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All the girls - and some guys - love a man in uniform! Ryan says True Blood's cast and crew drank 'three times the amount of any other show'. The cult classic came to a close in July - nd the final True Blood series has just come out on DVD - and now that it's finished for good, Australian Ryan, 38, has lifted the lid on the series.

He says things were just as crazy behind the scenes and the American TV network threw them the mother of all parties when the show wrapped up.

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The actor, left, was gutted when the show wrapped up and he had to leave his co-stars, from L-R: Ryan has been dating pretty Ashley Sisino for more than a year and she met his family in October. And our show was notorious for drinking three times the amount for any other show,' he adds. During its seven series' True Blood covered many taboo topics, including incest, drugs, cross species copulation, domestic violence and that gay sex scene between Ryan and Alexander. Life through a lens: Ryan plans to make the side-step and jump behind the camera to go into film producing.

Although Ryan, who recently raised money for McHappy Day, is dating brunette girlfriend Ashley Sisino in real-life, he has a huge gay following thanks to his natural good looks and rippling muscles. And his homo-erotic sex sequence with vampire Eric Northman, played by Swedish hunk Alexander who is currently shooting Tarzan, was and remains one of True Blood's most talked about scenes. Filming the steamy scenes took two hours and Ryan told Daily Mail Australia last month he approached the set with a 'sense of humour'.

Ryan's character Jason had an erotic dream involving year-old vampire Eric Northman. The actor, who starred opposite Ada Nicodemou in Home and Away playing her unlucky-in-love character Leah's husband Vinny, says he wouldn't rule out returning to Summer Bay for a one-off. Although he's currently filming new flick The Effects of Blunt Force Trauma in Bogota patriotic Ryan plans to step behind the camera in the near future, producing films and finding new talent.

Not True but Young blood, if you like.

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Many True Blood fans took to the internet after this steamy scene to thank the producers. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Google VP told employees to stop using the word Six-year-old boy showcases amazing hair-styling skills Man chops off his girlfriend's head because 'she made a Fed-up landlord tells of desperation at trying to evict Trump 'startled' to learn his attorney general pick Bill North Carolina nurse saves state trooper's life who was Man, 20, arrested over the murder of Israeli Two Russian Su fighter-bomber jets crash in mid-air Broly is released in cinemas across the US Home and Away's Ada Nicodemou, 41, finally admits to getting a boob job - as she slams 'body shaming' trolls Bandaged Louise Redknapp conceals 'painful' chin wound for lingerie-clad pub night out Gina Stewart, 48, releases a nude calendar featuring uncensored topless photos Kris Jenner sports chic black and white coat while dodging the rain in LA R Kelly may face trial in sexual assault lawsuit by woman who claims singer raped and abused her when she was a teenager - and gave her herpes.

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Palace faces questions over why Prince Philip was on his A life on the road: Near the beginning of the third season, it is implied that he is beginning to develop feelings for her, even helping her when it is disadvantageous for him to do so. Eric is portrayed in the books as being somewhat arrogant, but having a true joie de vivre. He is not above using deceit though it seems to be a last resort when it comes to Sookie.

However, he is typically upfront regarding any action he takes and if he is manipulative he is very frank and open regarding his wishes.

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Due to his frank nature, Sookie comments to herself how she can always know where she stands with Eric. Sookie believes that, although Eric has created a modest, but thriving business empire and carved out a position of authority in the delicate vampire hierarchy, at heart he remains a born-Viking warrior, ready to leap into battle at any instant.

Stephen Moyer Relives The "True Blood" Photo Shoot

The vampires in Charlaine Harris' world are organized according to a feudal system with each state divided into "Areas", each of which are governed by a sheriff who then owes allegiance to the queen or king of that particular state. Some states, like California, are so large and so heavily populated with humans and therefore vampires who prey on humans they are divided into multiple kingdoms. However, it is possible for a monarch to control multiple states. At one point in the series Louisiana is controlled by the same vampire who also controlled Arkansas.

Later in the series a different ruler controls Louisiana, Arkansas, and Nevada. Eric is the most powerful vampire in Area Five of northern Louisiana: Eric serves as Sheriff of area 5, or local boss, of that area and owns a vampire bar in Shreveport called "Fangtasia," that also serves as his headquarters. He runs the bar with the help of his vampire progeny Pam and a few of his underlings, or vampires who owe allegiance to Eric as their sheriff. Eric takes his responsibilities and role within the vampire hierarchy very seriously. In the sixth novel, Definitely Dead , Eric mentions that he has paid a significant fine to the arbitrator for killing a former Fangtasia bartender, Long Shadow.

True Blood: Bisexual Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer secretly marry

This demonstrates that he did not hide his crime, as killing another vampire is a "serious thing. Sookie makes a conscious effort not to pry too hard into vampire affairs and Eric does nothing to encourage her learning much more than she already knows. Eric surprised Sookie in the tenth book, Dead in the Family , when he explained the vampire hierarchy in more detail, simply so she, as his wife according to vampire law, was better informed for her safety.

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Yet another true blood star is eric revealed details about his model-actress girlfriend while on vacation in Retrieved 27 January Boris Johnson, 54, and his lover Carrie, 30, are seen together for first time since his year marriage ended as he makes his pitch for leadership of the country The Queen, 92, drives her Range Rover without a seatbelt on a public road one day after her husband Philip's crash A very solitary Prince: Lesbian mothers whose 'skinny and dirty' daughter, two, starved to death in their filthy lice-infested flat The Queen, 92, drives her Range Rover without a seatbelt on a public road one day after her husband Philip's Check out the hottest fashion, photos, movies and TV shows! Gina Stewart, 48, releases a nude calendar featuring uncensored topless photos Kris Jenner sports chic black and white coat while dodging the rain in LA

The state of Louisiana was in disarray after the results of Hurricane Katrina , and after queen of Louisiana , Eric's hierarch, was crippled in an explosion and eventually killed by the vampires of Nevada under Felipe de Castro 's order. Eric was spared since he was the most practical of the Sheriffs and had one of the largest money makers, Bill Compton , living in his area and owing fealty to him. As the last surviving sheriff of Louisiana, Eric pledges his allegiance to the new regime in order to protect those under him, a tactical move that highlights his capabilities both as a leader and a political survivor.

Had Eric resisted, he and all of the vampires serving under him possibly with the exception of Bill would have been killed, including Sookie.

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After accepting the new King, Felipe de Castro, he is then allowed to maintain control of his area and his followers when the other sheriffs of Louisiana and a number of their minions were all killed. Under the new regime, Eric has spent a significant amount of time acclimating himself to his new overlords. Despite his oath, however, Eric remains ever vigilant for opportunities to either further secure his position or free himself entirely from scrutiny of Felipe's Louisiana representative, Victor. Eric then appears in all the subsequent novels and has either saved or attempted to save Sookie's life in every book.

From the second book onward, Eric and Sookie share at least one intimate moment together per book. In the second one there are several: In the later books, she has also saved his life several times before.

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After appearing to develop an affection for Sookie in the third book in the series, Club Dead , Eric has a brief romance with her in Dead to the World , the fourth book, though, due to a curse, he lost his memories of that time until From Dead to Worse , the eighth book. In the eighth book, after sitting in Sookie's room, he reveals that he remembers the days he spent with her when the curse was put on him. He asks her to discuss it, and she refuses. He seemingly likes Bill Compton but feels arrogantly competitive in an emotional battle for Sookie's affections.

In the seventh book, All Together Dead , when Sookie is accosted into forming a blood bond with Andre, another powerful vampire, Eric steps in opportunistically as the lesser of two evils and bonds with her himself.

A blood bond is formed when a human and vampire exchange blood by drinking it from them. Vampire blood can heal any human wounds within seconds as can human blood do the same for vampires. Without looking inside the parcel first, Sookie presents Eric the bag which contains a ceremonial knife that is used in marriage ceremonies.

The king's representative reveals that the act of giving and receiving the knife means that Eric and Sookie are pledged to one another. Eric claims that he deceived Sookie because the King of Nevada had the power and desire to take her away from her home. Because they are wed, Eric is the only vampire that can have access to Sookie on pain of final death.

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He also reveals that the curse that had been placed on him made him unconsciously seek out the presence of his heart's desire Sookie. In " Dead in the Family " Eric and Sookie are in an actual relationship, and Eric admits that he sees Sookie as his wife in the only way that matters to him, which left her puzzled. Eric was promised by his maker, Appius, to marry the Queen of Oklahoma, and he has spent much of his time figuring out how to get out of the promise. Sookie wants Eric to choose her outright and Eric explains that he just can't ignore a command from his maker even though he is dead.

They do not see each other too much in the book; Eric does tell Sookie that she has the power to make him stay, which she finds out near the end of the book that he knows about her cluviel dor which will grant her one wish. She ends up using it at the end of the book to save Sam Merlotte 's life and Eric just walks away after he sees this. The book ends with them basically in the same spot, not knowing if Eric is going to marry the Queen of Oklahoma or stay with Sookie.