Halo 4 dlc maps in matchmaking

[Locked] DLC maps don't show up in Matchmaking??

follow site I think its ridiculous. It would be so awesome to play the dlc maps online.

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Since most of the attention is on halo 5. I personally perfer halo 4 over any. I would do anything for to make dlc mapsavailable for matchmaking.. DLC is free now. I bought the map packs when they came out and even day one I rarely saw them.

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We're talking about different developers. Ultimately it falls to Microsoft. Dude, it isn't their decision at the end of the day. Microsoft gets the final word on everything. It is their franchise. It's exactly not their decision.

Crimson Map Pack

Developers ultimately have no say in pricing. Pricing on the marketplace always has been and always will be determined by Microsoft. There have been numerous examples of a developer releasing content with the intention of it being free only to have Microsoft charge money for it anyway.

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They're trying to sell XBox Ones right now. They're not trying to rejuvenate or appease the Halo 4 population.

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It really isn't, Microsoft controls the DLC and add-on market. Marketplace prices are under their control.

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  • Halo 4 DLC map Packs not available for match making. - Halo 4 () - Industries Community Forum.
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The only way this happens in the immediate future is if Microsoft notices a major dip in dlc purchases. That happens when a majority realize what we've been dealing with this whole generation: I can't believe we haven't realized that yet. I'm of the opinion that the DLC maps should always have been free and all DLC multiplayer maps should be free in the future.

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Does anyone else besides me not have ANY of the DLC maps I PAYED MONEY FOR show up in any of the matchmaking playlists? Why aren't. Can we please see Halo 4 DLC maps added to matchmaking. I'm sick of seeing the same old maps in matchmaking and now there don't seem.

I completely understand that companies want to make money, but making people pay for maps is a great way to split the player base into groups of people who can't play each other. As Halo is from i and not Bungie, all the XBL memberships that halo would generate should be able to fund the map packs. If you look at Halo 3, the map packs were so successful because the game was SO huge that just about everyone had the packs.

DLC maps in Halo 4 Matchmaking

On top of that, the packs were required to play just about every playlist. When you do not need the maps to play a game like H4 casual, not competitive, generally an average game people aren't going to purchase anything, which in turn means that the people who DO buy them have in fact wasted their money. Another sad truth as a result of the terrible design choices from reach and h4. I rarely see the DLC maps in rotation.

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Just make it one. By the time I stopped playing I hardly even got the Crimson maps anymore. It makes the collectors edition Halo 4 feel like a waste of money.

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Halo 4 dlc matchmaking

The Cradle of Life. In matchmaking, effectively camp one location without dying for a full 60 seconds. In Castle DLC matchmaking, perform 5 melee kills in a single match. This literally always happens with any game that fades out and they don't eventually make the map packs free. It is their franchise. I would do anything for to make dlc mapsavailable for matchmaking..

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