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This is such a curiosity. In Prague downtown you can find this crooked tower slightly resembling the tower of Pisa in Italy. When you look closely you may notice a certain deflection of the tower… it is exactly 1,15 m to the south-east. Warm up in a century old cellar - sauna!

I have been going to this place for more than 10 years now, regularly every week and have never been disappointed. In premises of old cellar there is a beautiful Finnish sauna made of wood from years old barn. It is cozy and super clean wellness place where you can relax your body and mind after all day working or sightseeing. This cinema is offering an incredible amount of interesting and alternative movies.

Many film festivals have Aero as one of the venues. Inside the cinema there is also a little cafe where a great draugh beer is available for reasonable price. The statue of Saint Wenceslas the patron saint of Bohemia in the upper end of the square has become the main meeting point for locals.

The oldest active synagogue in Europe! The Old New Synagogue, being the oldest active synagogue in Europe and one of the main attractions of the Jewish Quarter is also a beautiful piece of early Gothic architecture Moreover, It is here that the legendary Golem fell in pieces. Mozart who loved Prague and its people. When going to this theatre, I immediately feels like back in 18th century. I love this much theatre much more than the National Theatre. The traditional Czech department store OD Kotva 8.

There's tens of traditional Czech and international brands. And in addition to this there's a renowned Prague restaurant serving tasty speciality beers accompanied by a wonderful view of the Old Town, which nowhere else can offer. Built between and , this television tower is the highest Prague building and it offers a fantastic, panoramic view of the city and its surroundings.

The lower lookout area includes a panoramic restaurant, bistro and bar.

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Founded in , the Church of St Nicholas in the Lesser town is often described as the most impressive example of the Baroque Prague. The church is known not only for its architecture with a 70 m high dome but also for its beautiful interiors. End of the hour! Probably one of the most well known places in Prague, the clocktower. If you are nearby at the end of any hour, make sure you get there to see the little show. The area around it will be absolutely full so the earlier you get there the better.

Ride the "Elevator of Death": Pater Noster elevator 7. The mechanism of Pater Noster elevators resembles a rosary, hence their name - "Our Father" - like in the popular prayer. It is a loop of open cabins in constant move and it dates back to the 19th century. Just hop in and hop off whenever you like. And if you have the courrage, ride through the last floor to do the full loop! This is such a local curiosity you really need to know about as it is easy to pass. Small QR code made of typical Prague cobble stones. There was a time when the code was even functional.

Now we just like the progressive idea. It is absolutely beautiful and romantic place, offering the best views of Prague usually without hundreds of people around you so you can pose everywhere as long as you wish!

If you go there in the evening, you will be blown away by the beauty around you. You can also taste the local wine here.

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This is pretty new addition to Prague public space and not even locals know much about it. It was open in spring You can bring your own beer, wine, or get some refreshments from mobile bar, listen to music, relax, watch the buzz around Funky cinema tucked away in Zizkov Kino Aero 7. More than just a cinema, Kino Aero is tucked away in a courtyard in Zizkov. Everything about this place says cool: This medieval defensive wall has been standing here for ages, to be more precise, since 14th century. I believe not so many locals know about this spot since it is placed far above our sight.

You literally need to bend backwards or look at it from distance to be able to see this lonely silver bike heading to heaven. The bike is placed on a street lamp. The lamp and bike is a memorial to Prague bikers who were killed on roads. It is something what we were missing here for ages. Its water is cleaned just by water plants and substrate! The reason is in the headline. This park not only has one of the more stunning views of the modern side of Prague, but it also hosts a beergarden and its own vineyard.

Locals often come here in the evening with a blanket, their own beer, and a guitar. The name of this creative 4-floors building is based on the political-social concept established in by Czech political thinker and dissident Vaclav Benda as a way to escape the totalitarian communist regime, the idea is still vibrant even in the post-communist era.

Founding members are people from Czech "guerilla" artist group Ztohoven. Rudolfinum art gallery Galerie Rudolfinum 7. Hidden in the monumental building of Rudolfinum, home of the Czech Philharmonic, and accesible through its side entrance, this gallery might simply escape your notice. Which would be a real pity, especially if you are a contemporary fine arts lover. Launched in and focusing on both Czech and foreign production, it is an unmissable experience.

Experimental space NoD 7. This versatile space is center for alternative art, music and theater. It is guest scene for several important companies of physical theater like Spitfire Company or Teatro Novogo Fronta. Meeting point not only for artists and art students. Important part of Czech history at the top of the Venceslas square. Observe the beautiful architecture, holes in the facade coming from the Warsaw-pact countries occupation in August , or explore just the interesting exhibitions inside.

Probably one of the better Escape Games Questroom 6. Locals love this place because it is one of the most interactive escape games in Prague, also the people working there are very friendly and fun. The story makes it very interactive and interesting. Small university botanical garden near the city centre. Greenhouses are real hidden gems. You can find many exotic plants there including cactuses and bamboos, you will also like lagoon with fish. Constructed in , the Municipal House is one of the most famous Art Nouveau buildings in Prague and arguably one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

The exterior of the building is full of allegorical art and stucco. The interiors are amazingly beautiful, too. Free ice-skating in the Old Town! Take a break from sightseeing and try ice skating in the historical center of Prague! Like every year, the attraction is available for free and both locals and visitors are invited to enjoy it from Monday to Sunday.

Relax in the amazing Wallenstein Garden Wallenstein Garden 6. The strictly geometrical garden in the shadows of St Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle is one of the top Baroque attractions of Prague. You will find there trimmed box trees, an isle of mythological bronze figures, fountains, and many other interesting features which make this lovely retreat one of a kind.

Visit a Carpathian Church in Prague! This tiny Orthodox church is a gem of Carpathian architecture situated almost in the center of Prague. This museum is definitely number one for locals, it is must-to-see. It is fascinating for both, adults and children, even for those without any particular technical interests. For over a hundred years extensive collections have been assembled here. Summer in Prague isn't long, but it is beautiful, and Czechs like to spend as much time as possible when the good weather finally comes along.

Parks fill up in the evenings, and second run movies hit the park in Karlin! Home of contemporary dance scene Ponec Theater 6. Most important premiers as well as performances of the international dance festival Tanec Praha take place in here. Different panorama of the city Vitkov 6. If you have enough time to wander around Prague, do not miss Vitkov Hill with its National Monument established on the top in Outdoor drinking is the thing to do in Prague when the weather turns nice. MAT is a small, local cinema that does not bother you with commercials. Czech movies are shown with English subtitles and the price is reasonable.

Beautiful and charming outside part, same interesting inside. Located in not-so-central town part, but beloved due to artificial ponds, rock sculptures for children to play, playgrounds, meadow Tramway T3 is Prague icon. This type of tram have been operated for last 50 years! It is one of the top sights of Prague, masterpiece of local gothic architecture. However, not so many people know about a chance to walk up to its top.

Since the entrance is quite tiny, people easily pass it by without knowing they can get in.

Městská knihovna v Praze

A Prague dating guide covering nightclubs, singles bars, meeting girls during the day, online dating, where to go on your date night and more!. April 4, Activities Comments Off on Dating in Prague Czech women, dating—and possibly marriage—are hot topics in the discussion forums. You'll hear.

It is definitely worth it to pay 90 CZK entrance fee. The most spectacular historical gate of the Old Town, the Gothic Powder Tower from is one of the symbols of Prague. It is one of the finest examples of the Czech Gothic architecture with the characteristic towers in one of which there is a huge kg bell.

How Long is the Speed Dating Event

Before you sit by the table, you got a peace of paper, where all the nicknames of opposite sex participants are written, and a pen to make notes. I have a busy life and demanding career, speed dating I can fit in my schedule. I found it to be a very relaxing and good way to meet single women. And moving on to my final recommended club, Harleys, which is a genuinely great place to hang out and get dates. There are so many tourists that you will spend at least 10 minutes to cross this meters long bridge built in the 14th! I will definitely visit the theater again when I will be in Prague. It is refreshing, disturbing, emotional, controversial, creative part of historical downtown.

Few people know that apart from the cable cars of the Petrin Hill and the one in the Prague ZOO there is a third, alternative, cable car in Prague-Smichov. See the only Cubist Lantern in the world Cubist Lantern 4. You will see that the structure is made of geometrical chunks of concrete and its top is geometrical as well! This place is unique in Prague, because it is great for families with kids. Beautiful views and angles of Prague that you don't normally see from the tourist routes. Featuring large gardens, ancient fortification walls, secret gardens, a beautiful church next to a cemetery full of famous Czechs including Alphons Mucha.

Can't forget the beautiful old beer garden with the best selection of traditional Czech snacks. Prague old waste water treatment plant is a place a bit hidden from all the main Prague sights, however definitely worth visiting. It is protected national monument which has been converted into the Eco-technical Museum in If you enjoy exploring off the beaten tracks or if you are a steam punk fan — this is a place you shouldn't miss. Though the place is really small you should absolutely book a table in advance there's a nice music atmosphere in that place.

We love this place because we were waiting 26 years to be completed: That sounds crazy, but it is a true. It is a nice aqua complex with great 50m long swimming pool, tobogans, whirlpool and steam saunas. Not so many people know about this funny sculpture since it is well hidden in a garden of German Embassy. I thought it was very well organized and there were a lot of attractive and interesting women. I just relocated to Prague from the US and had only been here 2 weeks when I attended your event. It's a great way to meet new people and find someone special to share all this wonderful city has to offer.

Especially if you're new to the city like myself and don't know anyone. Even if you've been here for years and have lots of friends it's always nice to meet new people. You never know you just might meet the love of your life. That's one of the things that makes speed dating so exciting.

Never tried speed-dating before and had reservations about the whole concept. Frankly, it seemed a bit daunting: Say something interesting about yourself in less than four minutes and hopefully not be found lacking? But after attending a Rande Motyl event I came away pleasantly surprised by the experience. It was well-organized, attended by a diverse group of people, and had an easy atmosphere about it. And not getting picked by folks I liked and wanted to match with actually did not sting the ego as much as I had imagined In fact, it was encouraging to know that I could take chances like this and come away just okay.

Give it a try. What have you got to lose? We were trying to find a place where my friend could meet an interesting women. Colleague of ours recommended speed dating rychle rande. My friend was skeptical about whole idea at the beginning. He was not sure what to expect there, what kind of people, atmosphere, etc.

We told him to take it with good doze of humor, distance and focus only on fun side. He come back satisfied and in good spirits. He told us that he had a chance to meet there lots of different, nice and interesting people. The whole event was prepared in a professional way, top service he did not really expect at such place. The most important thing was that he met a girl there and they are still seeing each other. It has always seemed so artificial and awkward to me. I suppose dating is a natural phenomenon that includes the small talk and uncomfortable situations.

Full speed dating impressions article from Guiri Guide to Prague.

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I attended the speed dating in January and was positively surprised. I found it to be a very relaxing and good way to meet single women.

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Everything was very well organized. I have only positive things to say about this, you should not hesitate to try it, I found it a big success. I really enjoyed it. The best thing that came out of the speed dating event for me was a nice boost in confidence, which in turn, made it that much easier to meet people the old fashioned way. The event was fun and the people I met there were nice.

I've participated a second time recently with even better results. I was pleasantly surprised by how well-run and professional the evening was. I attended one of the basic expat speed dating events. The restaurant was a good location in the center of the city, with a large room and lots of small tables. We ladies were invited to arrive earlier than the men so my friend and I sat and sipped our drinks while the men arrived. The instructions were clear—threeish minutes to chat and then decide if we wanted to meet again.

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The conversations I had varied between slightly uncomfortable and really enjoyable. Speed dating was a much easier, less stressful alternative than hitting the clubs. When both people say yes to each other, you receive an email which was waiting for me when I got home with their email address. The men were instructed to contact the ladies saves some frustration and confusion and the aliases, although somewhat humorous, were helpful. I would happily do this again and have recommended it to several of my friends. Dating is something I try to avoid like moldy bread or drinking someone else's beer.

It never turns out well. Part of the reason for this is the artificial form of contact -- you don't know the girl, you're in a busy place: Speed dating should be twice as bad, I thought, because it's even more artificial: It's like a game show. To my regret, in January I lost a bet with my sister, who is also a heavy drinker. Tired of hearing me complain about being lonely, she directed me to this speed dating service. I attended an event in February. First, I was surprised that the women seemed actually glad to see me.

This does not often happen. Second, I was surprised that on average the women themselves were quite beautiful and attractive. I had rather expected something that had crawled out from the Metro tunnels.

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Third, the price for attending is ridiculously affordable. For the price of one date, you get several. And your chances of success -- as for me -- are excellent. I'm now dating two women I met at the February event. It is casual right now, but it has certainly cured my loneliness. The answer was very simple and I'm surprised I didn't try this sooner.

I hope this has been a helpful review! If these women tire of me, I will gladly come back in April! I was pleasantly surprised. The place was really nice, the people interesting and the atmosphere relaxed. I have a busy life and demanding career, speed dating I can fit in my schedule.

It would take me long time to meet so many new people. The 3 minutes well I think it was a bit more are quite enough to to sense if there is some spark. I can only recommend it to everyone who is fed up with the online dating and does not like to waste time. It really is quite effective way to meet someone. Of course if it will lead to something more permanent only time will tell.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Are Czech Girls Easy to Pull? – Read My Czech Women Dating Bible!

Out of 10 potential matches, I went on a date with three out of four I picked , but, unfortunately, none of them have worked out. I was seriously interested in one case, but the girl said she started dating someone else: So, with a hit rate of 1 out of 10, that's ok for a speed date. When i arrived here I didn't know very much people, so I checked events and people would like to meet other people. I though why not girls are looking a man!!! You will be able to reserve speed dating event, only after you log in. New user must register first. Without beeing logged in, you will always see the 'Reserve' button, which is not an indication of availability.

Spaces at speed dating events are limited. We recommend making reservation in advance. Only users with a valid paid reservation will be admitted to the speed dating event. Mahlerovy sady 1, Praha 3. Happy Hour Cocktails till 9 pm. Speed dating category with a bigger age difference. Younger women, much older men.