Is dating a different race a sin Moses' wife was of another race and in Numbers The book of Ruth tells a delightful story of a foreigner who became part of the lineage of Christ.

7 Things Everyone Should Understand About Interracial Relationships

The harlot, Rahab, also of another nation, is included in the lineage of Christ as recorded in Matthew 1. The Bible is clear that when both parties are believers equally yoked , interracial marriage is not wrong. A Christian couple contemplating marriage must prayerfully and carefully consider the impact their marriage will have within their cultural context, their family relationships, future children and the society in which they live. A loving Christian couple may accommodate well to many kinds of differences between themselves.

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Interracial marriages are becoming more common in many societies. All couples contemplating marriage need to give thoughtful consideration to a variety of practical issues, some of which may have no clear Biblical imperative.

Languages Study in More Languages. What does the Bible say about interracial marriage?

Are black girls freakier than white girls? Are Asian girls more submissive? Who has the bigger penis, black men or Latino men? These kinds of questions only perpetuate racial stereotypes regardless of whether they're "positive" or not and turn the idea of interracial dating into a kind of experiment or phase.

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While sex can be an important component of many people's relationships, it shouldn't be viewed as the primary motivation for any committed relationship, interracial or otherwise. It's universally wrong to fetishize a romantic partner to the exclusion of respecting them.

Mixed Race Marriages in the South - The New York Times

As such, fetishization and sexualization in interracial relationships is wrong. Seeking out a relationship with Asian women because they're supposedly submissive or black women because they're "freaks," in bed is not cool.

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Notice that all of these stereotypes are sexualized, turning people into objects and ideas. Admiring the differences in a partner who is of a different race is fine. Turning those differences into things to be compartmentalized and sexualized? Well, while dating outside of your race might demonstrate that you are open-minded, at the end of the day, interracial relationships won't necessarily "solve" racism.

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In fact, it's encouraged. The idea that a person of color who dates a white person is harboring some kind of self-hatred is a far too simplistic one. Of course, there are instances where issues of self-acceptance may be at play, but this is not a hard and fast rule. No, black men and women who date or marry white partners especially after being with black people in the past are not necessarily doing so for status or validation.

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Is it a sin for a black man to marry a white woman? Is interracial marriage wrong? should keep our races pure? Is it wrong to date a person of a different race?. Jun 5, You've found someone you want to date who wants to date you back! And what better way to do that than to actually date someone who is a different race? But I also know that sin has twisted all good things, and that even.

There are a lot of reasons why people are attracted to other people. If a black person dates someone outside of their race, their "blackness" -- and how they feel about it -- should not automatically be called into question.

At the end of the day, interracial dating doesn't always have to be a big deal.