Daughter dating a loser

My daughter has always been the sentimental sort. Holidays were a big for her. She celebrated all of them with decorations and wanting to help cook and find new recipes.

What to Do When Your Daughter Is Dating A Loser

It was always her idea to go overboard with it! But this year she has -abruptly each time and without warning each time- spent a total of Zero holidays here at home and that includes New Years Day, Easter and her birthday I didn't know she was cutting out right after until it happened. And then she called and said she was spending the night at his parents house!

Where did she spend the holidays? I have no idea really, but she said his family doesn't do holidays. So she's hinting about him sharing Thanksgiving with us I don't like him, I think he's manipulating my daughter's emotions and I will not participate in helping them bond any further. And he's not family, so why let him come eat? He ate here that once and other than his drinking story I told, he was a jerk most of the time otherwise. He couldn't keep his hands off my daughter right in front of us! I complained and he turned it into tickling her..

Until he does it. And she has always been a women's libber type person, but he kept slamming down his empty beer bottle in front of her saying "Beer me! Let me tell you how he showed up at our house to meet us. He had not bathed! His hair was beyond greasy and his clothes were so wrinkled I'm not talking about a little wrinkle here and there or like from wearing the clothes and they just get a wrinkle or two.

They looked like you balled them up and twisted them real tight while they were wet and let them dry that way. And they were way too big for him!

His shoes were ratty and he had this deep bottle opener on the sole! And he kept wanting to open my husband beer bottle and husband was like The sole of his shoe!

What to do if your sister or daughter is dating a loser?

Who knows where that's been! And once he used the shoe opener he had to drag the mouth of the bottle out of that hole! I saw some pictures she'd taken from trips with this guy, and he is always a mess! I don't get it! Daughter is still gone.

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I kind of wonder if Jess would be happy with any boy right now. This is her first serious relationship. Find all posts by Mandee. Plus she didn't make any new friends at college. When a parent suspects teen marijuana or alcohol use. Mar 8, 6. Three important rules about your baby's first foods First year milestones Postnatal depression and loneliness advice Baby losing interest in nursing The importance of spending quality time during early childhood Narrating an infant's environment Research based benefits of co-sleeping Bonding versus attachment Bonding with your baby after a less-than-perfect birth Preventing postpartum depression Play All 34 Videos.

She has called me every day this time, I don't know why it's different this time, but she has not called today even though she voluntarily told me yesterday she was going to call me again today, and it's I really hate it when she says she's going to call and then doesn't. That's when I get really worried that she might be hurt. I mean, she's had all day and can't pick up the phone for one second after it was her idea to call? You know it's just odd both of us found this site within, what?

A day of each other? Thanks for being here! I needed to talk, and I'm sorry you're going through what I am - only worse because of your grandson. I guess I'll go to bed now and hope daughter is OK.

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I won't sleep well, because she said she was going to call. I sometimes suspect he slips drugs into her drinks November 9th, , My son and daughter-in-law live in Fairfax. She's stationed in DC in the Air Force. I was just there for a week in October-I love it there! SO much to respond to, but have to be with my grandson for a while here-he will leave tomorrow-.

I really hope you've heard from your daughter by now. I think 'worry' is my middle name, or should have been, so I know what you're going through. I'm so glad we were 'brought' to this site at the same time-it's been a godsend to me for sure! Please do not post too much personal information on the boards.

Please send personal information via PM, okay? These boards can be read by any nutcase who has access to the internet, and it's not a good idea to put too much personal info out there. Thanks for your understanding. All times are GMT The time now is Daughter dating a 'loser'. All Grown Up A place to discuss "adult" children. Page 1 of 5. Daughter dating a 'loser' Hello, I'm new here, and found this forum trying to figure out why my daughter is doing what she's doing! Find all posts by Becky. Daughter dating a 'loser' Hi Becky. Find all posts by Mandee.

Daughter dating a 'loser' Hi Mandee, Thanks for the support! Daughter dating a 'loser' Oh, Becky I had to laugh at your 'possessed' remark! Daughter dating a 'loser' Mandee Daughter dating a 'loser' Mandee, I just can not get over how alike our daughters are.

Daughter dating a 'loser' Hi Becky! What a letter to your 19 year-old self. No one is perfect and we need to support our children in their decisions. I kind of wonder if Jess would be happy with any boy right now. I think she wants her little girl back. They even told them this will never work. Homemaker's Daily, At some point we have to accept our children's decisions and support them regardless. Michelle, Ah interesting point about her pushing her friends away. Plus she didn't make any new friends at college.

I find that odd. Your freshman year everyone is looking to make new friends because they don't know very many people. Julie Jordan Scott, I had that belief too. Perhaps this girl with her promise ring feels the same way.

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My 19 year old daughter met a a guy 2 years ago at a party from the next day they started living together and never been a part. Now while this young man is respectful to us. He is so lazy he hasn't worked in 1.

She fully supports him. He receives not financial help from the government and completely relies on her. She is constantly struggling financially and hardly has any food or fuel. She is aware on how we feel but she loves him and her excuse is shes not going to break it off just because his unemployed. Help I don't know how to help her when she's so blinded by him. She admits his lazy and she's over struggling but it's not enough for her to get rid of him.

How do I do this. In all honesty, you most likely will not be able to convince her to leave him because he is lazy. How does he treat her? If he abuses her in any way do whatever it takes to get her out of the situation. If he doesn't you are better off just letting her be. I know a couple who insisted their daughter break up with her boyfriend. She was living at home, so they took her car and phone away from her until she did so.

They don't like her new boyfriend either. I wouldn't give her any financial support what so ever, so that she can see what her life is going to be like with this guy. If she broaches the idea of moving home embrace it, but convincing her to break up with him probably isn't going to work.

On another note and one that will be painful for her to learn you can't make someone that doesn't want to work - work. Especially when they are being supported by their girlfriend. Mar 8, 4. Mar 8, 5. Mar 8, 6. I tell them exactly what I think of the people they are dating. My little sister started dating a friend of mine. Hes not exactly a loser but she could do a lot better than him and we let her know that.

They are now married with two little girls and shes finally realizing that hes not exactly the guy she thought he was. He is a nice enough of a guy, he is just lazy.

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He doesnt take care of his wife or his children like he should because of it. But he does love them.