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Why is St Andrews in Scotland such a great place for romance?

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Going to university can see you graduating with more than just a degree, many students will also meet the person they will end up marrying. St Andrews is one. 16 08 - They met while studying at St Andrews where graduates have around. " Our title as the top matchmaking university in Britain signifies so much. 9 04 - St.

Romance blossomed once Gillian moved to London, where the couple now live, and they got married a few weeks ago. Because you spend so much time with your partner, the relationship also moves faster than if you were in a different student environment. Walking arm in arm with his girlfriend, student Sean said he had heard about the St Andrews matchmaking reputation when he applied for a place.

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A student walks in the grounds of St Andrews University November 5, St Andrews as a place certainly cultivates a romantic atmosphere. Whether we are treading the cobbled streets to lectures or staring out across the wild sea, there is an aura of wellbeing and satisfaction that few other university towns manage to muster.

William And Kate: The Royal Wedding

Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Learn how your comment data is processed. Accuracy and availability may vary. At the time, Middleton was dating another student. An in-depth feature on the landmark Scottish case News October 11, By Auslan Cramb , Scottish Correspondent , and agencies.

Our close-knit community and affection for the place engenders an experience that only fellow students and alumni can begin to comprehend. But is the longing for a fairytale wedding more delusional than pragmatic?

Marriage in St Andrews: delusion, dream, or deed? | The Saint

We have been coined as a match-making university, with this reputation stamped more assuredly on our forehead since the Royal Wedding of Catherine and William in April Their relationship has publically highlighted the aspects of life here which is so suited for couples. It is easy to imagine that returning to be wed in St Andrews is both in pursuit and recognition of the happiness once had here.

A wedding is a day for celebration of the love shared between two people, and is there a better place to do it than where you spent some of the happiest years of your life? Images of red gowns, kilts, bagpipes, choirs, and sunshine in the quadrangle spring to mind at the idea of a St Andrews wedding; a pretty and familiar sight.

However, the dream of a Scottish wedding can sometimes be just that.

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It can become a futile search for somebody to marry under the pressure of family and strangers asking if the matchmaking university has done its job for you. Marrying another student is the ideal in more ways than one, not only does St Andrews play host to a plethora of nationalities and personalities, creating a large and diverse population from which to choose a spouse, but these people are also like-minded and intelligent. Despite all of this, nine in ten of us will not marry someone from our time in the bubble, regardless of how idyllic a marriage here would be.

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Royal wedding: Couple met at 'top matchmaking university' in St Andrews

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I don't think I've heard quite so much unanimity. Yeah, everyone's pretty happy about it. And the town is as well. I did read this, that back in , which is when William and Kate both graduated from St.

Andrews, the principal there at the university said to the graduates, I say this every year, you may have met your husband or wife at school. That's been said for a long time. Next year we'll be years old. We're rather hoping that when they get married next year they might spend some of that celebration with us.

Freshman year at University of St Andrews

But I think that deans of students for a very long time have been saying to parents in a very non-threatening way, do get to know each other, because some of you will be related in later life. We have a delightful church, by the way, in which graduates are licensed to get married. But I suspect there might be a small church in London that tries to claim that honor.

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