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How To Mirror A Man

Monkey Business Why put forth the effort with a woman who is not pro-active in wanting to get to know me better when there is someone who is also equally doing the chasing? I am reiterating what I hear. Basically, men want to know there is mutual interest and feelings are in sync. In my experiences, I have mirrored men actions but also initiated when I had interest. I think of all the opportunities where had I not initiated, I would have missed the wonderful experience of getting to know these great gents. Sure, I come across the men who may not always have my best interest in mind or maybe were not interested.

But, surprisingly I have met more wonderful people than sleaze balls. Now do these gents always want to be in a committed relationship with me? No, but it is something I try not to take personally.

The 4 Steps to Mirroring Successfully

Many times, people think of mirroring as mimicking physical actions, but mirroring refers to all non-verbals. Focus your attention on positive things. Lean back and refrain from the temptation to over-function. The activation of mirror neurons takes place within the individual who begins to mirror another's movements, and allows them a greater connection and understanding with the individual who they are mirroring, as well as allowing the individual who is being mirrored to feel a stronger connection with the other individual. Get off the phone or end the conversation.

Most of the time it all has to do with timing and maybe after us both getting to know each other better, the chemistry wanes or qualities in me or that gent are lacking in one way or another. For complete article by Evan Marc Katz: We Are A Growing Community! Thank You For Reading! Great article and fantastic read! I agree with you totally. Mirror and initiate, but if there is no mirroring back…say goodnight and keep it moving. In this situation, you do not mirror him exactly.

You mirror him by ignoring his funky attitude, or finding somewhere else to be until he is in a better mood. This is not the time to baby or cuddle him.

You do not need to be grumpy too, or lecture him about his moodiness and how it affects you. Leave him alone to sort himself out, and he will return in a better mood. While you are dating, you mirror a man by maintaining the same level of commitment in your guy. If you live in the same city as your guy, and only see him every two weeks, he may not be ready for exclusivity. A man knows that women want to get married, but he wants to be the one to decide. When it comes to making major moves such as moving in together or getting married, a man will feel more comfortable when you do not get ahead of him.

So let him be the one to bring these topics up. For most men, if things are going great between you now, that means the future will be good too. Do you find yourself rushing your guy to the altar? And usually he sends me good morning msg but he never did that either. I know hes okay because i can see him online on whatsapp. Usually, I would reach out to see what happened but I didnt. My question is, how do I respond when he does come back in a way that shows that I value myself and my time?

He prefers e-mailing and never calls. Demanding phone calls from men in the past has backfired, so I decided to let him call me when he feels comfortable. There are times, although rare, where he becomes legitimately busy and does not speak to me for 2 — 3 days. I have not seen him for a week because of legitimate personal obligations that have made it difficult for us to meet.

He recently told me that he missed me and would let me know when he was available. I have yet to hear from him, but I know he will contact me. After going 2 — 3 days without speaking and I hear from him, should I respond immediately or mirror him by not speaking to him for a day or two? Is this an example of mirroring?

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If you feel not overinvested and have no expectation whether he responds straight or not, you can respond anytime. If you are energy is grounded and secure, you can do whatever and it will come from a genuine place. Please read my book to learn more. Kat, I was at a party with my boyfriend a few months ago and I saw a really cute guy there, he was looking at me the whole time and we had a brief conversation. Then, after my boyfriend and I broke up, he followed me on social media, and I followed him back, he gave me his number over Instagram direct message and told me to text him if I wanted. We started texting back and forth and at first he was enthusiastic but then his texts got lazy, even though he complimented me often.

He even asked me to send him a picture. Is he still interested? What can I do to win his interest back? And of course my book is the Bible here.: Have you read it yet? You gotta let him lead and pursue you. I am going to promote your page on facebook and your book and forum. So after that he didnt make any move about dating, he said instead, that we can hang around like friends. But that didnt happend, so instead he was telling me all this changes in his life he was going to do and all was going good for him.

What I did is I got anxious, because he was not telling me when we can meet or anything. So instead of that I become anxious and sent him an email that I was wishing him good luck with his new life and his changes he was about to make yeah I know I am so lame an pathetic and say good bye! I thought that he didnt need me because he was talking about him and only him.

On how happy he was, etc.

And I felt that nothing was there to me to do with him. Thats why I am asking you, if you think he would ever contact me again or should I just move on, etc?. I think you can apologize to him. Send him a quick, short note like: Leave it at that. Next time silence is golden. If you are not happy, move on without the need to say anything.

Focus on your fabulous life. That works better to attract a guy than saying lots of needy things. You mean you chase him away by your neediness? Sparkle, he knows what you want, obviously! Just move on without a word. You two were just casually dating anyway. Nobody promised the other anything. After a couple months dating, he told me he was emotionally unavailabe but he kept pursuing me.

I enjoyed his company so I continued to date him. I have always had a fear of being direct and telling a person what I want. I have never told this guy I want a relationship but I did tell him I was staying open. A couple months ago, I told him I wanted to see him more. He invited me for a weekend get away. Great time but I noticed after that weekend he started to see me less but still stayed in contact.

After a month of this, I told him that something seemed off. What did he think anout that? That evening we talked. He told me he wanted to be independent. I told him I like him and was still interested in dating him but I was ok one way or another. He told me he like me, he was attracted to me and really appreciated me.

He still wanted to date me. A couple days later, I noticed he was back on an online dating site. I was already on the site. Keeping my options open and dating other men. Well, this triggered something in me to think he no longer was interested in dating me so I sent him a message. I told him I really cared about him but I know we are on different pages so I have decided to move on. He responded and said I know. I saw you on the dating site.

Mirroring Body Language: 4 Steps To Successfully Mirror Others

Please stay in touch. You are special to me. I know I have never really told him what I wanted directly. I am trying to learn from my mistakes and would love your feedback. Use him to practice feminine magnetism.