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The Worst Dating Advice Ever: 6 Tips to Never Follow Big, and find out what I was truly seeking: So her advice for any lady in a similar situation?

Keep dating — as much as possible. Not only did it help McGuiness refine what kind of man she was looking for, but it also alleviated some of the loneliness she was feeling. Try not to think about every new suitor as a potential soul mate, and just enjoy meeting someone new. At the very least, you might get a good story out of it.

How to get better at dating: 5 tips from an extreme dater

Instead of waiting around for potential love interests to ask you out, make your own plans. Think about what you really want to do — and who you really want to do it with — and then get started! Try to figure out what you really want out of a relationship — instead of just taking whatever comes your way. McGuinness used her 51 dates to help her refine just what kind of man she was looking for; turned out he was much closer than she thought.

The Challenges Of Dating As A Black Woman

McGuiness went on dates to strengthen her ties to family members and even cities, and she consulted a spiritual healer who gave her inspiring advice. Who do you wish you were closer to, and what are you going to do about it?

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Why would they text me […]. Posted by Kay Rena.

2. Never Settle

Find black dating advice on eHarmony. Get tips for making a connection with black singles and finding love online. Look how many kinds of black people there are! At the end of the day our top dating advice is to follow your heart and be confident in your choices. Have the.

It is often said that a happy wife equates to a happy life. That is a statement I choose to disagree with.

Those are the dos. Here are the don’ts:

Nothing in a relationship or marriage should be […]. Today, our entire team has some exciting news we would like to share with you.


Posted by Quentin Witt. Relationships can be difficult. In fact, many would say that most of our difficulties in life are directly related to relationships, especially our romantic relationships.

Bad relationships can cause financial difficulties, physical trauma, emotional stress, and a whole list of other things. On the other […].

1. Tell a Girl What to Do

Posted by Neil White. For co-parents, the issue of money is often a difficult one to discuss. Typically this leads to court and child support […].