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It was very difficult for me to watch the show. Each week I was hit with a great sadness. We started this journey and unconventional relationship to prove we are not victims to societies boundaries. We are not victim to the opinions and beliefs of others. I must admit that we became victim to the most brutal judge.

We became victim to ourselves because we are the ones who ultimately chose how our lives turn out and how we are remembered. We all chose to share our story with the world at an extremely vulnerable and painful time Maybe this was how the world intended us to be seen Megan and I recently embarked on a cross country trip where she is helping me with my business and I am helping her. We are bonding building memories and trying to sort out the wreckage of this past year. I am shocked that we have gotten backlash from our fans asking how we could love each other accept each other and spend time together.

I understand it got cancelled but I was really hooked on the series, particularly following the story of the triad in season 2 comprised of Chris, Leigh Ann and Meghan. I'm disappointed the series got cancelled mid-way through before we ever got a resolution to their relationship because there was one thing that was always bugging me about their story that the show seemed to never want to address, a big mystery if you will.

For those that have followed the show you'll know what I'm talking about. Basically what I'm confused about is that after Leigh Ann cheated on them with that guy from Chicago and they were trying to mend their relationship one of her conditions is that she needed more time alone spent with her husband and that she wanted to reassert herself as the primary and have Meghan take a more secondary role. But the thing is If that was the case why did she seem to not to want to spend more alone time with Meghan and only with Chris?

As in, why is she acting they're competing for the primary role when that's HER girlfriend too and thus Meghan should be competing for her affections against Chris just as much. Also why did Meghan seem to never call her out on this if they're supposed to be girlfriends? Especially since she states a few times that she's in love with Leigh Ann and gave her life for her, why does it not seem to bother her that Leigh Ann is only jealous of her and not Chris?

I don't know, it just seemed weird that she accepted it so matter-of-factly with no questions asked, I feel like its a big elephant in the room regarding their triad and lots of times throughout season 2 I felt myself wanting to reach through the screen and shake them both to get them to discuss THEIR romantic relationship, not just their relationship in regards to Chris. It just seemed to be more like a V than an actual triad Was I the only one that noticed this? There is no One True definition of what triad means. They are allowed to define their relationship however they wish it to be.

If that means that the women's relationship with each other is less important to the group then each of their relationship with the man then it is their relationship to define. For my own personal opinion I've stated many times that once you start to compete instead of cooperate you are on a losing path. Comparing relationship like they are doing always ends in failure, because everyone always picks the metrics that they fail at to measure. You will never be happy as long as you are trying to make each relationship 'fair' because fair is a subjective feeling that almost no one can ever agree on.

I stalk them a bit on FB. We all felt that you had very good insights and did a great job recapping the events for those who were unable to watch the show. We also agree with you that the show ended rather inconclusively and we were a little disappointed by that. That said, the issues that our trio was coping with were far too many and too complicated to have been dealt with in eight half-hour segments, let alone that only half of that time could be spent on our family.

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Under those conditions [director] Natalia did an excellent job telling our story and did her best to wrap up the show without forcing a resolution that did not yet exist. When the season left off, Megan and I were still living together in the house that Leigh Ann and I had made our home since even before our marriage. I was spending some nights there and others with Leigh Ann, in the house that she had moved into.

Very quickly, this became an issue for all three of us. The only resolution we could find was for Megan and I each to find our own separate apartments.

Currently we continue to each have our own residences and have made a point to carve out time for ourselves as individuals as well as beginning to acknowledge and make time for the four separate relationships that are contained within our trio. It has been a difficult time, plenty of arguments, hurt feelings and "processing," but we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.

This past week we had considerably more "trio time" than we have had this entire year. Leigh Ann hosted a work event this past Saturday night that Megan and I helped out with and attended. This event gave us our first opportunity post-filming to really be out publicly together.

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The girls have now planned a two week road trip, where Leigh Ann will be attending several different pole dancing events and competitions. She will be judging some competitions, performing at several venues and teaching workshops at each place she stops. Megan will be bringing her merchandise and setting up "pop up shops" at each of Leigh Ann's events. They will, after hitting several different states, be meeting up with me in Des Moines, Iowa.

I will be there with my most promising fighter, Alan Jouban for his RFA welterweight championship fight.

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Polyamory: Married & Dating Hollywood Family · October 17, ·. A post show statement from Leigh Ann. Regarding our recent posts: Time has passed. 2 Followers, 0 Following, 0 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from leighann reilly (@leighannreilly).

I am really excited that I will have both of the girls there supporting me and even more thrilled that the girls are re-experiencing their love for each other and taking this time, away from me, to rebuild their relationship. And we are aware that we may not all come up with the same answers. We are, however, mostly past the pain and anger we were experiencing in the series and have allowed ourselves to remember how much we love each other.

This combined with greater communication and scheduling has helped us grow considerably closer. Right now we are mostly focusing on our businesses and on living the fun, exciting and unique lives that we were living before all the drama and unhappiness that unfolded during the show. We really appreciate your and all the fans' interest.

Anyone who is interested in keeping up with our lives can do so through all of our social media: Polyamory Married and Dating: Here are all my posts about Season 2. Leigh Ann posts her own comments on where they're currently at. Chris Megan Leigh Ann , polyamory , Polyamory: Don't like this family.

The husband is forcing the 2 women to be together when you can tell theh don't want to be together. They are polygamous not poly.

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This followup smells more of self-promotion than it does love. If the show does another season I hope they don't bring this "family" back.