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MODERATORS Please enlighten us, porn addicted teenager. Everybody and their mums use Tinder.

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And it doesnt have to be for a hookup. Some do it just for fun, some just to flirt a little bit, some for hook ups and some want relationships out of it happens as well. I'm just saying that if you ever want to graduate from porn and Jergens to actual women you need to stop acting like such a tool.

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The Waitress Is Getting Married

Want to add to the discussion? This you should match. Thank you, thank you.

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If you match me, I'm hot. Dates, they'll be better. The right swipe for me is right thing to do girls, so do. Me a match needing a lot now.

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Day or night sometime. Fun 4 u when heat comes. I'm using a Frank line currently.

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You wouldn't want people to think it was a dick flyer. Im a musician as well! This would totally work on me. You're just not pretty enough Okay, listen. Cause you act like you're Not sure why someone being 35 and on Tinder is rofl-worthy. I think you need a hug dude. Wha-like making magnets, collecting magnets? I'm just gonna put snowboarding. We'll just put snowboarding.

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Now, I really don't wanna do that. I don't care about anything she's saying. You gotta be kidding. Do what you gotta do. It's so wonderful to see you here again this evening.

I don't really snowboard. What are some of your likes?

Son of a bitch. What are you talking about?

What are the rules?

Just funny little green ghouls. W-What like in movies, or in cartoons? Little green ghoul buddies! Jesus Christ, what are your dislikes? Oh come on dude!

Charlie Kelly's Dating Profile

Features Quotes/Photos/News/Conversation updated daily for your entertainment . . Charlie Kelly Online Dating Profile: Likes: Milk steak -Magnets -Ghouls. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Present) is an FX sitcom created by Rob McElhenney about five friends (played by McElhenney, Charlie Day, Glenn.

Bro, you gotta be kid-you know what we'll just make it all up. We'll make the whole thing up.