Final fantasy x-2 matchmaking The same citizens that participate in the publicity campaign also participate in Here Comes the Bride. The objective of this minigame is to figure out which Lupine is most likely to win the next race and bet on it. You can choose to bet on a single Lupine Win Bet or bet on the two Lupines most likely to come in first or second Double Bet. Each Lupine has its own set of stats.

Odds are generated based on the overall stats for a Lupine.

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Play it safe by choosing the Lupines with the highest overall score and lowest odds or payout. Or bet on an underdog to try to win it big.

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As your publicity level grows while you are campaigning, more races with higher grades and stakes will become available to you. These usually have bigger payouts since the minimum bet must be higher.

Final Fantasy X-2 - Match Making

During these races, the Lupines have better, faster stats so the races end quicker. There are 61 Lupines, 5 of which are randomly picked per race.

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While placing a bet you can view the stats of each one participating and their odds of winning. Each Lupine is graded based on five stats with an overall stat that is used to determine odds. This game takes excellent hand-eye coordination. You must quickly direct your lizard through a field of fiends to reach the finish line. You can only move forward, either straight or diagonally. The faster you make it to the end, the more credits you will be awarded.

The field is a 8x8 grid covered with anywhere from fiends. As you cross, a set of colored spheres will appear for the next step forward. Green indicates it is safe at that point to cross, yellow means hazardous, and red means certain death and will end the game. You are timed as you cross. The limit ranges from to depending on the game level. If the timer runs out, you lose the game.

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Three types of fiends will be roaming the playing field. Each one has its own method and range in which it will attack. Running into or directly in front of any one of these fiends will mean instant death for your lizard. Game levels are unlocked as you increase in publicity level. The higher the level the more fiends you must pass. After successfully completing a field, you will be given the option to continue. As you continue the payout rate will increase, however if your lizard is killed you will lose everything from that set of games. If you continue, the time remaining from the previous game will add on to the next field.

The time you have left when you decide to quit will determine your rate of payout. Bet and win credits with a live version of a slot machine. Stop fiends as they fly by in hopes for 3 in a row. Press to stop the spinning reels. The fiends will come to a halt.

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There are six fiends per reel and the number of credits won depends on the type of fiend lined up between two triangular marks. Each fiend has its own multiplier, the fiends with higher multipliers are harder to line up. From that point on, when approaching female NPC characters, press the Square button. If they are open to listening to your somewhat-decent proposal, you'll be given five catch-phrases to choose from.

Each female NPC will react differently depending on what catch-phrase you choose. The maximum amount of matchmaking points you can get from each NPC is 5.

If you get a negative reaction from them during Chapter 1, you can try pitching them again with a different approach during Chapters 2, 3 and 5. To get the most possible points out of this side quest, we highly recommend doing it at the beginning of the game from Chapter 1. Your reward is that all prizes for the company you worked for become available for purchase with your credits. Also a new mini-game and more transit stations will become available for your pleasure.

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If you got 30 or more points, he gives you a Speed Bracer. Same as chapter 1 means that they are in the same location as chapter 1. Raflos 17 Aug, 8: OurFriendIrony, It seems you get 5 extra points. No one in Ch 3 Djose. OurFriendIrony 16 Jul, 2: I'm wondering If I can get points in one team, switch over to the other team halving the points but still keep and then getting for the other team?