Are ross and laura really dating Despite several attempts on the screen, their love hasn't taken a turn in real life.

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While it would have been very pleasant and exciting moment for fans, neither of them have tried to take it further than good friends. Although, in one of the interview Ross admits if an opportunity comes by, he would date his virtual girlfriend. Ross and Laura in the Red Carpet, source: Opposite to Ross thoughts, Laura reported she wouldn't date Lynch in real life. It is apparently out of bounds of her to think dating a co-star. She reported that professionally it might hamper the show production if they happen to break up.

ross lynch and laura marano dating

While talking about their romance, they have grown super close to each other. I don't think so but they did become a couple on the show. They aren't but I wish they were together.

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I think that they are dating in real life. But I may be wrong. But if they were dating they would be a cute couple.

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Ross and Laura are not dating but they are very comfortable with each other. Thet are close friends and co worker's. No I dont think they do.

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They should go out I really want them to;. They are perfect for each other I every way.

I don't think So but they should since they like eachother! Really what I think is that it's possible their dating but they definetly have feelings for each other if the pictures are real what I mean by that Is a lot of people fake pictures and edit them.

So ross and Laura could be dating but I also think ross also has feelings for Miha mitchel. But from kissing on teen beach movie and austin n ally they could have fallen in love So really nobody knows the real truth! I think not but if they were they would be perfect togeather. I don't care who as long as there happy ps. But they belong together! Ross and Laura are a really cute together but it's up to them , if them if they want to date.

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Of course they are dating in real life cuz in austin and ally they look sooo happy together and unless and they were going with each other in real life they wouldn't have pulled it off in austin and ally. I personally don't think that they are dating, but they totally have it.

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Maybe they are afraid to ruin their friendship, but they should really be together!! Yes It's weird they are not alike. The couple is reported to be dating since Well, not much information on Laura Marano's boyfriend is out, however, the couple can be seen sharing lovely moments together. The couple is still going strong together and is free from the mishaps of separation and also from the past affairs.

Romance Between Laura Marano and Ross Lynch

When in a relation, it is said: Ross Lynch and Laura Marino are a good couple. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with Raura, but aren't you obessing over this? Sofronia sheehan Nov 14, Ross lynch and Laura Mariano are nice couple and I love them and like to see them to be together. I wish they were actually dating I would ship it!! Ross said in an interview that he wants them to date but i am not sure if he was talking about austin and ally or him and laura.

After Lynch, Laura was rumored to be dating Cameron Jebo. The rumor got aired in , and even more, some sources claimed their love relationship a pretty secret for most of the time. Don't miss the tweet where Christ Martin and Laura Marano can be seen together,.