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After negotiations broke down they slapped together a list of titles and put them out as quality paperbacks. The titles published in spring were drawn entirely from the regular Modern Library.

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Many of the later additions were taken from the Random House backlist. The following checklist and dating key helps identify first printings of Modern Library Paperbacks. Titles published in had sewn bindings; subsequent titles except P52 were perfect bound. Lists of titles in volumes published through spring except P14 which has no list are the easiest way to distinguish first printings from later printings.

Titles published between fall and , as far as I am aware, only had one Modern Library Paperback printing. Corrections and emendations are welcomed. Sewn binding; numerical list through P10; all titles published at 95 cents. Seven Famous Greek Plays. Edited, with introductions, by Whitney J. The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri.

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The Carlyle-Wicksteed translation; introduction by the late C. Grandgent; bibliography by Ernest H. Great Modern Short Stories: Selected, and with a foreword and bibliographical notes, by Bennett A. Translated into English by B. With a new appendix as a foreword by the author. Superseded spring by P6b.

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The Sound and the Fury. Translated by Constance Garnett; introduction by Marc Slonim. Introduction by George Sherburn. A Novel without a Hero. Introduction by Joseph Warren Beach.

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Introduction by Robert B. Superseded spring by P10b. With an introduction and commentaries by Ricardo Quintana. The back covers of the first 10 titles announced 18 forthcoming titles, all of which like the first 10 were from the regular ML.

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Someone at Random House must have decided that putting regular ML titles into Modern Library Paperbacks would undermine sales of the regular series. The 18 titles announced as forthcoming never appeared in Modern Library Paperbacks. Sewn binding; numerical list through P15; all titles published at 95 cents. A Study in Psychosexuality. Authorized translation by A. The Autobiography of Alice B. Other Voices, Other Rooms. Halma photo of the author appears on the back cover instead of a list of titles.

Mailer, Naked and the Dead. Erasmus, In Praise of Folly.

Dewey, John Dewey o n Education. Mann, Confessions of Felix Krull. Faulkner, As I Lay Dying. Racine, Complete Plays 2 vols.

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Gould reserved special scorn for The Bell Curve , a bestseller which argued that poverty was the result of inherited lower intelligence. It springs rather from my conviction that, if our civilization is to survive, we must break with the habit of deference to great men. A service that helps people find needed information. It will depend on the degree of preparation, culture, moral values, determination, and courage people have to free their homeland and achieve a better future. Blake, Selected Poetry and Prose. Nabokov describes his aristocratic background, his lifelong love of butterflies, his education in Cambridge, a young love affair, and meeting his wife, Vera, in his signature rhapsodic style. Student ID cards sometimes serve as copy cards.

Styron, Confessions of Nat Turner. Gibbon, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Twelve Famous Plays of the Restoration. Scott, Quentin Durward, Ivanhoe, Kenilworth. Browning, Poems and Plays. Symonds, Renaissance in Italy.

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Myers, History of the Great American Fortunes. Hawthorne, Complete Novels and Selected Tales. Poe, Complete Tales and Poems. Tennyson, Poems and Plays. Lewisohn, Story of American Literature. Eliot, Bes- Known Novels. Sixteen Famous American Plays. Pushkin, Poems, Prose and Plays.

Sixteen Famous British Plays. Three Famous Murder Novels. Sixteen Famous European Plays. Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural. Subtreasury of American Humor. Thirty Famous One-Act Plays. De Quincey, Selected Writings. Augustine, City of God.


This dating key can be used to date Modern Library books and jackets on the basis of ML lists that appear at the end of the volumes and inside the jackets. Running Torchbearer - The Modern Library logo device colophon thingees Dating Key for Regulars and Giants - How to tell the printing date of (almost) any .

Verifying a Modern Library first edition can be tricky. Use this process to determine if you have a first edition: Check the BookNote for a specific title.

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To check books without first edition slugs, use the article Stalking the Unmarked First. Make sure that a book that does have a first edition slug hasn't carried the slug forward beyond the first printing by checking the table presented in the article False Firsts.