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Levi Strauss & Co. This diamond appears when the double needled thread overlaps eachother. The Batwing logo is really popular by youth at the moment. The colour red for the Red Tab was chosen because it contrasted well with the dark denim and was easy to see. See more detail shots of this pair here. See more details from this pair here.

The 8 Essential Details You Need to Look For

Nov 23, I mean, it doesn't actually – but for the sake of dating your 's a decipherable .. This was several years before the FTC mandated care tags. Oct 26, How to Date and Value Vintage Levi's Type I, II, and III Denim Jackets . If it's tagged “” followed by “XX” then it's older than e.g.

This to protect the Red Tab itself. See more shots of this pair here. Technology made it possible to strength the back pockets with bar tacks instead of rivets. This was the end of complaints about scratching furnitures. Note that also the hidden rivets came through the denim fabric after intense wear, so bar tacks were the perfect solution. The fifth pocket was the left back pocket.

The reason why this pocket was added later is because the tool pocket disappeared and were replaced by the fifth back pocket.

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By adding the fifth pocket the term five pocket was born. This pair is know as one, maybe the oldest, pairs that is still alive. If you also want to educate your denim employees with more knowledge about denim so they can act better, please feel free to send me an email with the possibilities to: I have a new trucker jacket, it has silver buttons, I am used to having copper buttons. Why does mine have that?

Mine is a bigger size but, should that matter? I really enjoy your stuff on instagram! Hi Wouter, Do you know what factory 16 refers to? Curiously, the also have selvedge on the inside of the coin pocket. Hi Jody, Thanks for your message. I have that experienced by myself as I have a few of those sizes in my archive too. Will figure it out…. I attempted to tape the tag flat when I dried and stored however when I took the tape off to wear the tab returned to curling. Any suggestions out there?

I bought a pair of jeans at a thrift shop. They hAve a single stitch on both back pockets.

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They are not redlines,. Your jeans are probably produced during the end of the seventies. Why is this so? Is it a wanted mistake or a case? Thanks in advance for your reply. I think pictures would help, perhaps.

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Apr 11, 3. Here are some photos, thanks.

Apr 11, 4. But most likely, it is 80s. Apr 11, 5. Apr 13, 6. There is number stamped on the back of each button. It means the factory code. Also, when it arrives, you can look at the wash tag, it can help ID the year.

How to Identify Vintage Levis

Apr 13, 7. Apr 19, 8. Just received the jacket. Apr 19, 9.

Could you post the wash tag? Apr 20, Here are the wash tags. It is mode 80s. Levis started 4 pockets design from the 80s, and they changed that narrow long patch to wider one in 90s I think. I also believe this kind of wash tag only been used in 80s. Also, that , I do believe this means As one of my levis jeans has printed on it.

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