Phd supervisor dating

Phd supervisor dating

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I know of quite a few examples of this happening. In one case - the student is now married to her former supervisor. In another - they broke up. You probably deserve a PhD in crisis counselling. When you're dating a PhD student, your partner spends all day every day obsessing about.

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Fans of food and dating now have a new short-form show to tune into on Snapchat. Is there anything morally wrong with leaving dates a review when we leave reviews for everything else. Beyond the chemistry, we updating firefox portable for linux tons of interests, have similar professional datjng, and our personalities instantly meshed.

It is totally possible to consult a range of people f2f, remotely and try many avenues to solving a problem before going to a supervisor for help — all without dashing off to an academic from another group that might have unanticipated complications. But then the yes: Human beings and the systems we are in are full of contradictions, and that is just part of our reality.

I never expect nor promise a contradiction-free understanding of the world.

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That to me would just be false. I wonder what it was that made your supervisor feel so wary about going somewhere else? Insecurity, as you suggest, sounds like a good guess — so what drives that? I have explained elsewhere what I think might be reasonable and ethical reasons to urge caution, or at least take care to be fully informed before contacting others eg. The norm I would hope for, and reason for point 9 in the first place, was the expectation and hope that supervisors would normally support and add value to making contact with others, not block it out of insecurity.

But you are right, insecure supervisors can do a lot of damage and the more people put that kind of thing out in the public domain as I am grateful that you have chosen to do , the better chance we have of alleviating this problem. Point 1 — Disappear. In the first attempt at a research Masters, my supervisor disappeared. I turned up for a meeting, a month after the last one. I had emailed ahead the previous week with some work to discuss.

I found her office empty and name off the door. Reception informed me she had left. I was left stranded. Dropped my enrolment and enrolled at another University where I completed my Masters. Now as an academic I have seen the same thing happen from the other side. I do want to suggest that as supervisors we do have some responsibility to transition that candidate onto someone else.

What strikes me as amazing is that I felt the need to raise this point at all! That people disappear students or supervisors in such a way is remarkable. There are softer forms of disappearing including radio silence, avoiding meetings, cancelling meetings etc which are more common, but still to be avoided and as the follow-up post says, can be done by both parties!

Hi Thanks for your comment. I understand and agree with your point about number 9. Sometimes there are also little things to bear in mind about avoiding too much contact with people who might be good examiners down the track. I agree with all comments who protest the idea of supervisor veto on meetings. But I stand by the point that informing supervisors of intent to talk with colleagues can be beneficial. It can also alert me to things I need to help students with better myself! Wow you are an annoying and controlling professor I want to avoid. It only means the student is interested in his work.

It shows that no one supervisor will please all students and that a good fit is important. But I accept this wont suit all students. Supervising undergrads in the lab Dr. I find that some of the points discussed above may irritate some advisors. It really annoys me when Im forced to perform an experiment which I knew was going to fail.

Sadly it happens on a daily. No-one ever promised that supervisors would never ask you to do things that are annoying, or even things that they know will fail! If disagreement really is leading you to getting into trouble, that strikes me as curious. Though I like research, the relationship with my advisor is turning the PhD into a not so nice experience. I work in biology and in some cases right from wrong is very evident.

My only complain is just that the PhDs student opinion should be taken more seriously sometimes. Sadly, it happens on a daily basis and most advisors dont like students to disagree with them. I thinks advisors should guide students but some of them want students to do what they want and nothing else. For such a purpose an undergrad student would be enough.

The example you had given just like my current condition. What should I do now? Hi Thanks for your comment, and your honesty! The point of the blog is not to cultivate guilt — but hopefully to think about a shift to more productive less annoying! If 6 is your real issue right now — agreeing to unrealistic things — then I would suggest considering a discussion with your supervisor where you talk through the enablers and limiting factors in terms of your study.

I shall distribute to my mostly wonderful research students. You seem to think students should magically be able to comply with what you expect simply because they have been accepted into your program.

Please own your part of the problem and treat your role as a professional educator. Professionals negotiate expectations up front and for tasks. I post blogs in the spirit of debate and approve all comments providing they are not spam or abusive to others. I think you have hit the nail on the head when it comes to the issue of expectation management. Managing expectations in supervision from both parties is crucial — not a guarantee of success in itself, but surely one of a handful of must-have agreements. I had rather hoped that my original post would be read as a playful way of pointing precisely to the things that both students and supervisors might wish to make clear of each other expectation-wise.

I took care to state that the post was not based on my experience with students I have supervised, though it seems you interpreted the post as a direct reflection of my own in your opinion, poor practice. I absolutely agree with you that supervision needs to be thought about seriously as an educative or pedagogic practice. This does include being clear about setting expectations, but it does not mean the same expectations are set with every student, nor that they are fixed in stone with any one student: Your point also goes to show how such blog posts produce very different interaction effects when read by different people.

Some chuckle and see part of themselves themselves past or present, student or supervisor in what is written; others take serious issue with particular points especially, in this case, point 9, as the many comments that followed show! It strikes me as very interesting, as this is pretty much identical to what happens during peer review for academic publishing, except it is normally kept behind closed doors! So thank you for reading the blog and for taking the time to comment.

While you said you're unwilling to rush your writing it's out of the question , you also said that any advice would be appreciated. He believes you'll be able to do so to the standards required. It may be that your standards are higher than the reviewer's standards, or that he believes you can meet their standards in the time frame you need to. In the absence of better information, I'd trust your advisor's assessment of your abilities, and work towards that goal. If you run into issues, or need assistance, ask him for tools, techniques, services, and whatever other assistance you need that you may currently be unaware of.

You might be surprised to learn, for instance, that there are resources dedicated to helping you with aspects of your work which you are currently unaware of. Even if you disagree with your advisor, and cannot see a way to submit the kind of work you want to be known for, you should consider that it's better to submit your best possible work within the timeframe given than it is to abandon your work altogether. It may be painful to let go of the ideal and settle or compromise on something less than your absolute best work, however you have a goal and a deadline, and if that cannot be resolved, then you shouldn't throw what you have away.

However, it's best to avoid having extra travel costs, visa costs, losing time, and taking the risk of missing your defence because of a delayed visa. You should try to extend your current visa to cover the defence. Don't wait until the defence date is known , try to clarify your situation as early as possible. While your first contact should be the person responsible for foreign students at your university, I advise you to clarify the situation directly with the relevant government agencies: In the worst case, you will hear the same story twice.

However, if the view of your situation by the the agencies is different, you should know that the decision about your visa will be taken by government officials alone, and it will not depend on what university staff told or promised you. So once you decide to complete your PhD, then you will definitely find a number of favorable ways how to do it. I can understand your situation at this moment, but never feel alone to take a right decision.

So as suggested by aeismail and others, there must be a division in your University who takes care of the International students. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. My PhD supervisor cannot promise me a date to defend my dissertation before my visa expires.

Top 10 ways to annoy your PhD supervisors

Should I just quit my PhD and start over? What should I do?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for all of your advice. I'm slowly going through it. Comments are not for extended discussion; this conversation has been moved to chat. In particular, please do not attempt to answer a question in the comments. For example, what's exactly your current status?

1. Disappear

Are you a student? Are you an employee of the university? When exactly does your current residence permit expire? The date on the document is very important!!! Therefore, there's nit much to say other than speak to international office and hope that their workers know someyhing. The premises of your question are needlessly all-or-nothing.