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She had one maybe two tacos. Then, the Jersey gentleman offered to split the bill and go Dutch with his date. I didn't see any tacos at this party, but wait staff passed trays of appetizers like quesadillas and one of my favorites boneless wing bites. It smelled like a urinal cake and my wine came in a plastic cup. It was much more casual, less on-the-prowl-y and I got there early enough to take advantage of the discounted drinks.

The women, who to my eye outnumbered the men, were dressed for a date.

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The guys… some of them wore button-down shirts. Some of them wore baseball hats backwards. I think one dude was wearing a basketball jersey. And it was hot. Once I realized there was a second bar downstairs away from the DJ and crowds , I descended into air conditioning and drank my wine from an appropriate big girl cup.

At the door, we were given a card with ice breakers with questions for the ladies to ask the guys. I thought that was a really cool idea. If you can't think of anything to say, you could walk up to one of the men and ask a question like, "What is a Class C fire? Although not my usual type, he was nice to talk to and easy to look at; when he stepped away, I moved on. Always keep them wanting more, right? I laughed so hard that night. Guys were coming up and bullshitting, busting ass and just being really fun to talk to.

My new besties and I even paid to have the psychic, Maria Pirone , tell us our futures.

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Turns out, dear reader, you have more articles like this coming from me because according to Ms. For sure a year. It was in the cards. The downstairs of Hudson Station was amazing. Air conditioning, seats and again, wine in a real wine glass. Sports were on the TVs and it was decidedly less crowded than the party upstairs. I missed out on what looked like a fun Friday night of dancing on the main floor, but I was comfortable in my lower lair.

As the night drew to a close, I found myself looking for Tim and his military-style haircut and chiseled jaw. We sat, talked, totally flirted and exchanged numbers… and his lips touched my lips. Alas, after texting a bit with Tim the following day, I decided he and I saw life too differently for us to get along. The next Rescue Me singles party is on Aug. July 26, Updated: The icebreaker ideas were a nice touch! We were given a card with some icebreakers to help spark a convo with the eligible men. I used to have a female friend who was a bit of a fireman groupie.

She was a sucker for the image even though they invariably treated her like crap. They'd lie about being married or having girlfriends to sleep with her. Arrogant bullies with God complexes. I guess I'd choose a fireman over a cop but it would be a losing proposition either way.

They're open to the public and you can meet firefighters that way. Also most houses work with a particular charity. Volunteer to work on that particular charity drive and they'll be very appreciative.

Did any firemen 'Rescue Me' at this singles mixer? | Metro US

I have grown up with firemen as neighbors - I'm on my third fire fighter neighbor right now. Each has lots of toys; snow mobiles, speed boats, skidoos, motorcycles, etc. I want a hot fireman too. A nice hairy one with a bubble butt that wants to be ploughed hard and deep.

The kind that moans like a seal being beaten to death while he rides manmeat. He must keep his hat on while I'm riding his hot fireman mancunt. My first boyfriend was a fireman. We were together on and off for years. Love of my life, wonderful man. His station was in a suburb of LA. He was exactly what you'd fantasize about: Insanely masculine, tall and beefy, a bit of a savior type, a very dominate top I met him when I was 19, he was 32 , the type of guy who'd just build me a book shelf or refinish the deck.

When he came out, he basically was forced to retire this was right when I met him.

Former FDNY Fireman Opens Up About Losing His ‘Dream’ Job

It was very difficult for him. Being a firefighter wasn't just his job, it was his identity. R33 "Dominate" is a verb. Private detectives tend to be more well-hung, in my experience. There's a reason they call them "private dicks. Who was the NYC area FF who posed for a calendar, then was in an amateur video made by a girl trick that featured his enormous dick? Sculpted eyebrows, I believe.

R5 is completely right about the FDNY. It is a throwback to another time. It is still overwhelmingly white and male.

Did any firemen 'Rescue Me' at this singles mixer?

And the ranks are filled with many of Irish descent, who got their jobs through family connections. Just recently a judge ruled that the Department had to change its entrance exams to ensure diversity in the department. Cloud who got canned from FDNY for illegal steroids. We all know it means lowering the physical and test-taking standards to give jobs to those who shouldn't be hired. People will die thanks to this judge's decision. I'd like to make a longer and even more inciteful post, but I have to get going to the Saturday slave auction being held down at the town square.

I hear you can get some really good deals on Negro farm hands today. I saw a fireman at a firehouse yesterday walking around lifting weights. He was built buff and tight. I have had firemen respond to my personal ads before, but what do ya know, they happened to be unattractive to me, not the buff masculine stud type. It looks like DL's favorite porn star was a DL regular, before he got drunk and invaded a fire station in Louisville. My friend's ex-husband is a firefighter. There were some really nice ones but many were absolutely evil. Homophobic, racist, weird issues with women and they will rob your ass while your house burns down.

He had drawers full of jewelry that he would sell at those cash for gold places. I considered him one of the "good ones" too. Last I heard he had a "back injury" and is retired with full benefits at the age of Your type is so specific that it's not every day I come across people who harbor the same deathwish as you. I've fucked around with a fireman out at the beach. He was just a guy I wanted, turned out to be a fireman, his job. He could've been a clerk in a store. Local married guy, children.

We never talked about firefighting. He was just a gay guy to me, a married one in a closet not wanting anyone to know about him, thinking they never would. He'd cruise about, people would follow him, get it on. He doesn't seem to be doing it much lately. Never heard him discussed as gay. He thought of it as working the troops. He wanted to be fire captain. He was the appeal, not the job. Most of the guys are too stupid to do anything else, including police work. Maybe one out of 20 or 30 has a truly fit body.

Most are very average dumbshits. You know -- the ones with the massive, hairless pectorals, the kind you can rest your head on and say, 'Hey, Jake I'm currently fucking a volunteer FF. So big the damn thing can't even stand erect when it's hard. Why not just buy a dalmation and walk it back and forth in front of a fire station?

Best dating website to meet Firefighter local to you!. As we approached the location, the doorman clarified: FDNY event? We nodded "I'm so glad this is not speed dating — I don't have to smile.

Wearing rubber boots wouldn't hurt. I dated a fireman in Seattle when I came out.

Post CL ads looking for one. I saw a fireman at a firehouse yesterday walking around lifting weights. I'd like to make a longer and even more inciteful post, but I have to get going to the Saturday slave auction being held down at the town square. Wearing rubber boots wouldn't hurt. The list goes on. I've never seen it.

He was a tall, beautiful, muscular, blonde Viking. Wonderful in every way. I went out with him a bunch of times - he always wanted to do me with excuses for why it was only one-way sex. He was religious so I thought that was a reason. Well - to cut to the chase - he had a very small dick - seriously small - sort of a button.

He was hugely embarrassed by it. Things didn't work out between us and I am sure he thought his small dick was the reason and I suppose it was. I have a few on my fb list and they always post right-winged shit. I have seen firemen in my local drug store and supermarket. They are not hot at all, the ones I see anyways, the older ones always have facial hair, not my thing.

Considering the rigorous physical requirements at the academy, lots of FDNY guys with six packs turn into kegs. Bet they can't run up a flight of stairs to save someone's life. I wish I could find a buff bisexual fireman in DC. The ones who have stepped to me have been unattractive, not the stereotypically hunky muscled firefighter. I have dated several fire fighters. One was beautiful, he lived with a woman he was not married to and had a child.

He called her the bitch. When he came over he was such a fucking sissy queen, begging for me to feed hims some dick and fuck him. It was actually a turn off. Instead of kicking him out I abused him, which isn't really my thing. They usually have pick up trucks, eat white bread, use Axe body spray and have slightly smoky butt cracks FDNY union said the guys would have to be given paid time off to join gyms.

The idea was abandoned. There are a few firemen in my family. My dad was one. As some have mentioned above, fireman are now just as sleazy, angry and arrogant as cops. I can honestly say the fireman of my father's generation were probably the last to be honorable and heroic. There is a squad? Santa Monica stairs on a regular basis. Maybe one of them is attractive. The others are all weather beaten to hell. My ex wanted to be a fireman so badly, he moved from Berkeley to Seattle because he was a tiny 5'6" but burly white guy.

He eventually made it in. And yes, he had a great ass. A hot All American type guy in my neighborhood is a fireman. Not married, maybe 30 years old. Tall, blonde, blue eyes, almost a country guy type. Very friendly and chatty and will stay and talk your ear off if you run into him.

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He also goes to the church I rarely go to. Once he came around trying to get nonactive members to be more active. He stayed a long time, sat with legs spread wide wearing shorts , lots of staring and looks at me, friendly. He had a boner. I was too stupid and too scared to respond to him. I had given him iced tea and we sat for a long time talking, turns out I had gone to hs with his younger brother.