that there were a lot of people around me.

All, I senced, wanted harm inflicted on me but none made a move.

I would call out to him for support, comfort, or just to come out, but nothing. I knew he could hear me. There was one man that kept following me around. He belong to someone else and yet, was working hard for my attention. At one point this guy even locked the bottom of my feet. Then the people started preparing for a fight between this guy and my husband. Right when something was about to happen I woke up. What does this mean? Had this dream that I am sitting next to my ex and her husband at a concert.

It happens once a year like Christmas concert , however usually she will not talk to me. Roughly annually have similar dreams…. I finally contact her looking as she did while young about re-uniting, but agreeing its too late in life. In real life there is no contact, no pics, no connection. Hi,am claudia,dreamt about my ex baby daddy buying me flowers.

My ex passed away this year we had kids together, I keep having dreams of him. The latest one was he was giving me a lot of money in the dream, he was a very successful business man while alive! We cover up the cheating n act like just friends. We ended bc he cheated but we still flirt around Thur txt since I actually move across country which I know is wrong but for some reason I still like know im on his mind and he asked to visit with the intention of cheating which I declined.

I miss the relationship but not the distrust I had after finding out,. I had a dream where I was on this bed in a strange room I do not recognize but I see my ex by the window looking out.

I was confused to why I was with him in the same room. I explained that I wanted to be with him and not my ex and that this was crazy! All my boyfriend said was: I wanted to be with my current boyfriend.. After many months of separation, my husband approached me suddenly at 2 a. Now we decided to live together again as we have two children. I can really see and feel he wants our marriage to work. Priest Kasa is faithful as He brought back my prodigal husband from being with other women.

You are all in my prayers! I believe Priest Kasa will restore many marriages every day! I dreamed of my ex bf during my afternoon sleep,at first I was alone sleeping but when I wake up I found him beside me hugging me and approaching me,in my dream I can feel how he wanted me back to him and his sincerity to fix our relationship. I would also like to advice you to read more articles on relationships to help build your relationship with your husband.

2. You’re worried about being successful in a new relationship.

What does it mean when you are killed by your ex’s ex in their dreams? What does an dream about an ex husband mean? What does it mean that I keep having dreams about the girl I like?. To dream you are abusing someone suggests that your past actions will come back to.. Metaphorically, seeing your ex in your dream may also signify aspects of.

Try reading something on Asklovedr. I wish you all the best. I just woke up and I had a dream that my ex cared about me? Lately he left me for his ex, without telling me. He just stopped talking to me and was with her. He would used to give me awkward moments of eye contact where he would look guilty, but like normal I just continued my life without him. I think it made him really upset, because now he looks just kind of annoyed when he sees me. Now since that little background is out of the way the dream was me crying.

I got hurt, someone hurt me and I saw him. He got annoyed when I refused to talk to him, so I finally did. I shook my head no and the face of concern, care and worry in his eyes took me aback. Can someone please help me? I dreamt that I was a ghost and I walked into his house and watched him go to his room then go to the living room to watch a movie. What does it mean if an ex tries to protect you in your dream , kisses your back , holds you from the back and says everything will be alright. My ex abused me for 24 years. I finally am free. We are divorced and I have dated the same man for 1 year.

All of a sudden i am dreaming of my ex. I am crying begging him back. He has a new girlfriend and sometime shes in the dream.

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They are both addicted to drugs and I have clearly moved on, can anyone help me translate. I keep have dreams of my sons father.

Dreaming about your ex? A psychiatrist tells what it means!

We are both in different relationships. In every dream I have of him he hugs me, we are talking and having a good time with our sons and visiting getting along. And walk away with his head down sad. Had about 6 dreams like this same situations each time but different places in different ways. But the last dream I had like that I walked to the place he was at and his family was happy but acted strange to see me and he was happy but scared of me being there.

Aug 27 — I dreamt that I was on my way to my moms house it was late at night and a motorcycle pulled up next to my car and signalled to roll down my window. I did and he got closer and held out his hand, I reached for his hand and suddenly he started to grip the palm of my hand so hard with his fingers and began digging his fingers into my hand. I tried to let go of his restrain and drove off while yelling insults and swerving away. My 3 yr old son was in the back seat sleeping and I arrived at my moms house. For some reason I went into the house alone to talk to my mom first then when I came back to get my son out of the car I was surprised to see all of the doors open and he was missing.

The car had been ransacked and a mess. There were clues in the car that led me to believe my ex was responsible and had kidnapped my son. I then remembered the motorcycle weirdo and thought he had followed me and could have been my ex all along. I was frantically screaming and looking everywhere when suddenly I heard the rattle of a spray can in the backyard. It was dark and there was my boy standing in the yard shaking a can of paint. I ran to him and hugged him so tight and took him inside to see my parents. I had to tell my husband what happened, I called him to meet me but he had made plans with his friends and agreed to meet where he was having dinner with his friends.

I met them at the restaurant and tried to tell my husband discreetly what had happened. His cousins wife interrupted with wonderful news that she was NOT having a baby. Clearly this meant she was, as we all congratulated them. I think I managed to tell my husband what happened and woke up. She sits at the side of my bed while i sleep! Sometimes the dreams are so real i wake up and smell her i feel her — what does it mean?

Hi, I had a dream that my ex husband was calling me while he was in jail. He would yell and argue with me on the phone. In my dream, I woke up walked out the bathroom and he was standing at the door. He then taunted me and started to calling me names and pusing me. I had a dream of my ex-boyfriend took me to his friends gathering then we cuddle and he took me away from the gathering and we hided in a bathroom , we then kissed. I am recently in a devorse but I always dream of my husband together with kids,i once dream lighting a white candke and yekkow,why I keep on dresming about him whereas we are not evern in speaking terms please help.

I had a dream that my ex boyfriend of 8 yrs asked me to marry him and gAve me a ring that had three loops with white ribbon attached to it. But the thing is my ex boyfriend has been deceased now for a year.. I had a dream i was in my exes house. He was not home. His new girlfriend was sitting on the couch looking through a box of photographs they were all of me. I had a dream that my ex boyfriend best friend call me asking me why we break up and I explain everything and he hang up after then I was tell my friend that my ex friend call me before I woke up.

She simply showed up one day and i naturally wanted to respond positively, with a cheerful hello , but the sad thing is all the memories came flooding bakc and her inability to deal with the struggles my life had seen. Deamt last night someone was running after me and I find myself on top of my ex house what does it mean. In fact v get along well n I start giving her a heads up on the atrocities tht happened to me by his family n him while I was married to him. She is willingly listening to everything. Wht does this mean?

I had a dream last night that me and my ex-girlfriend were in the house during a violent blizzard. The snow and wind were blowing so hard. My ex-girlfriend was insisting to leave the house, but I refused to let her go out into the harsh weather.

Then I woke up. I all way dream about my ex boy friend i have kids with him. I had a dream this morning at 8. I3 weeks before my ex dumped me, I dreamt of him actually breaking up with me over the phone saying that he met a girl in Spain and he is in love with her and that he also hates me And no longer wants to be with me.