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M4 vs Jumbo and Easy 8 ... and the match maker

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It kind of goes back to my Lexus RC F review , where I posit that most consumers buy a car like this solely for the image. To the point of this car, if you're opting for a convertible, you're boldly throwing out any pretense that you bought this car for its performance.

Ace with m4 in mirage [Matchmaking]

It's a different and far grander indulgence than something like a droptop Ford Mustang , Chevrolet Camaro , or even a Corvette , and that's especially the case with the new M4, as I found out after a week at the wheel. In effect, they're too easy to drive. In older models, the narrow power band meant you needed to always keep an eye on the tach, lest you fall into a weak zone.

But because today's turbocharged M engines are so damn torquey, you can simply mash the throttle, regardless of engine speed or gear, and zoom forward. That's mostly the case here, although with a 7,rpm redline, the M4 at least maintains the illusion that you have to keep the revs up.

Power delivery is fast and immediate, capable of catapulting the M4 towards the horizon at even half throttle. But more than the brutal power delivery, this latest M entertains with a strange but familiar singing voice. Tier 5 M4 Sherman-What a great tank. Started by AK48M2 , Feb 02 Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. AK48M2 1 Posted 02 February - The M4 Sherman is one of my favourite tanks. It has good sloped armor, a strong turret, a decent gun and decent speed.

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I don't think there are really any weak points about it except for the turret cheeks. Today, I took out the M4 for a spin, and boy oh boy does it perform well! In one match on Dead rail, I headed to the center of the map to spot some enemies. After killing an M3 Lee that was threatening our flank, I 1v5ed those tanks.

However, this ace tanker game has only been one of my some 50 ace tanker games. This tank is awesome, I hope they don't nerf it anytime soon. Omae wa mou shindeiru! Rich 2 Posted 02 February - Yeah I agree it is a good little tank.

CommandoTank7 3 Posted 02 February - Its a very strong little machine but watch wargaming implement "realistic" matchmaking lol. M4 Shermans vs Tiger 1, Tiger 2, ferdi, etc. YungLuke 5 Posted 02 February - These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes. Pros and Cons Pros: Very fast and maneuverable Excellent tank for flanking and scouting Faster aim time than the regular Sherman mounting the identical gun Somewhat improved armour over original M4 , combined with reduced chance of module damage. Very bad gun when you meet tier 7 opponents or heavily armored tanks Very inaccurate with low shell velocity, albeit 0.

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Posted September 28, Although I typically prefer sniping previous to my tier 5 tanks, most of my game time has been with my beloved Marder and SU85B , I have found the to be a great match for the M4 especially since I often get placed with tier Just try to enjoy the game and adjust your play style to the situation because you can't do it the other way around. New MM has made this, and E2 and E8 real threats. Do you really want to have a map full with M4's and one full with Makarov players?? This page is for personal, non-commercial use.

The initial request for an improved version of the Sherman was made as early as December A day after the infamous Pearl Harbor attack, Aberdeen was instructed to propose an improved Sherman version with better armor and mobility. Aberdeen complied and the proposal was submitted on The vehicle proposal had following characteristics: