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source site Vanessa made the hour-long commute from Miami to Bangkok for the same purpose.

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  • Our reporter flew from Sydney to Bangkok for a blind date with an American.
  • Miss Travel: 20yo woman uses older men to pay for world trips, insists she’s not a prostitute!
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Members can pay to fly their date out, share the costs or just hope someone offers them a free holiday. Men can reach out to women and vice versa. My theory was, whatever happened, nothing could possibly be as bad as that. I was bloody nervous waiting for her in the hotel lobby.

She came down, we introduced ourselves and headed off to breakfast. We talked prescription drugs, Woody Woodpecker bedspreads, Lhasa Apsos and alternative Chinese medicine. To state the bleeding obvious, the biggest risk of the blind date is finding out you have absolutely nothing in common with the other person.

Vanessa was polite, kind and friendly. She also drinks wheatgrass juice instead of alcohol, gets her palms and tarot cards read, listens to televangelist preachers and cries during sad movies. So you get the gist. Within two minutes of sitting down to brekky two of every pastry on offer at the buffet for me, yoghurt and fruit salad for her , I think we both knew we were vastly different people.

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And we had three whole days together to confirm it. One of us is clearly punching above our weight here. Before this trip I told all my friends, colleagues and family about it.

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I was a hero well, maybe among friends, not so sure mum felt that way. Strangely, in my opinion at least, Vanessa had only told two friends the real reason she was in Bangkok. Not bothered at all. Actually, she admitted she could be happier. Getting everything paid for feels pretty good.

At first glance, MissTravel. When I joined it was okay. Miss Travel is full of cheating husband's and horny ugly old losers who just wants to get laid while traveling. You can fall in love with someone very easily. I narrowed the field down to two finalists who I then video chatted with.

The lingerie and bikini model admits she uses the site primarily to travel for free rather than to find romance. You can fall in love with someone very easily.

Model travels for free at the expense of older men

There are definitely guys on the site who have intentions to sleep with me but those are the guys I have avoided. And that was it. I have done that plenty of times.

Paddle-boarding in California was one of her favourite free dates. I always see myself with older guys. Initially, Alyssa kept her travel dating a secret from her parents but after jetting off most weekends she decided to tell them what she was doing. But perhaps not all men on the website. Yes, I'm Eastern european and I can speak english well. This guy is a con artist he is well off he has a link in page.

He is very racist and a big trump supporter so ladies please stay away from him. There are some real girls in there that just want to travel.. Just today, I caught some "woman" who claimed she was from Texas, but her email showed she was a man on several dating sites Lots of "Russian" girls that writes way too perfect English to be Russian. The "Support" dont seem to care as they are just a hired support company that takes care of website related problems.

I can only confirm that this site is full of scammers doing it very professionally When I joined it was okay. There was an app which vanished now and the website is very buggy. Some women are on the site to travel and happy to split costs or contribute in some way financially, or in planning. Most want a sugar daddy. Some also want a salary. There are some arrogant women who believe men are just free banks.

There are many arrogant men who pretend to be sugar daddies but actually just want a travel buddy on an equal level. My personal experience with the people was mostly good. The first person I decided to meet asked for a contribution to her plane ticket, travel and hotel etc.

MissTravel Headquarters

It was all fake and she vanished once the Money was sent. Other people I spoke to were really nice. One or two odd ones who were arrogant, but met a couple of really nice people who were not arrogant.. They would contribute in some way, which is something monied men like unless they want a bratty little etc.

So it was nice to meet people who were up for helping with planning and certainly grateful that I would cover the majority of the costs, especially the big costs.. But I think only nice, handsome and polite men are going to meet this genre. It's okay but recently very buggy so probably won't renew. Wish the company would manage expectations and communicate. The app vanished without good explanation. The website is buggy.. There has to be better than this. This app is just older men looking for sex in exchange for a free trip. We went on a group trip and he didn't get his way so he left me and 2 other girls stranded in the middle of Mexico he took our money and no phone service.

He apologized the next day but we did not forgive him so he told us to find our own ride to the airport. He is entitled and acts like a child. Also, he comes into your room randomly and starts touching you inappropriately. If you tell him to stop he gets upset.

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He is manipulative and immature he will take your money and leave you stranded! The interface is easy to use and there seem to be plenty of woman on there willing to travel. Obviously do your due diligence before meeting anyone online. Don't ever meet up with anyone you haven't spoken to several times, including face to face online. Make sure they are REAL. Another site I found was https: I tried for three of my credit cards they refuse all of them.

I contacted with support. They told me that my credit card automated fraud system should have blocked it I contacted with my bank. They tol d me that there is no such an atempt happened none blocked by security reason they coudlnt even see the atempt. And they want to sign me a paper. I was adding that weird stuff as an atachment but interesting line in the paper.

By signing this form, I am withholding InfoStream Group Inc and their agents of any disputed charge arising from this transaction''.

After spending couple of months chatting and meeting people I had a two weeks travel with a very attractive lady, where I covered accommodation and local transportation. We developed an intimate relationship and kept on meeting and travelling together for 9 months until we decided to explore new options and experiences. I hope I will have the opportunity to repeat this with her or other interesting people and I definitely recommend the site to whoever is willing to be generous for quality experiences.

I actually quit after one day.. I was in need of a female travel companion to go with me to Kona, Hawaii and I had quite a few beautiful women to choose from very quickly after I posted my trip proposal. I narrowed the field down to two finalists who I then video chatted with. Both women were young and beautiful but one stood out as being much more sincere and interested in getting to know me. I just returned from my eight day trip to Kona with her