Dating a coworker at mcdonalds

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Posts should only be about McDonald's food and services, or employee concerns . No posts about employee or customer freakouts, arrests. I started working at McDonalds this past summer for a little extra money, but what It is not uncommon for employees and managers to date at the store. out with a coworker, is that crew can date other crew, but managers can't date crew.

When I went to work for the owner that I currently work for I had to sign a no fraternization policy meaning that I could not carry a friendship or dating relationship with any of my co-workers or suboridanates I would suggest for the sake of your own relationship that one of you request a transfer if that is possible because dating and working together DO NOT MIX. Not even a friendship?

Dating coworker mcdonalds

Sum of my best friends I met at Mc Donalds There isn't a way for a transfer And my boyfriend and I love to work together. That's horrible that your store manager has someone to "spy" on you. Relationships happen all the time in our workplace As long as you seperate personal and professional life, I don't see any reason why not.

A lot of my good friends worked at McDonalds and I hang out with them all the time That's definitely different than the McDonalds I work at. Our policy, as I inquired about it prior to going out with a coworker, is that crew can date other crew, but managers can't date crew, unless they were going out before either one of them were hired. We have a guy who's been a manager for a while, and his girlfriend was recently hired. That's fine for them.

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Two is, how will your co-workers respond if they find out about your relationship? Some people are not bothered by it, while others may feel it could impact decisions about who gets to work on what and how resources are divided up, which may or may not be true. And you also have to think about how comfortable the two of you would be about being the subject of gossip and rumors at work. So you really have to think about the implications of pursuing a relationship with your co-worker. And if you decide to pursue it, you'll need to define areas of discretion, such as where and how you can meet comfortably without involving your colleagues, and how you can communicate with each other without utilizing company resources like email and cell phones.

And also, how to keep any disagreements or tensions in your personal relationship out of the office. To make it work, you really need to be confident that both of you can handle the range of situations that may come up. As you can probably tell, I'm not a big fan of having relationships at work because the possibility for complications is so great.

But the workplace is one of the places where you have access to like-minded, smart people, and so it's natural that it would come up.

Dating coworker mcdonalds

Generally speaking, my perception is that when colleagues maintain a quiet, private relationship that only becomes public when they deepen that commitment by getting engaged or married, companies usually don't mind. But when the relationship becomes public before then, especially between people who are working closely together, then it becomes an object of gossip and a real distraction that could wind up hurting your career prospects.

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