Red pill dating blog This doesn't really work if the father is in the picture but I guess you could still go for it. After I installed tinder I had to stop swiping right as I got over a chicks in two days and none were saying no to wanting to meet up. Really felt like a shopping list.

Was just explaining to my brother the other day about how he can save money, time and effort by getting on a dating site and "ordering pizza".

Internet dating and its precursor phone dating have mostly been my thing for the last 2 or 3 decades. It has worked for me far better than trying to chat up a skank at a bar or night club. My coworkers can't believe the shit I say to women and how I get away with it. I always tell them, "it's not what you say but how you say it. You can really get away with anything when you don't give a shit about how they feel, think or what they have to say.

The more intelligent you are as a male, the less likely you are to get laid, according to a few scientific studies.

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number three in my Red Pill Game foundations series Red Pill While there is tons and tons of dating advice and theory and tips and. I have a number of stories regarding dating women in which, after always being the best As a relatively new taker of the red pill truth, allow me to share with you some of my Is the biggest crock of shit I have ever herd and just lazy advice.

Well online IQ tests are different from a real, professionally administered IQ test. I took one online and I got but I know damn well it isn't even close to that. The most common tests can't deal well with IQs much over or so. I generally clock in at about and I push the envelope on tests of general application. If you are really over then you would have to have a specialist test you. Realistically, anything over is gravy.

All of the greatest political, business and military leaders in history were all ish. Anything higher works for STEM but doesn't help with the practical application of that knowledge. Just take a test. I denied and they didn't bother me. Once you get further in life provided you don't self-employ you will run into situations where you are necessitated to take a proper IQ-test accompanied with discussion with a professional who then gives your profile to the hiring party. Mistakes in high-level professional settings are very, very expensive, so it is wise to take certain precautions with your hires to be sure that they fit your culture.

Almost any standardized test is basically an IQ test: I think there are laws in place to ban the use of IQ tests for employment hiring despite their efficacy. The issue is totally racial. The only way it would work out, is if you were at a Mensa luncheon, but That has nothing to do with really with the intelligence, per se, and all to do with the dude who is intelligent. Most "intelligent" guys are fucking retards socially. They are the dudes that orbit women, major in something STEM, and then marry up the sagging woman at 30 years old.

If someone has a good background in social interaction, physical fitness, education, and reading then that "intelligent" person should have no problem getting laid. They know when to argue the virtues of Roman Stoicism and when to talk about random bull shit with their male friends and females. The other guy is more concerned on appearing outwardly intelligent and comes off socially awkward and uncomfortable in certain social situations IE.

Well the higher your IQ is the more likely it is that you're socially retarded.

Socially retarded people don't get laid much. Tesla is a great example. Bitch I don't have time for your nonsense I gotta go make electricity fly through the air. I think there is good evidence that the more intelligent you are, the fewer sex partners you will have. It becomes a quality vs quantity issue. But all things being equal, being smart can only improve your odds of getting laid.

I say plowing sand and looked her in the eyes she immediately start starring at me ignoring her buddy and next day we were fucking behind a Jamba juice. It certainly helps with internet game, if you have the right attitude. Posting dick pics and saying "wassup? I started internet dating in I started phone dating around , so 23 years ago.

At the time, my buddies thought I was nuts and that only ugly fat women would use phone dating. Then I scored my first notch on the system and made off with a copy of her head shot: By the end of the day all of them had signed up. My best friend met a personal trainer - 5'10" black amazon - and was with her for the next 12 years. But actually going back 30 years I was in high school and had just unplugged. I was like a dog chasing cars because I really didn't know what to do once I caught them. This is everything I ever wanted to say on the subjected but never got my ass in gear to do.

I agree with sidebar worthy. That would not only be super fun but super useful If it is of this zriting's quality I will pay for it. You have to find a way to make lcearly appear to everybody. Anybody can be a fucking writer if they put the work in. I enjoyed reading what he wrote. He doesn't need to write like Shakespeare to be a good writer, you know. This was a good read.

This was a little out there, "Do me a favor, and don't write back unless you're ready to call me daddy. But this, this is solid grade platinum, "Are you tied up tonight?

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If not, there's something I want to tie you up with. If you guys have not dabbled in a little BDSM, well, you need to remedy that, the rewards are glorious. Then I realized my ex comes off as a total good girl Those beta orbiters she'll always have are clueless, much I like was when we first met. I had an ex who appeared like the good girl stereotype.

Of course, she changed when it came to social settings For some reason most of my memories of her revolve around her begging for anal; not even bull shitting. After always seeing that anal trope about how women only do it very rarely under certain circumstances I couldn't help but laugh when my ex would continuously beg for it. That is one that legitimately falls into the "creepy" zone for some. Personally, I don't like it. But to each their own, whatever gets you off and gets them off as well.

Just relating my experiences. It's not really about being called daddy, it's the act of showing dominance for her to submit to you. You could have her call you "boo boo kitty fuck" and she'll do it if she's attracted to you. This was a good refresher. I use online dating time to time because it's just so convenient. I can game women while holding my cell and taking a shit. Anyway, I've been out of the country for two weeks on business and noticed I was slipping into beta bitch with these foreign chicks while using tinder, okc, etc.

This post was the slap-in-the-face I needed. Remember that you have an advantage - you're leaving in two weeks. Take the gloves off and fight, since you'll be a ghost in short order.

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I really like the way you talk. You have a way with words. Accept this as a compliment and encouragement to write more. Having this attitude is great, but the reason girls respond so well to it is because it naturally comes from high testosterone. If you dont have high test, when you meet them they're immediately going to realise you're all talk.

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You just won't have the raw sexual magnetism of a natural, for all your holding a sexual frame, arrogance, attempts at social dominance and IDGAF attitude. Oh yeah lifting is great. But it doesn't raise test significantly. Blast and cruise, baby, blast and cruise. If you use too much incorrectly. Don't fear monger on steroids. Used correctly they are actually very safe. It just comes off as weak to me. You need a shortcut because of lack of willpower? With a high-fat diet and lifting heavy nearly any man can achieve high test especially when excess body fat burns off.

Show me a study showing the average guy's T levels "plummet" in the 30s. Can you have high-T in your 30's if you lift heavy most days of the week?

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Volume II of the Robert A. Men and women should give a damn about the people around them feeling comfortable just because they're people. You do realize that you can be an underwear model pretty boy and live as long as if you didn't take anything if you just stick to low doses and mild compounds, right? Now I don't think it means that or even should be that way. She also has her own unique set of neuroses that must be met and dealt with. But actually going back 30 years I was in high school and had just unplugged. The thing about the OPs tactic, is that it's very polarizing; it's not going to work on all girls, but the one's that it does work for are going to fall for it hard.

For many its even worse than that. Still no big deal? Theres more important things impacting T levels than lifting heavy. Unless you are in your early 20's I dont care what you do, I bet my T levels smoke yours. I have the test numbers to prove it. B The average man in his 30s doesn't lift weights, eats processed food, doesn't sleep enough, and doesn't meditate.

I would expect a similar study amongst weight-lifting individuals to have an even smaller drop. That's nothing, and that's just one factor involved with testosterone production. I hate excuses if you couldn't tell. While true studies have proven test levels in men have been dropping every generation by a lot. Some may want to return to what was considered normal levels. That's true, and due mostly to the fact that there are so many xenoestrogens in the environment. These are easy to avoid for the most part. Don't drink bottled plastic drinks. Don't store food in plastic. Don't buy processed food.

Rather than take the quick approach, I think it's more respectable to educate yourself and get high-test the natural way. Nothing wrong with infertility if you arent starting a family. And there are tests for cancer. Don't get me wrong, it'll work because females are retarded and obey little other than tingles, but I personally would rather not die of a heart attack at There are better ways to get pussy. Every time I see some hypervascular steroid freak walking down the street I just think "dead man walking. When you look at all the steroid users who were jacked and raking in pussy in their 20's and 30's, by the time they are in their 40s they are forced on TRT because their balls cant make natural testosterone and by the time they are in their 50's and 60's they are getting weird cancers and joint replacements and other health issues.

Sure, some people are able to do testosterone moderately and get off mostly scott free, but its a risk, one that I'm not willing to take. Have you ever heard of the turtle vs the hare? The turtle wins in the end. Here's the thing bro. Hypervascular steroid freaks are not the only ones taking roids, they're just the ones doing it badly. Juice has come a long way:. If you say so. Even if you are are taking roids perfectly you are still playing dangerous games with your organ health, especially your heart. You might not die at 25 like the Zyzz, but you're probably decreasing your lifespan and future quality of life.

Obviously, your mileage may vary - genetics is a magical thing, and it's possible that you might suffer no ill effects at all. That's not a trade I'm prepared to make for pussy, given how easy it is to get it without resorting to risking my future vitality for it. Note that I'm not being moralistic about this. I'm natty, but I probably could have made the same lifting progress in 6 months that I made in 2 or 3 years if I had used gear instead; in fact, I probably would have done it if the health risks weren't there. However, the health risks are there and it's disingenuous of you to pretend they aren't.

Just because some people can do testosterone or steroids without long term ill effects doesnt mean everyone can. There are people who smoked for 60 years and live to That doesnt mean its safe. Its a risk, and there are some serious consequences for those who arent lucky. Nope, I get what you're trying to say, but you know nothing about steroids at all.

Testosterone is as safe as weed. It's only when you take the highly liver toxic stuff and combine them with other drugs do you run into issues. Zyzz died because of cocaine and DNP abuse. Frank Zane is old, still ripped, and healthy, and he used way more steroid. No, you're the idiot. The fact that you're taking single examples and acting like it's proof positive that you're not going to die young because of your steroid abuse is dumb.

All the Frank Zane example proves is that Frank Zane got lucky and had genetics that could survive his dipshit behavior. A lot of rockstars do enough cocaine to kill a mule at every show and manage to live a long time after that - do you think that's good evidence that doing shitloads of coke is a good decision? Regardless, you're on gear so that says pretty much all I need to know about your future time orientation. I'm not on gear now. I've been off for a few months now. I still look great and dick never stopped working.

Blood tests came back perfectly healthy. You do realize that you can be an underwear model pretty boy and live as long as if you didn't take anything if you just stick to low doses and mild compounds, right? Or you could be a badass without drugs. You only have to remember to start by being less mentally weak. I started gear and have had x the normal testosterone levels of other men since 20 years old.

High test does not have as much of an effect as you'd believe. I see you're on gear too from your comments, do you really get that much mental confidence and change in attitude? I'm currently on test, eq, deca, low dose tren, anavar for my aas. I inject ghrp-6 three times a day and ghrp-2 before bedtime, mod grf with all four of those injections.

Then MGF injections twice a week. Everything I've added has been done gradually and one by one so I can observe and understand how each compound affects me. As an additional note, I personally do not advise anyone taking the dark road unless they have plans to compete in bodybuilding or competitive sports. I compete in both. Getting jacked does not get you laid what so ever, unless you wanna fuck a bunch of black chicks. Blacks and Latinos are more attracted to jacked guys where as white girls are more attracted to lean jogger types.

This is a generalization so there's obviously plenty of white girls that want jacked, and vice versa. Great strength and size gains. Absolutely no mental effects for me unfortunately.. Was more interested in that then the gains. Could you possibly post some of the chatlogs you have? Of course, block out any names and pictures so as to not reveal identities. He's writing from the idealized perspective of Chad Thundercock, the ideal alpha, probably not from any personal experience. So this whole thread is just fantasy? This is pointless without hard evidence. I thought trp was all about reality, not what you would like reality to be.

The truth is girls will routinely ignore the wittiest low SMV men, but respond much more positively to high SMV even if it is something as silly as a picture of their abs. If you look like someone who has worked on their body, you will have fun with online dating. If you look portly, you're very witty message isn't even going to get a glance.

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Look like you put in some work at the gym, and watch how the quality of your messages no longer matter. That's not saying that they won't. Your message is still in a sea of other messages that women get. But, it does give you that edge. Are you going to have your own opinion, or flip-flop when I disagree with you? Grab your balls and tell me to fuck off. You did make a point that I didn't mention in my original reply.

But now you can fuck off. I used to be that guy. One of the best posts I've seen on here. I read over this article yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the message. I then thought to myself, "what the hell why not, let's give it a shot" and messaged a handful of attractive girls in my area with one of the following messages:. I laughed it off at first, but my god, the responses I received from those crude, blunt messages was significantly higher than I'd originally imagined. You now have a superpower most mortals only dream of.

Keep it up - I want to see your field reports next. Yeah just good luck doing this if you aren't attractive, and for those of you who won't be attractive even after years of hard lifting, don't even try this.

A Woman’s Red Pill Online Dating Profile

This is goddamn beautiful. There was a post a long time ago about flipping the script on feminist bullshit for some great Red Pill truths, and it was a lot like this particular line. I still remember reading "A man needs a woman like a fish needs a bicycle," and thinking of all the shit my friends put up with, how much respect we lose for men we call "pussy whipped" and how much we respected, in contrast, the "assholes" who could get pussy without putting up with shit.

Ever since I have been single the past year Tinder has been a godsend. I have better luck than all of my friends due to the strength of my profile. I have been working on my SMV very hard the past few years. I am an engineer, male model, and have done fitness competitions. Makes online dating a piece of cake. I wonder if we could get a detailed look at his yearly budget and where his discretionary spending habits. I, for one, I am in awe. His slightly middle class income and the purchase of a used car is something that would surely get the ladies wet.

Tips for some some of you noobs: For quantity, go with the abs. For the quality, go with the suit. Also, your pics are already a visual stimulate, use your bio to stimulate their mind for the ko. Either way learn not to give a fuck. All about location and what you represent. Their are tons of high end girls who keep this down low, but they won't deviate beyond their social sphere or economic status, so always make sure you look the part of what you want to attract: I took a bored selfie at work while fully suited with the most smug duschebag smirk I could pull.

The office setting affirmed the legitimacy of my status. Posted that shit on tinder and by the end of the workday I'm meeting up with another downtown office girl for happy hour. I don't waste my time with trash, too easy and too boring. Way more enjoyable to work some fine game and fuck a corporate tight-ass while she still has her heels on. Don't waste your time with trash, on or off tinder. They don't deserve you and you devalue yourself by dumpster diving. I have used armodafinil for 3 years. At this point I've slowed down, but the days I don't take it I feel lethargic all day.

Is armodafinil the one you can get without subscription? I'm thinking to ask my doctor for provigil brand name for Modafinil for college focus and the times I'll be working overtime. You're recommending people on TRP to 'upgrade to modafinil' when you yourself have never even used it? You're basing your opinions off two blogger nobodies?

Find better role models. I'd also recommend doing some research on nootropics as well, because modafinil isn't even related to a single nootropic he mentioned. There is nothing to 'upgrade' from. You can get anything online without a prescription if you look hard enough.

Armodafinil isn't scheduled in my country and I have it shipped legally for cheap. Highly doubt your doctor would give you modafinil 'just cuz'. You'd likely need to be narcoleptic. But I don't know anything about your doctor. You really think they're somebodies? A washed up lawyer and wannabe face of MRA who sounds like a chick, fakes a megalomaniac character, juice head and click bait author?

I was once like you too. Thinking these men were authorities, hopping on the latest trends in supplements, coming to TRP for all my decision making. You must realize this forum is all people just like you who are giving advice on things they haven't even tried themselves. Yes I agree but can you end up putting too much into it and end up seeming like an arrogant over confident douche or is that the point?

It's waaay too macho and trying too hard for any real guy looking for a decent chick that isn't a complete psycho or cum dumpster. However, you're absolutely on the right track but a bit over the top in the Michael Bay kinda way, sure guys will say fuck ya that's awesome but women will say this so stupid, keep watching but won't ever think about you again.

Holy fuck I read your post again OP and sure it's entertaining but god damn son you don't have a fucking clue. These sites are made for finding cum dumpsters. Can confirm it works. I take them every day, and then when I really want to fly like the guy in limitless, I add phenibut. Be careful with Phenibut - not more than 2x a week. Increased focus and determination are the magic effects. When adding Phenibut, you add the "totally don't give a shit" attitude so many people crave. Not enough to make me a fiend, but I notice the difference - sort of like going cold turkey on caffeine.

Stop pushing Phenibut on here, its becoming a trend. I cringe whenever I see it from what I've been through. College kids are easily influenced and Phenibut is dangerous. Ive seen you personally advocate taking Phenibut when "going out" and that is the most dangerous time. Do not mix with alcohol. If you can't manage your risks, then it's your own fault and you deserve to be weeded out of the gene pool. Yes we should openly promote the use of harmful drugs and social crutches on here, then tell those warning others of their harmful behavior that they deserve to die.

I was reading a thread on phenibut on asktrp where someone was asking how something that's not a drug can be so effective. This is a place to share wisdom. Hey Remy, recent TRPer looking to go monk mode for the summer. Is it worth investing in these supplements? Where would I start? They seem to be worth taking but I'm not sure what to even take or where to begin with something like this.

Any info or insight would be much appreciated. Truth is, men don't want women to be uncomfortable. That leaves us two options - never, ever approach that is, repress our own natural masculinity to protect you lot of delicate flowers or gain experience until we're good enough to approach well. It's a skill like any other, and the vast majority of guys can't just make a perfect move in the perfect moment without some practice beforehand.

The rules against approaching, touching, complimenting, or whatever else don't apply if the woman is actually enjoying it "Be handsome, be attractive, don't be unattractive". So all of us men have to go through the motions, put in our time practicing, and eventually get good. Occasional, uncomfortable moments with the inexperienced is the price women must pay to experience good approaches later. Unless, of course, you would rather men just be passive geldings who never make a move or ask you out. If that's the case, either get women to start approaching, or put on a burqa so we can all be equally sexless.

This is easy to refute with basic math. There is however a constitutional protection for approaching women in public spaces. Ian - Have you seen what NPR is doing? I believe women are most afraid of the possibility that we will see right through their subterfuge, hence the constant rebuilding of the mound of so-called feminine mystique. They are afraid to death we will find how little mystery therein lies maybe a pun. They are sort of jealous that we seem to make being mysterious so easy. There are exceptions, as always, that prove the rule. I wish I could understand them somehow. Men are clearly the mysterious sex and women have spent thousands of years trying to figure them out.

Ian, Underneath all of this is the fact that such womanly advice for men is meant to disempower men for the "benefit" of women. Of course, because it is disempowering, it actually reduces men's ability to get what they want out of the interaction. The folly of the advice, however, is that men who are not powerful are also not desirable to women, or satisfying as relationship partners. As a result, such advice not only frustrates men away from relationships, but also leaves women dissatisfied looking for the "real men" too. I provide a longer winded explanation of that idea here: She is completely full of shit.

The greatest compliment a man can pay a woman is to want to bang and impregnate her. To find her worthy of bearing his children. Everything else is window dressing. What do I do if I'm not visually aroused and can't intuitively process nonverbal language? I can't express my sexual desire because 1 I don't experience it like a normal man and 2 I can't express any feelings fluently with nonverbal language. My current conclusion is that I'm just fucked. So, to sum it up. It should be dating for the purpose of discerning marriage with this person or not. During all of these times, make sure you are seeing a spiritual director who can help you cut through the noise and confusion that surrounds us, especially in dating.

Can you see more detail this link: You do NOT have the right to touch a woman you have never spoken to. That is exactly what sexual entitlement is. Would it be OK if gay guy on a train just randomly felt your bicep? At our core, we are a group of men dedicated to self-improvement in every facet of our lives. The Red Pill community did not invent self-improvement. We did not invent dating advice. We did not invent lifting weights, confidence, frugality, focus, or entrepreneurship. So what makes us unique? I argue that we have two major advantages over mainstream sources of personal development advice.

One is a willingness to be politically incorrect. When it comes down to being right, or being polite, Dear Abby will choose politeness every time. The Red Pill will not. The Red Pill man has come to learn that his official information sources academia, mainstream media, and conventional wisdom are not to be trusted. So while most men blindly follow the standard terrible advice that a healthy diet includes a loaf of bread every day, the Red Pill man will not resist the idea that eating paleo is the way to go , no matter what the academics, experts, and USDA food pyramid says:.

What are you reading right now? No, you are reading about seven ideas that will make you stronger, smarter, more productive, and more successful in life. The rest of the world is filled with men who have given up on life. In contrast, I have met a few guys from the Roosh V Forum and they have all been impressive and interesting people, working hard and hustling to improve themselves. My favourite sentence of all time credit to Jim Rohn is: Or are you going to be a Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Upworthy sort of guy?

Conventional dating advice to men consists of a few cliched refrains:. This is — to put it lightly — not the same advice you will receive from men like Heartiste , Krauser , and YaReally. Mainstream dating and relationship advice consists of equal parts useless platitudes, and counter-productive self-sabotage.

The world is starting to come around with popular books such as Wheat Belly , a good popular introduction but the evidence has been clearly in favour of high-fat, grain-free diets for a long time. As Taubes points out, diet books from the s recommended restricting bread and pasta. The Red Pill community is also one of the few places that keeps an open mind to the potential benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Young Men. Could it be Zinc?

Is his whey isolate