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Kelly Clarkson:I Do Not Hook Up Lyrics
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  1. Kelly Clarkson - 'I Do Not Hook Up';
  2. "I Do Not Hook Up" lyrics.
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  4. Kelly Clarkson - I Do Not Hook Up Lyrics;

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Fact, no one cares. It's easy to criticise someone, but it's not easy to do what they do. And trust me, you should really learn how to spell before you tell someone else to learn that; those aren't facts, you made them up.

It's kind of pathetic to come back five days later when you say you supposedly don't care. And I really like this song. The first few words kind of just really stand out. And I'm glad there are more pop songs that aren't about superficial, silly little relationships that last a week. Lpluv you need a wake up call.

Who cuses on a comment n if some1 wants a video then that's them take ur nasty attitude where it's wanted. Oh yea I went there and you can't call people lazy pigs maybe you are and don't want to admit it.


Carlo Abayon don't worry about that loser you do you. And this song is very funny and the video is even funner. The interviewer asked why 'i do not hook up' was written by K. Well her manger diden't want the song on the album so he toook it off I saw Katy a few weeks later and asked I f I could have the song she said sure so i record it and mixed it than well I got it".

So therefore, it was going to be a Katy Perry song but her magner diden't want it on thre so Kelly took it well it's her big hit! I don't mind this track, but its not my fav song.

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Its good song but. Maybe you should think before you talk. You probly can't sing and I rock and I have friends and fans unlike u and I had a cold the week before I did the music video so don't talk like that I'm srry but I felt like I needed to say something but that's ur apinian so good luck were ever ur life goes and you all rock.

Why did she win?

Becuase' they felt soory for her that if she lost she would think she is bad thefore she would kill herself and who wants to clean up kelly clakstons blood? The reson went on to one of her lyrics page is cuase' it was so high on the top derr brain! So now you know the facts of this pr! It makes miley cyrus look normal I mean calling me a looser and a freak just cuz I said submit a vid gosh you are a loser! Not go get laid by ur mummy! I dare ya to comment backsee how tough ya really are!

Does it mean anything special hidden between the lines to you?