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This Girl Thinks the Dating Pool In New York City Is the Worst - So She Filmed It

Apparently, some people associate dating sites with shame. The reason is beyond me, but just for any naysayers who persist on feeling ashamed of their stints on various dating sites, it is no longer trashy. Also, everyone knows Hinge is much classier than Tinder these days, so If you matched with someone on Hinge who lives on Long Island, it may get awkward pretty quickly once you reveal that you have no desire nor impetus to ever leave Manhattan.

If you live in Queens or Brooklyn, and your date is willing to travel to these boroughs to see you, he or she is probably a keeper.

Tell Me Your Goal

Summertime Has Unofficially Arrived: We chaperoned wisdom teeth removals, held surprise birthday parties, gave each other pep talks before big meetings, cooked dinner together on Sunday nights. Being single in a world of couples made us not only appreciate, but prioritize one another. But eventually, I had to move closer to my real family. My parents were getting older, and California, no matter how great my friends were, would never be home.

And, although I was scared to admit it, at 34, I needed a change.

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If I knew one thing about my move back to New York, it was that I did not want to date. Dating had sucked the life out of me. I was sick of telling my story, a story that not long ago felt unique and personal, but now felt empty and scripted.

My fellow Brooklynites, the state of Brooklyn dating is not very good

With each date I felt more like the profile I was trying to represent, and less like an actual person. I would re-read my profiles on each site often, to remind myself what my date was expecting.

When I moved to New York I went from having a family of friends who knew every detail of my life to having a handful of acquaintances who knew nothing at all. New York, with its large, faceless crowds and anything-goes attitude, felt like a shield from the wedding wind. I knew no one, and even though I was smack in the middle of the densest U.

And in that vacuum, without anyone watching or any force pushing me, I stopped dating. I had no one to report to.

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Originally Posted by ischu Have you ever thought that perhaps if you're not married in late 30's then you should never be married. I woke up early, eager to sit down and put words to paper before my real job. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. So far it seems to work this way for him. Any way good luck on your journey here and try and focus on yourself, the right woman will land on your plate, but maybe with plenty of baggage for you to carry! Originally Posted by pupster.

I deleted all the apps on my phone. Instead, I started doing something I loved but never thought worth my time — I started writing. I spent almost every night alone with my laptop. But it was all I wanted to do, and with no one to answer to, there was no reason not to.

BROOKLYN: "I Wanna Ask You Something"

Why would you spend that much money on a parking garage every month? When do you even use it? Just take public transportation.

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You need a car. And then are judged on the type you drive.

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Will my feet be smelly? If I find parking, will I be able to understand the sign and not get a ticket if I sleep over? How many miles will I have to travel back to my place in the morning?