Dating frame

The Biggest Thing You Need To Know In Dating

Leave these girls immediately. Frame challenges, on the other hand, are natural and should be welcomed. Every interaction is a battle for frame.

Lose the frame, and it is only a matter of time before you lose attraction. This means you lack influence and her opinion of you is precarious. You might sneak by with a weak frame for a bit if her opinion of you is generous or if you have a good track record. Our subconscious controls far more of our decision-making than our conscious mind. The smoothest line said with a bad dating frame is less likely to work than a terrible line with an immovable frame. But crucially, you must be willing to see your accomplishments. You need to be open to seeing all the value you bring to the world.

External circumstances matter, but at the end of the day frame is perception , and you must perceive yourself positively for anything to matter.

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So choose to see your world differently. This post was originally published on The Social Man. It is a great site for men aspiring for more in their lives, and I highly recommend it.

3 Frames Ruining Your Chances in Dating

You just need one thing: Control over the frame. What Is A Frame? This is why one guy is attractive, and the other is not.

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This guy is weird. You seduce the target into sex.

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Being alpha means always being congruent: Now keep in mind this: Expect you to be subservient, always. The Magic Pussy Syndrome is due to this: That is actually true: So you have to be prepared for that! Passivity will bring you nowhere with women.

Dating is a frame of mind, just like: Some people are seen as more powerful and influential and consequently, attractive than others. These are the people that lead the tribe. It was true then, and it continues to be true now.


I poke fun at Pick Up a lot, but my biggest issue with it bar-none is its lack of focus on Frame. If you have a weak frame, you will look unattractive or only succeed in keeping a girl interested for a short amount of time. Frame is exceedingly important for attraction. The stronger your Frame, the less work you need to do to attract women. You just do you, and they will come to you.

Have you ever wondered why some men seem to know nothing about women yet seem to do above-average with them? These men almost invariably have a strong frame. You need to be aware of how the little things you do at every moment help shape the narrative about you and your relationships with other people.

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These are the things you want to work on projecting in a positive way. The more variables you set positively for yourself, the more you rig the Frame in your favor. Confidence lies at the core of interpersonal dynamics. It effects everything we do… but nothing so much as the Frame.

Confidence is the single biggest variable determining whether or not you are going to persuade someone to buy into your frame. Confidence tells people that what you are offering is valuable. Confidence persuades people to buy into your assumptions. This will manifest itself in our body language.