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This discussion is closed. Report Thread starter 5 years ago 1. A question for the guys You see, i'm 18 and female, my boyfriend is We started going out when I was 17 and had just finished school, he was 21 and working full time. Personally, I see nothing wrong with that because we were of legal age and I was on the cusp of adulthood, but at the time some of my friends had a problem with it. They thought it was weird that I was going out with someone 4 years older. He's lovely and a great man, very patient and considerate we waited 3 months before having sex cos i wasn't ready until then and it was our 8 month anniversary yesterday so the relationship its self is lovely.

Is it wrong to date someone 4/5 years younger than you...?

I just wondered what people think about the fact that i was 17 and he 21 when we began dating? Report 5 years ago 2. Report 5 years ago 3.


Report 5 years ago 4. Report 5 years ago 5. I got with my boyfriend at 14, he was People said it would last 6 months tops. Caused a tiny bit of a stir at the time but I'm now 22 he's 25, we've been together for 8 years in a fortnight and engaged for about 5.

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Report 5 years ago 6. Report 5 years ago 7. Original post by AB25 A question for the guys You see, i'm 18 and female, my boyfriend is Report 5 years ago 8. Report 5 years ago 9. Original post by AB25 A question for the guys. Report 5 years ago Original post by ChocoCoatedLemons 7 year rule works, so it's fine. Original post by JennaEmBee I got with my boyfriend at 14, he was Original post by RMIM what is that? Dont know why, but age gaps meanless the older you get.

It doesn't really matter what others think, as long as she's of legal age. But as long as ourboth happy, its your lives. It depends on your stage at life. Obviously a 16 year old shouldn't be with an 11 year old but a 35 year old with a 30 year old is fine. The rule is half your age plus 7.

Commitment issues.

So 4 to 5 years is ok. That's why nobody blinks an eye that Ashton Kutcher is married to Demi Moore, who is 15 years older than Ashton. I know people that have a year age difference. BUT in your case I don't know if I would be dating a teenager.

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Simply because of the maturity issues. Personally I have no problem with that. But you've got to bear in mind that people change a lot in their late teens and early 20s, and so it's often difficult to develop a stable relationship at that age. There's certainly no harm in dating - but take it with a grain of salt, because more often than not, the relationship isn't going to survive into your later 20s.

Well the general method that I've heard is used to decide the minimum age you can date is to take the oldest person's age in this case 23 , and then divide by two and seven. So, if the person is four years fine, but if they're five years, it's really borderline.

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I see no problem with it. If it "just happens" then you're obviously more suited to that age group at the moment. When you're approaching 30 you'll probably be dating those who are I never understood why who you want to date must be very close to your age.

I never understood this. I've known people who were 10 years apart.

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Never appeared like a big deal to me. Long as everyones legal, I see no problem. Considering the age difference isn't that great, you probably would have a tough time telling they were 5 years apart. It isn't like he's 50 and shes I don't see why this would be funny, as you probably couldn't tell the difference in age in most cases.

Anyway as long as shes over 18 there isn't a problem, plus once you get a bit older, like say 30 years old then 4 or 5 years age difference is nothing, its only when your young that it really matters.

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Becasue we can't be having an 18 year old going out with 13 year old. I am 21 and for me the golden age range is and I really want them to be out of high school BTW you guys that age thing doesn't work because it suggests I would be good dating a 17 year old and while that is legal, just no It is more about life exeperience than actual age IMO outside of legal issues of course -but a 23 year old going after an 18 year old is starting to get a little creepy IMO Please Log In to post.

This topic is locked from further discussion. Tessellation Follow Forum Posts: Bardock47 Follow Forum Posts: Bardock47 Hmm the problem is that i don't even look like 23,and i don't go after younger girls than me,it just happens: Well i don't really know what to think anymore: Only if they're single bro. As long as she is legal then I think your fine. Well then, you know what they say NeveorNafelian Follow Forum Posts: