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Los que no pudieron pagar la libertad o el silencio fueron condenados a trabajos forzados en el Valle Nacional de Oxaca. En el sentido ampliado es aquel hombre no necesariamente homosexual al que le gusta recibir una golosina, esto es, que le penetren. El proceso es el siguiente: Utilizado para nombrar a los homosexuales afeminados. Los diestros, son los buenos, los zurdos son los malos, los desviados. Son formas estereotipadas de la forma de ser de las mujeres que se aplican a los hombres homosexuales. Variaciones Prissy queen reina del remilgo. A finales de los 60 en la jerga de las prisiones Prune era el ano.

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A principios del siglo 20 se utilizaba como eufemismo de homosexual. Relacionado Batty boy, Batty-man, Bat-boy. Relacionado Bronc, Ganymede, Pogue, Punk. Chico u hombre afeminado. Relacionado Buttercup, Daisy, Pansy, Tulip. Variaciones Fruity Relacionado Fruit fly mariladilla, mariliendre. Relacionado Catamite, Bronc, Pogue, Punk. Relacionado Ginger, Iron, Jocker, Perry. Relacionado Ginger, Haricot, Jocker, Perry. The purpose of this book is to help the reader to explore relationships with an open mind and to learn how to make better choices. You can place this small docking station next to your computer or home stereo so you can hook up your Zune by simply clicking it into the cradle Figure shows what the Zune dock looks like.

In addition to the slot for connecting your Zune A no-nonsense guide to how to purchase and care for video equipment, as well as techniques for use of the equipment and creating your own video productions. Her long hair is tangled and she looks pretty sleepy. She doesn't start her job at the bookstore until nine. Mornings around here move pretty slowly. I thought I'd get some more studying in. I think that's the accepted way that it is and I think that people drink and then they hook up and maybe there's attraction there and then it's not there anymore or maybe it's awkward or maybe you hook up with someone you don't really The hook-up defines how the transmitter is piped up to the process.

Two types of hook-up diagram are illustrated here, I have no idea who to pick, so you're going to do it for me. Who's it gonna be? Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, etc. This is an intermediary memory space used to temporarily save information transferred between two units or devices or between components in the same system.

Communication channel between different components in a computer communicating data signals, addresses, control signals, etc. This is a unit of measurement of digital information. One byte is equal to 8 bits. As there are many different types of viruses, they are grouped in categories according to certain typical characteristics.

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Programs that collect information about users' browsing activity, preferences and interests. Is a high-speed communication channel, used to connect computers and peripherals to other computers. A programming language that offers dynamic characteristics e. DNS servers , are those computers in which these names are handled resolved and associated to their corresponding IPs. Who's it gonna be? This refers to the process of a virus entering a computer or certain areas of a computer or files. These options are shortcuts to certain functions of a program.

Technique used by certain viruses and worms to make them more difficult to find. IT system computer that requests certain services and resources from another computer server , to which it is connected across a network. Content of virus files - virus code , written in a certain programming language -.

Can also refer to systems for representing or encrypting information. In its strictest sense, it can be defined as a set of rules or a combination of symbols that have a given value within an established system. This is a text file which is sometimes sent to a user visiting a web page to register the visit to the page and record certain information regarding the visit.

This generally refers to the country where the first incidence of virus was first recorded. All programs , messages or documents used directly or indirectly to fraudulently obtain financial gain to the detriment of the affected user or third parties. Protocol developed in by Check Point which allows antivirus protection to be integrated into a firewall server.

This is a value that indicates the level of the negative effects that a virus could have on an infected computer. It is one of the factors used to calculate the Threat level. A collection of data files and the programs used to administer and organize them. Examples of database systems include: This is a Denial of Service DoS attack where multiple computers attack a single server at the same time. Compromised computers would be left vulnerable , allowing the attacker to control them to carry out this action.

A folder in e-mail programs that contains messages which have been deleted they have not been eliminated completely from the computer. After deleting a message containing a virus , it is advisable to delete it from this folder as well. This is a program that is often used to maliciously redirect Internet connections.

When used in this way, it disconnects the legitimate telephone connection used to hook up to the Internet and re-connects via a premium rate number. Often, the first indication a user has of this activity is an extremely expensive phone bill.

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Divisions or sections used to structure and organize information contained on a disk. The terms folder and directory really refer to the same thing. They can contain files or other sub-directories. The action that an antivirus takes when it detects a virus and eliminates it. This is a value that indicates the extent to which a virus has spread or the speed at which it is spreading. System to enable communication between computers connected across a network or the Internet.

It means that computers can be located and assigns comprehensible names to their IP addresses. DNS servers , are those computers in which these names are handled resolved and associated to their corresponding IPs. This is a type of attack, sometimes caused by viruses, that prevents users from accessing certain services in the operating system, web servers etc.

This is the process of obtaining files from the Internet from Web pages or FTP sites set up specifically for that purpose. A program , known as a controller, used to control devices connected to a computer normally peripherals like printers, CD-ROM drives, etc.

An organisation which has created a test to evaluate the performance of antivirus programs, known as the EICAR test.

A floppy disk that allows the computer to be scanned for viruses without having to use the antivirus installed in the system, but by using what is known as the "command line antivirus". This is a technique used by some viruses to disguise themselves and therefore avoid detection by antivirus applications. A technique for infecting programs through which a virus tries to hide its entry point in order to avoid detection.

Instead of taking control and carrying out its actions as soon as the program is used or run, the virus allows it to work correctly for a while before the virus goes into action. This is a technique used by antivirus programs to detect viruses. This can be a technique or a program that takes advantage of a vulnerability or security hole in a certain communication protocol, operating system , or other IT utility or application.

Files have a name and an extension, separated by a dot: This extension indicates the type of file text, Word document, image, sound, database, program , etc. Some viruses may have similar names and characteristics.

These viruses are grouped into families or groups. Members of the group are known as variants of the family or the original virus the first to appear. This is a section of a disk that defines the structure and organization of the disk itself. Unit for storing information text, document, images, spreadsheet etc. A file is identified by a name, followed by a dot and then its extension indicating the type of file.

This is a barrier that can protect information in a system or network when there is a connection to another network, for example, the Internet. Is a high-speed communication channel, used to connect computers and peripherals to other computers. Programs that repeatedly send a large message or text to a computer through messaging systems like MSN Messenger in order to saturate, collapse or flood the system. A computer that allows communication between different types of platforms, networks, computers or programs.

A system that allows users in a local network LAN to use resources like shared programs ; access to Internet, intranet or other areas; e-mail; firewalls and proxies, etc.

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Program that can be used by a hacker to carry out actions that cause problems for the user of the affected computer allowing the hacker to control the affected computer, steal confidential information, scan communication ports , etc. Term referring to all physical elements in an IT system screen, keyboard, mouse, memory, hard disks, microprocessor , etc. This term, which refers to problem solving by trial and error, is used in the computer world to refer to a technique used for detecting unknown viruses.

Any program that changes the browser settings, to make the home page or the default search page, etc.

This is a communication system that allows web pages to be viewed through a browser. Obtaining confidential user information, such as passwords for accessing services, in order that unauthorized individuals can impersonate the affected user. This is a Microsoft server Internet Information Server , designed for publishing and maintaining web pages and portals.

A virus is said to be in circulation, when cases of it are actually being detected somewhere in the world. This is an official list drawn up every month of the viruses reported causing incidents. This is a folder in e-mail programs which contains received messages. This refers to the process of a virus entering a computer or certain areas of a computer or files. The system through which users can interact with the computer and the software installed on it. A signal through which a momentary pause in the activities of the microprocessor is brought about.

This is a technique used by a computer to handle the interruption requests to the microprocessor. This provides the memory address to which the service should be provided. An IP address is a code that identifies each computer. This is a programming language that allows the creation of platform independent programs, i. These are small programs that can be included in web pages to improve the functionality of the page.

A programming language that offers dynamic characteristics e. This is not a virus, but a trick that aims to make users believe they have been infected by a virus. A network of interconnected computers in a reasonably small geographical area generally in the same city or town or even building.

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These are parts of a web page, e-mail or document text, images, buttons, etc. This is a type of virus that modifies the address where a file is stored, replacing it with the address of the virus instead of the original file. As a result, when the affected file is used, the virus activates. After the computer has been infected, the original file will be unusable. This is a program that appears quite inoffensive, but which can carry out damaging actions on a computer, just like any other virus.

A set of commands or instructions carried out by a program repeatedly until a certain condition is met. A macro is a series of instructions defined so that a program, say Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Access, carries out certain operations. As they are programs, they can be affected by viruses. Viruses that use macros to infect are known as macro viruses. A virus that affects macros in Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, etc. This term is used to refer to all programs that contain malicious code MAL icious soft WARE , contain malicious code, whether it is a virus, Trojan or worm.

This is the action of assigning a shared network disk a letter in a computer, just as if it were another drive in the computer itself. Messaging Application Program Interface. A system used to enable programs to send and receive e-mail via a certain messaging system. This is a 32 bit number that identifies an IP address in a certain network. A fundamental characteristic of a virus.