Isfj dating intj He has a lot to offer!! This was amazing to read. My husband is also an INTJ and just recently we had this talk about how he needs his alone time. I think I really hurt him during that talk by not being understanding of his personality and his needs. It has really blessed me to read this and it made me repent from being so not-understanding towards him.

10 Benefits of Marrying an INTJ • Authentic Virtue

Thank you so much. God bless you for having an open and willing heart to understand and respect your husband more.

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Your husband and home will really benefit from your attitude! It sounds like you have a full and adventurous life coming from two different cultures and serving through YWAM. What a wonderful, timely article to stumble across!! He is so misunderstood even by his own family. We connect on so many levels. I am looking forward to one day hopefully being his wife, his help, his confidant, his strongest supporter, and his one true love. I am bookmarking this page so I can return to it often! They really are an amazing personality!

INTJs in RELATIONSHIPS i.e. Introverted Feeling! - Myers Briggs {INTJ PT. 2}

I hope that your relationship has been blessed. Hi Frannie, Thanks for replying to my comment. What a revelation because I struggled with not matching up with the outward expressions of emotion like I should.

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Now it all makes sense. I am still seeing Mr. INTJ, and we are growing closer. It has taken quite a bit of time for him to trust me, and I remain ever patient with him because he is so worth it! Hi Frannie I loved reading your article, I had this amazing love vibe all through your thread. Relationships are amazing when it works for both, I wish you all the best in your conjugal life.

He did lie to me about couple of petty things thoug, later he confessed his insecurities around them. Once again, good luck to you. In my experience, INTJs do tend to be straightforward and detest games. However, every personality is unique and I strongly believe our character and belief system plays a huge role in how we live life. I hope that you are okay, friend. I have thought about your comment several times and actually had thought I had written you when I first received it. I am an INTJ. My wife of 23 years is ESFP.

Of our 4 children, both daughters and oldest son are Extroverted Feelers. Our younger son is ENTJ. Not even our own. Not when they conflict with logic and reason. I really enjoyed 5 and Your experiences echo those of my husband so I can relate. Finally, God bless you for working hard to understand and be understood. I really do believe INTJs have so much to offer the world if only the world is willing to overlook the bit of surface roughness and enjoy the deep, intellectual person.

I also have a little guy and finally got a chance to read something other than baby stuff. Thank you for pointing out that I am made in the reflection of God. I love all the things I have learned through my crazy experiences and insights. I hope to share this info with others but I rarely get to. I love this, I am a female INTJ and as much as my husband loves many things about me as mentioned above, Its more of a challenge because he sometimes feels like I am trying to be the man in our relationship. Thank you for writing and for being patient with me replying!

I can see how an INTJ strong personality could make a husband feel like he is unable to lead a relationship. We are both Christians and get along wonderfully. I am never quite sure how to help him when he is discouraged. Thank you in advance for any tips.

INTJ with ISFJ... Do you guys think that this could be a good match? (I'm really confused!)

So happy you left a comment! I would love to write a post on encouraging ISFJs and will start soon! Actually I even think it may work out, however there are some important things. First the S sensing of the Isfj can't be very strong. If your S is almost in the border with the N intuition than it will work. Because an Intj needs deep conversations, not conversations about daily subjects.

We like to speak about the world, what frames it, what we can improve. I f this kind of conversations bothers the Isfj, then its doomed to failure.

Frannie Duncan

There will be little to no melt-downs, emotional crutches or feelings-based binges. What a revelation because I struggled with not matching up with the outward expressions of emotion like I should. Originally Posted by solidus I am so blessed by this. We could be friends! Zen Lizard thanked this post.

If you feel sensitive about this subjects, and your Intj is mature, than it will probably work. Respond to the following questions: Do you wonder about things after that? Do you enjoy explain why a certain book touched you? You will never click.

However, if you answer to o some of these questions is yes, then I defenitly see a future in it. Last edited by lemontree82; at TricoFeathers thanked this post. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Originally Posted by Calpan Originally Posted by lemontree Or do face to face. You might get better results.

I will try to show her how I feel I don't want to make her uncomfortable Hi, INTJ female here. I've actually been dating an ISFJ male for a year now..

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I do want to say something in response to your comment about 'not wanting to make her uncomfortable'. If she is an INTJ who is confident in who she is, then I promise you she will appreciate straight-forwardness. If there's one thing that my ISFJ and I do not have in common, it's that I prefer being honest and straight forward, and he seems to be scared to death to speak any harsh truth or simply say what he's really thinking.

It drives me crazy lol Let me know if anything has transpired.

I'm curious as to how this has turned out. I'm an INTJ female as well. I've actually been dating an ISFJ male off and on for a year now. My suggestion to you would be to be straight forward. Don't worry about making her 'uncomfortable', as most of us are quite unaffected by fears of what others think, therefore we appreciate straight forward and honesty. I we may be slow texters. Not because we didn't see it. Oh, we saw it. More like, we are analyzing it 5 different ways and trying to find the best way to respond.

If she hasn't responded yet, maybe she is analyzing how to respond, the best words, the best times. She might be researching it. Asking her friends what she should say, googling, or maybe she's reading a book about these things.

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Research may be involved though. Furthermore, after she researches it, she might be strategically assessing the best time to text back. She might be trying to play "the game" with you because she thinks that you might be involved in the social rituals of game playing in dating. She might have been about to text you back, and saw you with another girl and misconstrued the interaction, thereby assuming that you don't really like her, so she retreated back into her mental wall, and blocked you from her life.

Just wanted to way in here as an INTJ female who has been in a relationship with an ISFJ male for 15 years- there can be some personality clashes with this mix so be sure to lay the groundwork in your expectations. Mainly ANY kind of controlling or clingy behavior is going to wear the other person down and either bog them down in depression and destroy their lives or they will get fed up and bounce Thank you for your post.